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Goblin Builder info


Goblin Builder Setup

The Goblin Workers' setup

  • The Goblin Workers are a pair of Goblins that appeared in the Home Village as part of the "Work For Hire!" event. They consist of one Goblin Builder and one Goblin Researcher.
  • They appear only to players with Town Hall level 7 or higher. In addition, the Goblin Builder can only be used if the player has built all 5 Builder's Huts (building B.O.B's Hut has no effect on this requirement).


Goblin Workers UI

Laboratory and Builder interfaces showing Goblin Workers are available

Goblin Builder

The Goblin Builder as he appears in the Home Village

  • Both the Goblin Builder and Goblin Researcher can only work in the Home Village. They cannot be used in the Builder Base or Clan Capital.
  • The Goblin Builder can only be used if the player has exhausted all available Builder slots, whereas the Goblin Researcher can only be used if the player is upgrading something in the Laboratory. This means they can only be hired if the player would otherwise be unable to start the upgrade without instantly finishing another.
  • If the player tries to hire the Goblin Worker but has a building construction or research that has a cheaper Gem cost to instantly finish than the Gem cost to hire the Goblin Worker, they will be given the option to use the Goblin Worker anyway, or instantly finish the ongoing construction or research.
  • The Goblin Builder simply acts as an additional Builder that can be tasked to work on any construction or upgrade that involves a Builder, including Hero upgrades, removing Obstacles or using a Forge slot.
  • The Goblin Researcher allows the Laboratory to do a second upgrade concurrently with an upgrade already ongoing.
  • The Goblin Builder and Goblin Researcher necessitate payment of the standard resource cost, mirroring regular build or upgrade procedures.
  • Before the build or upgrade is started, the corresponding Goblin Worker will appear before the player to prompt their usage, specifying the Gem cost to use them.
    • If the player cannot afford the build or upgrade, they will first be prompted to buy the missing resources with Gems before the Goblin Builder or Goblin Researcher will approach them.
    • The cost of using the Goblin Workers is 40 Gems per day, or 1 Gem every 36 minutes, with fractions rounded down. The minimum cost (regardless of build/upgrade time) is 10 Gems, which is achieved by starting any work taking 6 hours or less.
    • If the player attempts to use a Hammer to instantly upgrade something with no workers available other than Goblin Builder or Researcher, they still have to pay 10 Gems if they want to use the corresponding Goblin Worker.
  • Builder and Research Boosts from Season Challenges will reduce Gem costs of the Goblin Workers, but only because the boosts reduce the build/upgrade times directly; the Goblins' Gem price per unit time will remain the same.
  • If a build that the Goblin Builder is working on is cancelled, the Gems given to him will not be refunded, but other resources will be refunded as normal.
  • Builder Potions and Research Potions will apply to the Goblin Builder and Goblin Researcher, respectively.
  • Once the "Work for Hire!" event ends, the Goblin Builder and Researcher will remain in the village until their build or upgrade (if they are working on any) is completed.
    • However, there are some cases where all of the buildings are upgrading, in the case of all builders (0/7 builders working) and when the event ends, and when the Goblin Builder is still upgrading a building or trap, the builder count will instead view as "‐1/6 builders working".


Goblin Builder2

Image from Supercell official X (formerly Twitter)

  • The Goblin Worker Employer appears as a Goblin with a rounder face, turquoise eyebrows with ears pointed outwards. Their irises are shaped in the form of a Gem, likely signifying that they require Gems to work.
  • The Goblin Builder appears as a regular Goblin with a darker, dimmer skin tone with a pencil stuck to its ear, while holding a hammer and wearing the outfit identical to the Builders.
  • The Goblin Researcher’s appearance is unknown, but is suspected to be identical to the Goblin Builder, as the Goblin Worker Employer always stands on the platform near the sauna.


  • The "Work for Hire!" event was announced as part of the October 2023 update, started on October 11th, 2023, and was continued until December 11th, 2023.
  • The second "Work for Hire!" event started on March 1st, 2024 and was continued until April 7th, 2024.
  • The third "Work for Hire!" event started on June 1st, 2024 and will continue until June 30th, 2024.