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For the Builders in the Home Village, see Builder.
For the main Builder in the Builder Base, see Master Builder.
Grand Builder info


  • The Grand Builder (also known as the Ancient Builder) is the Builder for the Clan Capital.
  • He handles rebuilding and upgrades within the Clan Capital. Such tasks require investing Capital Gold into rebuilding or upgrading the structure, but once the requisite amount is contributed, the rebuilding or upgrade occurs instantaneously.
  • Despite there only being one Grand Builder, there is no limit to the number of constructions that can occur concurrently across the entire Clan Capital.


  • The Grand Builder appears to be an elderly man with a long beard and huge eyebrows, both of which are white. He has sunken eyes and large nose and ears.
  • He wears a blanket over his clothing, under the blanket he appears to wear a long-sleeved blouse, with gold edges on the sleeves, as well as pants and boots. His beard is also tied with a buckle bearing the symbol of the Super Troops. He has a belt where there is a support for one of his hammers.
  • He has hammers that, as well as the buckle that holds his beard, bear the symbol of the Super Troops.



  • "Why is everything so tiny? Is this a village for ants?"
  • "Oh finally. Hurry along, there's a lot to do and not much time. Chop chop."

Click on the Airship to go to the Clan Capital Map

  • "Now THIS is a proper scale for building. Behold, this mountain is your Clan's Capital!"
  • "All great Clans build together and battle together. Just a hint from a wise old man."
  • "Let's start from the top, shall we?"

Click on the Capital Peak

  • "Capital Peak has everything you need. A hot spring, comfortable cabins and the Capital Hall."
  • "The stronger you make your Capital Hall, the more Districts will be unlocked for you to build in."
  • "Each District has different buildings and terrain. They are very useful for making you Capital stronger."
  • "Although... This one is still my favorite."
  • "Why don't you get going to see how you can help?"

Click on a Ruin

  • "Hmph. Seems like things have fallen into disrepair..."
  • "Rebuild these ruins and you'll get new buildings in this District."

Click to repair a Ruin

  • "You can see what you'll get and how much Capital Gold is needed here."
  • "More buildings means more options for good defenses and strong attacks."

Clan House Customization Tutorial

  • "This is your home away from the Home Village. It has a much better view!"
  • "You look like you really like brown, so I've decorated it that way."

Click on player's Clan House

  • "Well if you don't like it, you can change it yourself here!"
  • "There's a few options already and the more Capital Gold you contribute, the more you'll unlock!"



  • The Grand Builder appears to be a very small man, as in all of his images, he is standing on a pile of books.
  • The Grand Builder appears to have some sort of association with the Super Troops, as the Super Troop logo can be seen in several places on his design.
  • When the Grand Builder is tapped he makes a grunting sound. The volume of this sound is louder the further zoomed into a district you are, and quieter the further zoomed out you are.