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"This veteran battle-scholar seeks out groups of friendly troops to fight behind and boost with his Life Aura, and assumes the form of a tower on defense. Attacking, he can walk over Walls or fly high, and can make nearby troops immune to damage once his Eternal Tome ability is unlocked!"

Grand Warden Skins
Grand Warden 3D.png Party Warden 3D.png Primal Warden 3D.png Clockwork Warden 3D.png
Grand Warden Party Warden Primal Warden Clockwork Warden
Gladiator Warden 3D.png Pirate Warden 3D.png North Warden 3D.png
Gladiator Warden Pirate Warden Warden of the North
Grand Warden Defense.png
Defensive Mode

  • Summary
    • The Grand Warden is a single-target unit unlocked at Town Hall level 11. He is the third hero in the game, being weak in physical strength and self-defense but extremely powerful in support.
    • He is automatically summoned once the Grand Warden Altar is constructed, which costs 6,000,000 Elixir and is available at Town Hall 11.
    • He can be set to Air or Ground mode; he flies in Air Mode and walks in Ground Mode.
      • He can bypass Walls regardless of the mode he is set to; however, he will attack a Wall if the majority of your nearby housing space is doing so as well.
    • Like the other heroes, the Grand Warden only needs to be summoned once, but he will have to spend some time regenerating his health if he is damaged when attacking an enemy village. If you attack a village while their Grand Warden is still regenerating, the Altar will be empty and the Grand Warden will not defend.
    • The Grand Warden's regeneration time after a battle depends on how much damage he took during the battle: if he survives the battle unscathed or with very little percentage damage taken, he will be ready to fight again immediately, but the more he is damaged, the more time he will need to regenerate. The more the Grand Warden is upgraded, the more time he will need in order to fully regenerate his health.
    • The Grand Warden has low health and low damage too, but he has a Life Aura to support troops, so he is better to be a supporter. Deploy him behind the tanks like Golems, Giants or Barbarian King to let him stay alive so his Life Aura will keep on supporting them. This is why he is never placed in the front of the army. Another way to use him is the Warden Walk. This is commonly used when the player uses Yeti Smash Attack. He can clear a corner and some troops clear another corner so that the main army will go through the middle. He is also very easy to control. Deploy troops inside his Aura and he will be drawn away.
      • Hero regeneration after a Multiplayer Battle starts as soon as the player starts to search for a Multiplayer opponent. So, if the player spent some time searching for an opponent to attack before completing an attack, part of the regeneration will be completed by the time the player returns to their village. However, if the player cancels the attack by pressing "End Battle" before completing an attack, the regeneration will be reset. This effect is more noticeable in the highest leagues below legend where a significant amount of time can be spent searching for such opponents.
    • The Grand Warden initiates a range of his passive Life Aura upon deployment, which grants units additional health. Any unit that leaves this range will not benefit from the ability until they re-enter it.
      • The level of this passive ability is increased once every level, up to level 40.
    • The Grand Warden's active ability, Eternal Tome, renders all friendly troops within his aura invincible to damage for a short time.
      • Eternal Tome is upgraded every five levels that the Warden increases. The ability's duration increases by 0.5 seconds per level.
      • The Eternal Tome ability negates direct damage only. For example, a Spring Trap can still instantly kill troops, the Air Sweeper's pushback works as normal, while the Tornado Trap will still be able to pull troops in without dealing damage. Furthermore, lesser troops that endure the explosion of a Bomb or Giant Bomb will be hit by the resulting knockback.
      • The ability also does not prevent troops like the Wall Breaker from carrying out attacks that kill them or otherwise split them into sub troops. It also does not prevent Siege Barracks and Log Launchers from losing HP to their decay over time.
      • The ability affects only troops that are in the radius of the Grand Warden at the time that he activates it, and each affected troop is invincible for the full duration of the ability, even if they leave the Grand Warden's radius.
        • Any troops that are spawned inside the radius of the Grand Warden will not be made invincible if they are spawned after the ability has been activated.
      • If the ability has not been used before the Grand Warden is about to be defeated, it will by default automatically activate. However, this feature can be toggled off in the settings (by turning off "Automatically use Hero Abilities on KO").
        • This ability can still activate even if the Warden would be one-shot by an attack (such as by a Seeking Air Mine); the Warden will activate his ability and survive with 1 HP.
    • When defending an enemy attack, he will turn into a stone statue and act as any other defensive tower while using his Life Aura to provide a health boost to defending troops and heroes. If he is damaged or defeated on defense, he does not need to regenerate health afterwards.
    • The Grand Warden will attack the building being attacked by the highest number/troop space troop and will continue to attack that building until it's destroyed.

