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Goblin king


  • The Goblin King is the second character we encounter in Clash of Clans (after the Villager).
  • In the tutorial, we defend our base from his attacks.
  • He is the face of the Single Player game mode, and can be seen after selecting "Attack!" in the Home Village.
  • His head appears as an icon above every level in the Single Player Campaign when selected.
  • He also appears if the player got demoted into a lower league.


  • He appears to be a larger and older goblin.
  • He wears the same brown pants as the Goblin and Sneaky Goblin do.
  • He wears the same brown pointed shoes as the Goblin.
  • Unlike the Goblin and Sneaky Goblin, he does not wear red suspenders.
  • He has a red stipe of War Paint on his head, identical to the one present on the skull on his necklace.
  • His ears appear to have once had large-gauge hoop-style earrings, similar to the ones worn by Incan men, which indicated their nobility.
  • He has an Eye Scar, like most warrior-like characters in media.
  • He hold what closely resembles a Native American Stone Head War Hammer/Tomahawk/Club.
  • He has some missing teeth, and some golden teeth.
  • He appears to wear 3 different necklaces, one contains a golden disc, another contains teeth, and the third contains a small skull with a red painted stipe on the top.


  • Gwahaah, what is this? Another puny human!

-Build Cannon.

  • Gwar! Goblins ATTAAACK!!

-Build Gold Storage

  • Gwarh, GOLD! We goblins love gold!


  • The Goblin King has a brother, in Clash Quest, who he exiled off of the continent.
    • The Goblin King's brother claims himself the true Goblin King and his brother a usurper.
  • The Goblin King can also be seen in the game Clash: Cradle of Darkness, where he is named Goblin Chief.
    • This is the same Goblin King in Clash of Clans, as both carry the exact same styled stone head weapon and wear the same teeth/skull necklace.
  • Since release, the Goblin King has been conceptualized to become a Hero in the game.
  • The Goblin King, unlike other characters, still has four fingers, instead of five.