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"Invisibility Spell makes EVERYTHING except for Walls and Siege Machines invisible and untargetable within its radius."


  • The Invisibility Spell is the seventh and final Elixir Spell available for Town Hall 11, unlocked by upgrading the Spell Factory to level 6. It allows any offensive or defensive unit (with the exception of Walls and Siege Machines) in its radius to turn invisible and be unable to be targeted by anything until they step out of the radius or the duration runs out.
    • If the spell hits a building that the Troops were originally targeting, they will leave their previous target and engage to another one that's close to them.
  • Invisible units can still be affected by other spells and can also be hit indirectly through splash-damaging attacks or otherwise.
  • Damaging projectiles will still hit any troops they targeted if they are sent before the spell has affected the targeted troop.


Offensive Strategy

  • It can be used to buy time for slow troops such as Electro Dragons or Balloons under high DPS areas in order to survive longer.
  • It can be preferred over the Freeze Spell since instead of stopping one area from attacking any troops, it protects one group of troops from being attacked at all.
  • You can use Invisibility Spells for funneling, since buildings that turn invisible will not be targeted. Additionally, if there is a powerful defense surrounded by tanky buildings, you can use the invisibility spell to turn the tanky buildings invisible and make the troops skip them and go straight for the defense.
  • The Invisibility Spell synergizes very well with the Electro Dragon. It can protect the Electro Dragon, make it skip less important buildings, and also allow it to chain back to said less important buildings before targeting them again.
  • Making a defense invisible will not prevent it from firing at any visible targets in its range. However, doing so may still be useful if only to guide defense-targeting troops to attack a more valuable defense.
  • Once the Eagle Artillery has locked on, it will fire, even if its targets later become invisible. Be sure to place your spell before it locks on or else it will be a waste.
  • Attacking Troops will always see each other. As such, Healers will heal a troop even after it becomes invisible.
  • By pairing an Invisibility Spell with Skeleton Spells and potentially a Rage Spell, attackers can destroy the Clan Castle without luring out the defending troops with a relatively small amount of spells. This can be done with 1 Invisibility Spell, 3 Skeleton Spells and a Rage Spell, however, this can be risky and will fail if the Clan Castle is made invisible or if the Skeletons get distracted by other visible buildings or defending heroes. A second Invisibility Spell can be used to buy your Skeletons more time if needed.
    • Since Walls are not made invisible, a Jump Spell will be necessary to do this if the Clan Castle is surrounded by Walls, as the Skeleton Spell will not be able to spawn its Skeletons easily inside the Clan Castle compartment without making the Clan Castle invisible as well.
  • A very powerful strategy involves using Super Wizards and Invisibility Spells placed in the middle of a base using a Battle Blimp. When combined with a Rage Spell, the Wizards' chain attacks are able to be utilized to maximum potential, including being able to chain back onto any defenses that are rendered invisible by the Invisibility spell. This allows them to obliterate entire compartments with relatively little cost.

Defensive Strategy

  • Traps are not affected by this spell. An invisible troop walking over a trap will trigger as normal. This also applies to Hidden Teslas. Buildings such as the Giga Tesla, Giga Inferno and Bomb Tower will still do damage to troops after getting destroyed.
  • AOE Defenses can still attack troops that are invisible if they hit a non-invisible troop near the invisible troops.
  • Try to make it so that certain spots that would be good spots for an Invisibility Spell house an important Defense, as then the troops will skip over said important defense.
  • Since Invisibility Spells are commonly used near an important defense surrounded by other defenses or buildings, consider using Skeleton Traps as they will remain invisible while still triggering if the enemy troop steps out of the ring. Near an Air Defense use a Seeking Air Mine since troops that use an Invisibility Spell to skip to the Air Defense will probably be troops like the Electro Dragon or the Dragon.


  • The Invisibility Spell was added in December 7 2020 update with only 4 levels.
  • The April 2021 update fixed a bug where the effect is applied immediately when troops are inside the spell. Otherwise defenses would sometimes target the deployed troops before they become invisible. The same update also added new Clan Games and Gold Pass challenges for the Invisibility Spell.


  • It is the first Elixir Spell to take up one spell space at its original release. Both the Lightning Spell and Freeze Spell were originally two spell spaces, but later reduced to one.
  • If all buildings are made invisible, most attacking units will stand still and not move until a building becomes visible again. Exceptions include Wall Breakers, which may target Walls as normal if there are any remaining, and Town Hall-targeting Siege Machines, which will move to the location of the Town Hall as normal.
  • Obstacles and Decorations are not made invisible when you cast this spell on them.
  • It is one of the least expensive Elixir Spells in the game, due to it taking only one spell space compared to two or three for most other Elixir Spells
Effect Radius


Housing Space


Brewing Time


Spell Factory Level Required

Spell Factory

4 tiles 1 3m 6
Research Cost
Research Time
Laboratory Level Required
1 3.75s 11,000 N/A N/A N/A
2 4s 12,000 9,000,000 9d 9
3 4.25s 13,000 12,000,000 11d 12h 10
4 4.5s 14,000 15,000,000 15d 12h 11
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