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Healing Tome
"Heals the Grand Warden and all nearby friendly units."


  • The Healing Tome is a piece of Common Hero Equipment for the Grand Warden. It is unlocked when the Blacksmith is upgraded to level 6, which requires Town Hall level 13.
  • The Healing Tome allows the Grand Warden to cast a Healing Spell effect in the area surrounding him when he uses his ability. The area of effect is denoted by a circular ring centered around the Warden.
  • Unlike a conventional Healing Spell, the area of effect of the Healing Tome follows the Grand Warden such as to be centered on him. Heroes (including the Grand Warden himself) also get healed for the full amount unlike most other sources of healing; Siege Machines cannot be affected.
  • In addition, the Healing Tome grants increased hitpoints and massively increases the hitpoints recovery of the ability.


Offensive Strategy

  • It can be used in the core of the base, where the Town Hall's weapon is activated/about to go down, as it will mitigate some of the effects of the death bomb and the damage from the core of the base.
  • It is best used in Balloon pushes, Miner and Hog Rider Hybrid, and Witch spam, as these medium troops will see a lot of noticeable healing as there can be more of them and have enough health to take full advantage of each pulse.
    • Spam strategies can still benefit from it, since the troops used do not have very high HP, and will need constant healing.
  • It can also be used at the core or well defended area, as it will help the troops stay alive for longer.
  • You can also clutch low-hp troops with an early activation to heal such troops if they are very important.
    • It can also protect troops from the Poison Spell Tower, but, unless if you are attacking something important (such as the Eagle Artillery) or if the troops are important to the attack, then using this ability is not advised for this purpose alone.
  • The Healing Tome's high health recovery stat also protects the Grand Warden, preventing him from being easily defeated during the ability on top of the healing.
    • Even with this and the healing, certain high-damage defenses can still easily defeat him during the ability, such as a single-target Inferno Tower. Make sure the Warden survives for the duration of the ability, otherwise the healing effect will end prematurely.
    • At max level, it will deliver a total 3,750 healing to all troops and heroes (provided that they have stayed in the radius of this ability for the whole duration), which gives it a lot of potential in healing, and it could support your troops in critical situations.
  • There are different interactions between the Th14 Poison damage and the Healing Tome at different levels.
    • At levels 1-8, the Healing Tome's healing is less than that of the maximum poison damage of the level 1 Giga Inferno;
    • At levels 9-11, the Healing Tome's healing can match the maximum poison damage of the level 1 Giga Inferno;
    • At levels 12-14, the healing per second matches the damage of the level 2 Giga Inferno's defensive poison; and
    • At levels 15-17, the healing per second can match the damage of the level 3 Giga Poison damage.
    • However, at level 4 and above, the Poison effect deals more damage than the max-level Healing Tome can heal.
      • The same principle applies to the Giga Infernos at Th15 and 16.
  • If the Healing Tome is combined with the Eternal Tome, healing will be almost completely risk-free as affected units will not be able to take any damage while the Eternal Tome is active. This guarantees that the healing cannot be wasted.
    • Ground units are still vulnerable to Spring Traps during the Eternal Tome duration, and can be lost during the ability period.
    • Do note that the Healing Tome lasts longer than the Eternal Tome at all levels, so only part of the healing is guaranteed.

Defensive Strategy

  • Using traps and high damage defense can counter this ability. Its healing per second is not a lot, so they can out-damage the healing in a burst, which can mess up, or even completely stop the attack.


User Ability Type Rarity Unlock Requirement
Grand Warden Active Common Blacksmith level 6
Ability Attributes Hero Boosts Upgrade Cost Blacksmith Level Required
Healing per Second
Ability Duration
Hitpoint Increase
Health Recovery Increase
Shiny Ore
Shiny Ore
Glowy Ore
Glowy Ore
1 60 16.0s 92 165 N/A N/A 6
2 60 16.0s 107 193 120 - 6
3 70 17.5s 122 220 240 20 6
4 70 17.5s 137 248 400 - 6
5 70 17.5s 153 275 600 - 6
6 80 19.0s 168 303 840 100 6
7 80 19.0s 183 330 1,120 - 6
8 80 19.0s 198 358 1,440 - 6
9 100 20.5s 229 413 1,800 200 6
10 100 20.5s 280 463 1,900 - 6
11 100 20.5s 330 513 2,000 - 6
12 120 22.0s 381 563 2,100 400 6
13 120 22.0s 432 613 2,200 - 6
14 120 22.0s 482 663 2,300 - 6
15 140 23.5s 533 713 2,400 600 6
16 140 23.5s 584 763 2,500 - 7
17 140 23.5s 634 813 2,600 - 7
18 150 25.0s 685 863 2,700 600 7
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