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Haste Vial
"Casts Haste on the Royal Champion."


  • The Haste Vial is a piece of Common Hero Equipment for the Royal Champion. It is unlocked when the Blacksmith is upgraded to level 8, which requires Town Hall level 15.
  • The Haste Vial enables the Royal Champion to both move faster and attack faster for a short duration when she activates her ability.
  • In addition to the ability, the Haste Vial grants additional damage per second and increased attack speed to the Royal Champion.
    • The attack speed increase by the ability is multiplicative on top of the passive attack speed increase. For instance, at max level, the Royal Champion's passive attack rate is 116% that of normal; activating the ability doubles this to 232%.


Offensive Strategy

  • The Haste Vial greatly boosts the Royal Champion's damage potential for a short duration. Use it in the core of a base to decimate its defenses more quickly.
    • It can alternatively be used to destroy compartments quickly, or when the Champion reaches the core of the base to run away from the poison bomb and to get some health recovery from the ability itself.
    • Pairing this with the Royal Gem would be good, since it will increase her survivability while tackling defenses in the center of the base.
  • You can further improve the Royal Champion's damage output during the ability by using a Rage Spell, since the Haste Vial does not increase the Royal Champion's damage per hit during her ability, allowing it to be modified by damage increases. However, this does not further increase her movement speed, so unless you are pairing the Rage Spell with other troops, you will be better not carrying or using it for this purpose alone.
  • This is better when compared to the Seeking Shield if you want direct combat, while the Seeking Shield is better if you want to destroy defenses from afar and to help with cleanup.
    • Due to her extremely fast movement speed in the ability, the Haste Vial can allow the Champion to quickly reach and destroy isolated buildings, which may enable cleanup to succeed where the Seeking Shield may fail if said buildings have enough hitpoints.
  • This may not be paired with the Hog Rider Puppet, as the Royal Champion will be faster than the Hogs, thus not allowing tanking that the Hog Riders provide. This could result in an early death for the champion, so be careful when picking equipment.
    • However, it can be useful to help clear defenses if she's alone, especially that there are clumped defenses, meaning if the Hog Riders catch up to the Royal Champion, it improves her survivability.

Defensive Strategy

  • Normally, the Royal Champion can run away from the Poison Bomb to avoid the Poison damage. Placing defenses around the Town Hall will make sure that the Royal Champion gets slowed down by the Giga Poison.
  • Do not put traps where you think you can kill a low-HP Royal Champion is going to go through with a Haste Vial, as she can outrun traps when activated!
    • However, if you put a defense there for the Champion to target, that will work well, especially if she's attacking a tanky defense such as the Town Hall.


User Ability Type Rarity Unlock Requirement
Royal Champion Active Common Blacksmith level 8
Ability Attributes Hero Boosts Upgrade Cost Blacksmith Level Required
Ability Duration
Speed Increase
Movement Speed
Attack Speed Increase
Attack Speed
Damage per Second Increase
Attack Speed Increase
Attack Speed
Shiny Ore
Shiny Ore
Glowy Ore
Glowy Ore
1 9.0s 18.0 +60% 20 +5% N/A N/A 8
2 9.0s 18.0 +60% 24 +6% 120 - 8
3 9.5s 22.3 +60% 28 +6% 240 20 8
4 9.5s 22.3 +60% 32 +7% 400 - 8
5 9.5s 22.3 +60% 36 +8% 600 - 8
6 10.0s 25.5 +80% 40 +8% 840 100 8
7 10.0s 25.5 +80% 44 +9% 1,120 - 8
8 10.0s 25.5 +80% 48 +10% 1,440 - 8
9 10.5s 28.7 +80% 52 +10% 1,800 200 8
10 10.5s 28.7 +80% 56 +11% 1,900 - 8
11 10.5s 28.7 +80% 60 +12% 2,000 - 8
12 11.0s 32.0 +80% 64 +12% 2,100 400 8
13 11.0s 32.0 +80% 68 +13% 2,200 - 8
14 11.0s 32.0 +80% 72 +14% 2,300 - 8
15 11.5s 35.1 +100% 76 +14% 2,400 600 8
16 11.5s 35.1 +100% 80 +15% 2,500 - 8
17 11.5s 35.1 +100% 84 +16% 2,600 - 8
18 12.0s 38.3 +100% 88 +16% 2,700 600 8


Date Description
Feburary 27, 2024 Added the Haste Vial.
April 17, 2024
  • Fixed Royal Champion's attacks doing less damage when the Haste Vial ability is active.
  • Decreased Haste Vial passive attack speed at level 9 to 18.
    • Level 9: +11% → +10% Attack Speed
    • Level 10: +12% → +11% Attack Speed
    • Level 11: +13% → +12% Attack Speed
    • Level 12: +13% → +12% Attack Speed
    • Level 13: +14% → +13% Attack Speed
    • Level 14: +15% → +14% Attack Speed
    • Level 15: +15% → +14% Attack Speed
    • Level 16: +16% → +15% Attack Speed
    • Level 17: +17% → +16% Attack Speed
    • Level 18: +18% → +16% Attack Speed


  • Before the April 2024 update, while the ability was active, the Royal Champion's damage per hit is slightly reduced. This appears to occur as a result of her equipment's passive damage increases being calculated with the Champion's attack speed in the ability, rather than her normal attack speed.[1]
    • It received a balance change and bug fix, removing the damage calculation oversight but the passive attack speed is reduced to keeping the equipment at the same power as before.
  • When the equipment is initially unlocked and equipped to the Royal Champion, she attacks every 1.14s and when her ability is activated, she throws her spear every 0.71 seconds for 9s. When maxed out, the Royal Champion attacks every 1.03s and when the ability is activated, she throws her spear every 0.517 seconds for 12s.
  • When maxed out, the Royal Champion throws a maximum of 24 spears for the entire duration, assuming no spears are wasted.


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