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Graveyard Spell info

"Seriously spooky magic allows this Spell to raise the fallen!
When any Troop falls on the battlefield this spell summons a number of Skeletons based on its housing space. Flying Troops result in flying Skeletons."


  • The Graveyard Spell is a Spell unlocked in the Clan Capital, available when the Graveyard Spell Factory is constructed (this requires a level 2 District Hall in the Skeleton Park district).
  • For two attacks, the Graveyard Spell spawns Skeletons when troops are defeated, with 1 Skeleton spawned for every 3 housing space of troops defeated. Both attacking troops and defending troops count towards this total, and the type of Skeleton spawned depends on whether the defeated troop is a ground troop or an air troop; ground troops spawn grounded Skeletons, and air troops spawn aerial Skeletons.
    • Ground units defeated and air units defeated are counted separately; for example, if 5 housing space of ground units are defeated while 10 housing space of air units are defeated, only 1 ground Skeleton and 3 air Skeletons will spawn, not 5 total Skeletons.
  • For the purposes of counting Skeletons spawned, an individual unit's housing space, if they are only present within a squad, is equal to the quotient of the squad's housing space by the number of units spawned. For example, a single Sneaky Archer counts as 2 housing space, since the Sneaky Archers squad spawns 5 Archers for 10 housing space. There are a few noted exceptions:
    • Skeletons, whether spawned by this spell or by other means, do not add any housing space. Skeleton Barrels count as 5 housing space, added as soon as they break.
    • Skeleton Gliders spawned by Flying Fortresses do not add any housing space.
    • Battle Rams do not add any housing space when the ram breaks, but each individual Barbarian is worth 1.25 housing space (5 housing space for 4 Barbarians). Siege Carts count as 25 housing space, added when the cart breaks.
    • Hog Gliders do not add any housing space when their glider breaks, but each individual Hog Rider (including the one spawned by the Glider) is worth 5 housing space.
  • The Graveyard Spell can only spawn a limited number of Skeletons; the Skeleton count shown on the info screen is the number of Skeletons it can spawn in each attack, not the total number of Skeletons that can be spawned across both attacks.
  • Grounded Skeletons carry shields, allowing them to take an extra hit just like Skeletons from the Skeleton Spell in the Home Village. On the other hand, aerial Skeletons move slower, attack faster (albeit having the same DPS), and can target air units.
  • When the Graveyard Spell spawns grounded Skeletons, they are subject to restrictions on being spawned within obstacles or water. If the spawn point is blocked by an obstacle or is too far from land, the Skeleton will not spawn. Ground Skeletons that fail to spawn still count towards the Graveyard Spell's spawning limit.



  • The skeletons spawned can overwhelm defenses, especially if two sets of Graveyard Spells are stacked in the same attack (with one set deployed in a previous attack and the second set deployed on this attack). Graveyard Spells are commonly paired with Battle Rams and other low-health units like Sneaky Archers, Super Barbarians or Super Wizards, due to the troops' low survivability allowing for the spells to spawn Skeletons quickly and also their large numbers accentuating the army's swarming capabilities.
    • The use of ranged units may be important as melee units cannot effectively take on the Crusher, and may be disadvantaged against the Bomb Tower or other splash defenses.
  • A first set of Graveyard Spells can be paired with any attacks that do not require heavy spell support, such as massed Rocket Balloons, or the above described swarm strategy, if one wishes to set up a powerful second attack.
  • The Graveyard Spell can be placed to distract heavy defenses like the Giant Cannon or Blast Bow, much like a Skeleton Spell in the Home Village. To maximize the Skeletons' survivability (and thus their ability to distract), keep them away from fast-acting defenses like the Bomb Tower, Inferno Tower or Super Wizard Tower, all of which can destroy Skeletons quickly.
    • An alternative to distracting is to use Graveyard Spells to exploit defenses' blind spots if they cannot easily be reached by troops. This works especially well if the blind spot is guarded only by single-target defenses and if the attack allows Skeletons to spawn quickly enough.
  • It can be useful to intentionally delay positioning Graveyard Spells, because if they are dropped at the start of an attack, the spell will run out of Skeletons to spawn long before all of the attacker's troops are destroyed, which enables defenses (especially splash defenses) to clean them up sooner. If the spells are delayed until some of the attacking troops are destroyed, attackers can keep Skeletons spawning just as the main attack starts to run out of steam.
  • Using air troops to spawn air skeletons to destroy compartments with lots of ground defenses not in range of air-targeting defenses, which could be very effective, since because of the lack of a lot of ground defenses, it will be easier to finish the base with a ground-based attack.


  • Areas with inadequate splash damage coverage can be easily exploited by the Graveyard Spell and by attacks that use it as a basis. Be sure to have some sort of multi-targeting defense that is effective; for ground, Bomb Towers, Multi Mortars and Crushers are all effective; for air, Super Wizard Towers and Air Bombs can be effective. Inferno Towers are also useful, especially when upgraded to level 3. If this is not possible, Mines and other area damage traps can be an emergency patch-up, though they are generally ineffective especially if the spell ends up placed on top of the trap.


Housing Space
Required Spell Factory
Spell Factory
2 attacks 2 Graveyard Spell Factory
Skeleton Count
1 21
2 24
3 27
4 29
Skeleton Stats (Ground) Skeleton
Preferred Target Targets Damage per Second Damage per Hit Hitpoints Shield Hitpoints Attack Speed Movement Speed
Any Ground 25 25 30 30 1s 16
Skeleton Stats (Air) Skeleton
Preferred Target Targets Damage per Second Damage per Hit Hitpoints Attack Speed Movement Speed
Any Ground & Air 25 17.5 30 0.7s 9


Patch Type Description
December 12, 2022 Update Added the Graveyard Spell, with 4 levels.
December 21, 2022 Balance Change Reduced the Skeleton spawn count at all levels:
  • Level 1: 30 -> 23
  • Level 2: 33 -> 27
  • Level 3: 36 -> 31
  • Level 4: 39 -> 35
January 23, 2023 Balance Change Reduced the Skeleton spawn count at all levels:
  • Level 1: 23 -> 21
  • Level 2: 27 -> 25
  • Level 3: 31 -> 29
  • Level 4: 35 -> 32
September 14, 2023 Balance Change
  • Reduced the Skeleton spawn count at levels 2-4:
    • Level 2: 25 -> 24
    • Level 3: 29 -> 27
    • Level 4: 32 -> 29
  • Increased the number of Skeletons required to trigger Traps to 2 (up from 1).


  • The Graveyard Spell is named after the Legendary Graveyard Spell Card in Clash Royale, where it has a similar mechanic. Both spells spawn skeletons over time, however there are some key differences:
    • The Graveyard Spell in Clash Royale spawns only ground skeletons without shields, doing so automatically over time; this is similar to how the Skeleton Spell behaves in Clash of Clans.
    • The Graveyard Spell in Clash of Clans can spawn both ground and air skeletons, doing so only when other troops are destroyed.
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