  • Offensive Strategy
    • Use the Grand Warden in Air Mode if you are using an air attack so he does not take damage from ground defenses (as they are not distracted by other troops) and Ground Mode when using a ground army as he will not be targeted by the Air Defenses.
      • Only set him to Air Mode if you are using an air attack, as, without distraction troops, he can easily be killed or otherwise heavily damaged by Air Defenses and Seeking Air Mines.
      • If using the Air Mode warden alone (as a niche to evade heavy ground defenses, for example), it is recommended to deploy Balloons near the Warden to distract any Seeking Air Mines and make sure that none of the mines will hit the Warden. Relative level Seeking Air Mines will kill the Grand Warden, unless he is at least level 37 for Town Hall 12, or level 49 for Town Hall 13.
    • Use the Eternal Tome ability near the core so your troops can get through the core, where the most damage usually is. Against a level 5 Giga Tesla or a Giga Inferno, it may be useful to save the ability specifically for the explosion when the Town Hall is destroyed, as it does severe damage.
      • Alternatively, it can be better to use it early, such as if high damaging defenses are situated nearer the outside of a base.
    • The Grand Warden goes where other troops go, so he does not need funneling.
      • However, the other troops need to be funneled.
    • He will follow the troop with the highest housing space or the largest mass of troops, so bunching up troops with the Grand Warden is crucial to getting the most out of his abilities.
      • However, do not bunch them up too tightly, as the Life Aura is big and the troops will take a lot of splash damage from other defenses if they are too bunched up.
      • This also risks them being targeted by Eagle Artillery.
    • His Life Aura is most effective on troops with moderate amounts of health, such as the Balloon or Miner. He will be able to grant a sizable health increase to these troops that is close to the maximum increase allowed by his ability (or if this increase is the maximum allowed, then the health increase is still significant on these troops). The Life Aura is significantly less effective on low-hitpoint troops such as Minions, as they only gain a tiny proportion of health from his Life Aura. It is also somewhat limiting to high-hitpoint troops such as the Golem, as its health increase is well over the maximum allowed. Additionally, since they already have high hitpoints themselves, the extra hitpoints are usually not necessary.
    • The Grand Warden has the longest range of any troop in the game. He can outrange the Wizard Tower, Bomb Tower, Archer Tower on Fast Attack mode, or Hidden Tesla.
      • The Super Archer has a projectile range of 12, but its targeting range is only 6.
    • If the Grand Warden is positioned correctly, he can defeat an enemy Barbarian King and even an Archer Queen without being attacked. In the case of an Archer Queen, it is substantially harder to pull off, as she has a larger attack radius, has a faster movement speed, and can attack from far away unlike the King.
    • When upgraded to a high level, the Grand Warden can be used with Healers to perform a Warden Walk, which is similar to a Queen Walk in terms of utility. Compared to a Queen Walk, his longer range allows him to snipe buildings from a longer distance, meaning that the Warden Walk is generally safer, but his lower damage output means it will take longer to create an effective funnel or destroy the targeted buildings.
      • His AI (which makes him follow troops if they are close enough) can be exploited to help funnel him in a particular direction, which can be useful for the objectives of the Warden Walk. You can also do this to convert a Warden Walk into a smash-style attack (which will be supported by the Warden and Healers) by simply deploying your main force in the path of the walk.
      • When set to Air Mode, if you see a Seeking Air Mine coming towards the Grand Warden, activate his Eternal Tome ability if you still have it. If you react quickly enough, he will be able to avoid all damage; failing to do so will mean severe damage, and in most cases automatically trigger the ability anyway (if the "Automatically use Hero Abilities on KO" setting is turned on), but the Warden will be reduced to 1 HP and be extremely vulnerable, leaving you at a disadvantage.
  • Defensive Strategy
    • He creates a buff to boost defensive troops, heroes, and the Skeletons from the Skeleton Traps. It is recommended to place his Altar near structures that will receive the benefit such as the Clan Castle, or other heroes.
    • To defend against an enemy Grand Wardens, make sure you set your Inferno Towers to multi-target, as he is often behind other troops so few defenses can hit him.
    • Placing the Grand Warden near the other heroes and the Clan Castle will be quite beneficial for defense, as the heroes and Clan Castle troops will have a great hitpoint increase.
    • The Grand Warden in defense mode will not be targeted by a Headhunter, due to him being considered a Defensive Building.

