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Healer Puppet
"Summons a flock of Healers"


  • The Healer Puppet is a piece of Common Hero Equipment for the Archer Queen. It is unlocked when the Blacksmith is upgraded to level 5, which requires Town Hall level 12 to do so.
  • The Healer Puppet enables the Archer Queen to summon a number of Healers when using her ability.
    • Unlike the Barbarian and Archer Puppets, the level of Healers depends on the level of the Healer Puppet, and not on the level of Healers the player has researched in the Laboratory.
  • In addition to the ability, the Healer Puppet grants additional hitpoints to the Archer Queen, and grants a small amount of self-healing per second to her.


Offensive Strategy

  • It is best used in Queen walks and charges, for some extra Healers to heal you up. Alternatively, use it to replace some Healers lost due to air traps and/or air defenses and to add some after using a Recall Spell.
  • It is good with the Recall Spell, as you can get extra healers after you recalled the queen, which is beneficial or even critical in certain scenarios, and it allows other crucial troops to be recalled alongside the Queen, which can be great in a lot of scenarios.
  • Leveling up this ability is crucial: A low-leveled ability might give you less Healing, which could potentially spoil up the attack if there is simply too much DPS dealt to the Queen alone!
  • The Healers' utility are not limited to just healing the Archer Queen. As normal Healers, they can heal any other damaged Hero or troop, and as such can serve to support smash attacks if you are sending the Queen alongside the main army.
  • It is possible to use the summoned Healers as bait to trigger air traps to pave way for an air attack, but this is generally only used as a last resort as it is a wasted hero equipment slot unless it is difficult to get a less expensive troop like a Balloon where you intend to use the ability. If the Super Troop is boosted, Rocket Balloons will generally supersede the need for this, due to their fast movement speed when initially deployed.

Defensive Strategy

  • Put air traps where your opponent might use this ability: This will cripple the Healers, or possibly destroy them outright. The Seeking Air Mine is by far and away the most effective tool to do this (a level 3 or higher one will one-shot any Healer), but groups of Air Bombs can work against lower-leveled Healers.
    • A possible use is in the core of the base, where the queen requires more healing. Another place is where someone will likely place their Recall Spell after they destroyed part of a base.
  • Against ground attacks, Skeleton Traps can be counterintuitively set to air mode to distract an Archer Queen using the Healer Puppet. As these traps do not trigger against other ground troops, setting them to air mode allows them to spawn skeletons the moment the Queen summons Healers. This distraction is especially devastating if the Queen is also using the Invisibility Vial, as it can waste that ability's duration.


User Ability Type Rarity Unlock Requirement
Archer Queen Active Common Blacksmith level 5
Ability Attributes Hero Boosts Upgrade Cost Blacksmith Level Required
Summoned Healers
Troop Capacity
Healer Level
Self Healing Per Second
Hitpoint Increase
Shiny Ore
Shiny Ore
Glowy Ore
Glowy Ore
1 1 4 6 132 N/A N/A 5
2 1 4 8 154 120 - 5
3 1 5 10 177 240 20 5
4 1 5 12 199 400 - 5
5 1 5 14 221 600 - 5
6 2 5 16 243 840 100 5
7 2 5 18 265 1,120 - 5
8 2 5 20 287 1,440 - 5
9 2 6 22 331 1,800 200 5
10 2 6 24 402 1,900 - 5
11 2 6 26 473 2,000 - 5
12 2 7 28 543 2,100 400 5
13 2 7 30 614 2,200 - 5
14 2 7 31 685 2,300 - 5
15 3 7 32 756 2,400 600 5
16 3 7 33 826 2,500 - 7
17 3 7 34 897 2,600 - 7
18 3 8 35 968 2,700 600 7
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