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"Who thought it was a good idea to teach Goblins how to throw spears? Where do all the spears come from? No matter, they make a great deterrent for both ground and air attackers."

Spear Goblin1
Level 1-4


  • Spear Goblins are defensive troops spawned by Goblin Throwers' barrels. They cannot be used on attack.
  • Their level matches that of its corresponding Goblin Thrower; upgrading the Goblin Thrower upgrades the Spear Goblins it carries.



  • Spear Goblins are just like their Clash Royale counterparts: both have low health and damage, but have high movement speed, attack rate and the ability to attack ground and air.
  • They can be used to distract troops and chip away at defense-targeting troops which will generally not be able to fight back. Slow-attacking troops like Power P.E.K.K.As and Super Miners can be severely impeded by the Spear Goblins.
  • They are not tied to the defense, so they can move around when dropped. They can also shoot and be shot over water and cliffs.
  • As they are a ground troop, Spear Goblins will be impeded by Walls, unless a Wall is converted into a gate. That said, keeping them blocked behind a Wall may be useful against attackers who can't attack past the wall (such as melee ground units like Super Barbarians).


  • Lightning Spells are an excellent counter against Spear Goblins, as its damage will wipe out Spear Goblins, regardless of level of both Spear Goblin and spell. To maximise value, it is best to wait until as many Spear Goblins as possible are gathered up before using the spell.
  • Super Wizards, if well-protected, make great counters to Spear Goblins since their chain lightning can hit up to ten Goblins at once. If the Super Wizard is at least two levels above the Spear Goblin, or a Rage Spell is used, the chain lightning's damage will be able to destroy a Spear Goblin outright.
  • Super Dragons also work well due to their high hitpoints and continuous fire-breath being able to quickly defeat groups of Spear Goblins.
  • Despite being a defense-targeting troop, the Mega Sparky will be able to destroy any Spear Goblins that reside near its target due to the large area of effect of its attacks. This is generally not a reliable method if the Sparky is used alone however, since Goblin Throwers are likely to throw Goblin barrels straight at the Sparky in this case, safely away from its attacks.
    • Having a shorter-range defensive troop such as a Super Giant take hits from the Goblin Thrower can be helpful to line up Spear Goblins to a defense that the Mega Sparky is targeting.


Preferred Target
Favorite Target
Attack Type
Damage Type
Movement Speed
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
Attack Speed
None Ranged (Ground & Air) 20 1.0s 3
Damage per Second
Damage per Attack
1 55 55 155
2 60 60 170
3 65 65 185
4 70 70 200


  • Comparing to its Clash Royale counterpart, it has a much more similar build to normal goblins and doesn’t have sharp ears. It also lacks a headband.
  • If a Spear Goblin ends a battle when on top of water (possible by an attacker using a Frost Spell), they will not reappear for the next attack, even if the Frost Spell continues into the next attack. This contrasts with other guard post troops (Super Giants and Raid Carts), which will simply respawn at their guard posts if this happens.
  • It is one of the two troops in the game to only be available as a defense troop along with Zappies.
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