  • Trivia
    • The Grand Warden was initially revealed as the new hero for Town Hall 11 at Clash-Con 2015. However, only a silhouette of him was shown.
      • In the sneak peeks showcasing him, his hitpoints at level 20 was 2,000; however it was changed to 1,500 in its release.
      • His beta ability color was orange, but was later changed to yellow when released.
    • He is the only hero who has 55 levels, unlike 80 levels for both the Barbarian King and Archer Queen, 30 levels for both the Royal Champion, and the Battle Machine.
    • He is the only unit in the game that can be changed to an air or ground unit.
    • He is also the only unit in the entire game that can behave as both a troop (attacking) and a building (defending). Thus, it's only possible to destroy his Altar with a single Lightning Spell only if he is not guarding (and thus his Altar will be empty.)
    • He is the only hero to have two abilities.
    • He is the only hero that can be killed in one hit by a trap (when in Air Mode via a Seeking Air Mine, due to his low amount of hitpoints and the high damage from the trap).
    • The Grand Warden's Eternal Tome Ability is the only hero ability that does not heal the hero. As a result, he is also the only hero to not activate his ability if it is unused at the end of a battle.
    • He is the only hero in the Home Village available to be purchased and upgraded with Elixir and one of the two in the whole game, the other one being the Battle Machine, although with Builder Elixir.
    • The Grand Warden's upgrades cost less than the initial cost of the Grand Warden, up to level 8.
    • He is the only hero that appears to be based on more than one unit, particularly the Healer and the Wizard, because of his use of magic and ability to heal friendly units.
    • The Grand Warden is one of the units that can be healed by a Healer while attacking an Air Defense without the Air Defense being able to attack the Healer. The others units capable of doing this are the Archer Queen and the Super Archer.
    • He is the only hero to turn into a form of defensive structure when defending. Consequently, he is the only hero to be damaged by Earthquake Spells and not by Poison Spells when defending.
    • Like with the Barbarian King's sword, the Grand Warden's book and staff switch arms when he turns.
      • However, when the Grand Warden falls in battle, he drops his staff but holds on to his book.
      • However, as of the Hero Skins where heroes are converted to 3D models, this is no longer the case.
    • Each successive upgrade of the Grand Warden adds anywhere between 2% to 2.3% health and anywhere between 3.4% to 5.1% damage, but every fifth level also adds a constant two minutes to his total regeneration time. As a consequence, the Grand Warden's regeneration rate changes as he levels up.
    • Regeneration rate for each level; click to enlarge

