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For the Home Village variant, see Healing Spell/Home Village.
Healing SpellC info

"Heal your troops to keep them in the fight!
Cast this spell to create a Ring of Healing. Your units will be healed while they are inside this ring."


  • The Healing Spell is a Spell unlocked in the Clan Capital, available when the Heal Spell Factory is rebuilt from its ruin (this occurs immediately after unlocking the Wizard Valley district).
  • Just like the Healing Spell from the Home Village, the Healing Spell heals troops in its radius, whether they be ground or air troops. Like most other spells in the Clan Capital, it lasts for two attacks: the attack in which it is deployed, as well as the next.



  • The Healing Spell can quickly heal up any swarms, such as Sneaky Archers and Minion Horde, that are severely damaged by defenses such as the Multi Mortar, Bomb Tower, or/and the Super Wizard Tower. This is also effective for groups of Super Barbarians and Super Wizards, because they have medium health that could be gradually healed. Given enough time, this can even work for Super Giants, as long as there are no Multi Cannons chipping away a Super Giant's health more than the heal spell could heal.
  • Even for troops with higher health, the Healing Spell works quite well to tackle an area with only splash defenses (of which examples are mentioned above) or to sustain an attack on a low-mid level Capital Hall if it's the only thing targeting them. Although the Capital Hall's damage is great enough to counteract a Healing Spell, the spell will nonetheless greatly reduce the average DPS taken.
  • Just like Healing Spells in the Home Village, multiple Healing Spells can be stacked on top of each other to increase the healing effect, though before Capital Hall 8 this is only possible by carrying over a spell between attacks. With two Healing Spells, the DPS of the Capital Hall will effectively be completely mitigated.
  • The Healing Spell is generally ineffective on troops that can be one-shot by most defenses, such as Barbarians, Sneaky Archers or Minions, and may be less effective against heavy splash defenses if they can one-shot troops (which is especially true with high-level Capital Halls).


  • Make sure there are traps/defenses, such as the Mine, Mega Mine, or Log Trap, that one-shot low to medium health troops, so as to make sure that the Healing Spell can't heal back those troops, instantly killing the main force of an attack and weakening the attack itself.
  • One can spread out splash defenses such that a single Healing Spell cannot cover all of them, forcing attackers to use more in order to navigate them safely. For example, if the splash defenses are split into two groups, an attacker may have to use one Healing Spell against one group; if they do not have another, they will be disadvantaged against the other group.


April 27, 2022 Teased the Healing Spell.Healing SpellC info
Patch Type Description
May 2, 2022 Update Added the Healing Spell, with 5 levels.
June 27, 2022 Update Healing Spell no longer heals destroyed Siege Carts.
June 30, 2022 Maintenance Break Decreased heal of Healing Spell by 33.
  • Healing per second:
    • Level 1: 113 -> 80
    • Level 2: 126 -> 93
    • Level 3: 140 -> 106
    • Level 4: 153 -> 120
    • Level 5: 166 -> 133
  • Healing per pulse:
    • Level 1: 34 -> 24
    • Level 2: 38 -> 28
    • Level 3: 42 -> 32
    • Level 4: 46 -> 36
    • Level 5: 50 -> 40


Time Between Pulses
Housing Space
Required Spell Factory
Spell Factory
4.5 tiles 2 attacks 0.3s 3 Heal Spell Factory
Healing per Second
Healing per Pulse
1 80 24
2 93 28
3 106 32
4 120 36
5 133 40
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