      The Grand Warden's regeneration rate fluctuates, decreasing every fifth level and increasing at every other level. From an initial regeneration rate of 50 HP per minute at level 1, it increases up to 53.2 HP per minute at level 4 before eventually dropping to 49.36 HP per minute at level 5, the lowest regeneration rate of any level; however, the regeneration rate shows a slow upward trend as the levels increase, eventually reaching a maximum of 64.59 HP per minute at level 39. Beyond level 39, the low amounts of HP increase mean that the decrease in regeneration rate every fifth level outweigh the increases from every other level, and the rate starts to trend downwards, falling back to 61 HP per minute at level 50.
    • Before he had a 3D skin, his book resembled a Book of Everything.
    • The Grand Warden of the versions before the update of June 2019 bore a great resemblance to the late television host, Li Yong.
      • Because of this, he is commonly called "(Li) Yong King" among Chinese players.
      • In January 2016, shortly after the Town Hall 11 Update, a show "Clash of Clans Players' Ceremony" was held in Beijing, China, with Li Yong as the main host due to this resemblance.
    • The Gladiator Warden skin looks to be based off of the Greek/Roman king of the gods and god of lightning, Zeus/Jupiter.
    • The Pirate Warden skin is based of off the Barbary Pirates according to a post by Darian, the Supercell community manager.
    • If the Grand Warden is defeated while wearing the Pirate skin, there will be parrots spinning on his head instead of stars like other heroes.
    • The Grand Warden is the last hero to have a Winter Themed skin which is the Warden of the North skin.
    • The Warden of the North skin is the only hero skin which its hero name (Warden) is on the front but not on the back (like "Ice Queen").
    • The Grand Warden is the only unit that can bypass Walls, but may still attack them.
    • Before Hero Skins were added, the Grand Warden had a different appearance as well as an upgrade difference. He had less facial hair, antlers and a different book cover.
      • Initially, he had purple facial hair. He wore white and purple robes along with a short cape. His eyes were of different color, one was white with a little pupil and the other wss a normal one with a blue iris. There was a gold trim on his collar at the neck and he wore a white crown-like decoration on his head. He also held a thick book and a long wooden staff with a magical crystal held on top.
      • At level 10, his white antler crown became golden.
Grand Warden1.png Grand Warden10.png
Level 1-9 (Old Sprite) Level 10-30 (Old Sprite)
Preferred Target Attack Type Movement Speed Attack Speed Range Search Radius
Any Ranged (Ground & Air) 16 1.8s 7 10
Damage per Second
Damage per Hit
Regen Time
Ability Levels Ability Upgrade Cost
Upgrade Time
Town Hall Level Required
Town Hall
Life Aura Eternal Tome
1 50 90 1,000 20m 1 N/A 2,000,000 N/A 11
2 52 93.6 1,021 20m 2 N/A 2,250,000 4h 11
3 54 97.2 1,042 20m 3 N/A 2,500,000 8h 11
4 56 100.8 1,064 20m 4 N/A 2,750,000 12h 11
5 58 104.4 1,086 22m 5 1 3,000,000 1d 11
6 60 108 1,108 22m 6 1 3,300,000 1d 12h 11
7 63 113.4 1,131 22m 7 1 3,750,000 2d 11
8 66 118.8 1,155 22m 8 1 4,500,000 3d 11
9 69 124.2 1,180 22m 9 1 5,250,000 4d 11
10 72 129.6 1,206 24m 10 2 6,000,000 4d 12h 11
11 75 135 1,233 24m 11 2 7,000,000 5d 11
12 78 140.4 1,261 24m 12 2 7,500,000 5d 12h 11
13 82 147.6 1,290 24m 13 2 8,000,000 6d 11
14 86 154.8 1,320 24m 14 2 8,400,000 6d 12h 11
15 90 162 1,350 26m 15 3 8,800,000 7d 11
16 94 169.2 1,380 26m 16 3 9,100,000 7d 11
17 98 176.4 1,410 26m 17 3 9,400,000 7d 11
18 102 183.6 1,440 26m 18 3 9,600,000 7d 11
19 106 190.8 1,470 26m 19 3 9,800,000 7d 11
20 110 198 1,500 28m 20 4 10,000,000 7d 11
21 115 207 1,530 28m 21 4 10,000,000 7d 12
22 120 216 1,561 28m 22 4 10,200,000 7d 12
23 125 225 1,593 28m 23 4 10,400,000 7d 12
24 130 234 1,625 28m 24 4 10,600,000 7d 12
25 136 244.8 1,658 30m 25 5 10,800,000 7d 12
26 142 255.6 1,692 30m 26 5 11,000,000 7d 12
27 148 266.4 1,726 30m 27 5 11,200,000 7d 12
28 154 277.2 1,761 30m 28 5 11,400,000 7d 12
29 161 289.8 1,797 30m 29 5 11,600,000 7d 12
30 168 302.4 1,833 32m 30 6 11,800,000 7d 12
31 175 315 1,870 32m 31 6 12,000,000 7d 12
32 182 327.6 1,908 32m 32 6 12,000,000 7d 12
33 190 342 1,947 32m 33 6 12,000,000 7d 12
34 198 356.4 1,986 32m 34 6 12,000,000 7d 12
35 206 370.8 2,026 34m 35 7 12,000,000 7d 12
36 215 387 2,067 34m 36 7 12,000,000 7d 12
37 224 403.2 2,109 34m 37 7 12,000,000 7d 12
38 233 419.4 2,152 34m 38 7 12,000,000 7d 12
39 243 437.4 2,196 34m 39 7 12,000,000 7d 12
40 253 455.4 2,240 36m 40 8 12,000,000 7d 12
41 260 468 2,260 36m 40 8 12,000,000 7d 12h 13
42 266 478.8 2,280 36m 40 8 12,500,000 7d 12h 13
43 271 487.8 2,300 36m 40 8 13,000,000 7d 12h 13
44 275 495 2,320 36m 40 8 13,500,000 7d 12h 13
45 279 502.2 2,340 38m 40 9 14,000,000 7d 12h 13
46 283 509.4 2,360 38m 40 9 14,500,000 8d 13
47 287 516.6 2,380 38m 40 9 15,000,000 8d 13
48 291 523.8 2,400 38m 40 9 15,500,000 8d 13
49 295 531 2,420 38m 40 9 16,000,000 8d 13
50 299 538.2 2,440 40m 40 10 16,500,000 8d 13
51 303 545.4 2,460 40m 40 10 17,000,000 8d 14
52 307 552.6 2,480 40m 40 10 17,500,000 8d 14
53 311 559.8 2,500 40m 40 10 18,000,000 8d 14
54 315 567 2,520 40m 40 10 18,500,000 8d 14
55 319 574.2 2,540 42m 40 11 19,000,000 8d 14

Life Aura Ability (Passive)

Ability Level % HP Increase Max HP Increase
1 20.0% 70
2 21.1% 76
3 22.2% 82
4 23.3% 88
5 24.4% 94
6 25.6% 101
7 26.8% 108
8 28.1% 116
9 29.5% 125
10 31.0% 135
11 32.6% 146
12 34.3% 158
13 36.1% 171
14 38.0% 185
15 40.0% 200
16 42.0% 215
17 44.0% 230
18 46.0% 245
19 48.0% 260
20 50.0% 275
21 52.0% 290
22 54.0% 305
23 56.0% 320
24 58.0% 335
25 60.0% 350
26 62.0% 365
27 64.0% 380
28 66.0% 395
29 68.0% 410
30 70.0% 425
31 72.0% 440
32 74.0% 455
33 76.0% 470
34 78.0% 485
35 80.0% 500
36 82.0% 515
37 84.0% 530
38 86.0% 545
39 88.0% 560
40 90.0% 575

Eternal Tome (Ability) (Active)

Ability Level Ability Time
1 3.5s
2 4.0s
3 4.5s
4 5.0s
5 5.5s
6 6.0s
7 6.5s
8 7.0s
9 7.5s
10 8.0s
11 8.5s

Skin Availability

The below table denotes the months in which Grand Warden skins were available. They typically could only be obtained by reaching a predetermined tier of Season Challenges after purchasing that season's corresponding Gold Pass.

Skin Season Available Gem Cost Gems
Party Warden* August 2019 1,500
Primal Warden January 2020 1,500
Clockwork Warden April 2020 - - - - - - - -
Gladiator Warden July 2020 - - - - - - - -
Pirate Warden October 2020 - - - - - - - -
Warden of the North January 2021 - - - - - - - -

*The Party Warden skin was available as the first tier of the Gold Pass, rather than the last. This was likely to allow Gold Pass players to obtain the skin in time for the 7th anniversary of Clash of Clans (which was early in that season).

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