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Invisibility Vial
"Turns the Queen invisible and gives her stronger attacks"


  • The Invisibility Vial is a piece of Hero Equipment for the Archer Queen. It is one of the two Hero Equipment that she starts with, the other being the Archer Puppet.
  • The Invisibility Vial turns the Archer Queen invisible for a short period of time. During this period, her damage per shot is greatly increased.
  • In addition to the ability, the Invisibility Vial grants additional hitpoints to the Archer Queen.


Offensive Strategy

  • The Invisibility Vial increases the Queen's damage to the point where she can destroy any building or troop with just a few shots; this enables the Queen to snipe defenses or other targets easily and relatively safely. When the ability is sufficiently upgraded, the Archer Queen is capable of destroying the Town Hall from full health in the brief ability duration, guaranteeing an additional star for the attack.
    • If the existing damage on a base approaches 50% and the Archer Queen is still undeployed, one can deploy the Queen and activate her ability to safely reach 50% with minimal harm to her. This may be useful for farming strategies.
  • If the ability has not been used before the Archer Queen is about to be defeated, it will by default automatically activate. However, this feature can be toggled off in the settings (by turning off "Automatically use Hero Abilities on KO"). It is not a fail safe however, as several defenses, such as X-Bows, single-target Inferno Towers and Scattershots can possibly kill her under her ability due to the low health regeneration.
  • The Invisibility Vial prevents defenses from targeting the Archer Queen, but she can be affected by splash damage; for instance, if nearby units are targeted by a Mortar or a Scattershot, the splash projectile of the defense in question will damage the Archer Queen if she is in range even when she is invisible. Additionally, the Invisibility Vial does not prevent the Archer Queen from triggering Bombs and Giant Bombs, and she will still be damaged by them if she is in range when they explode.
    • In particular, using the Invisibility Vial with the Archer Puppet has the disadvantage of potentially having the Queen take splash damage from the Archers summoned. The Healer Puppet also carries this problem but to a very limited extent; while splash defenses cannot damage both the grounded Archer Queen and the aerial Healers at the same time, chain-lightning attacks such as that from the Electro Dragon can hit both in the same attack.
  • The Invisibility Vial will not prevent any projectiles (such as Cannon shots) that are targeting the Archer Queen at the time of the ability's activation from hitting her. If the Eagle Artillery has already locked on and fired on the Queen, activating the Invisibility Vial will not prevent the shots from hitting, which will result in great damage against your Queen. Activating the Vial just before it fires will stop the Eagle Artillery from firing on your Archer Queen, however, and render the Queen temporarily untargetable by the Eagle Artillery as normal.
  • The Invisibility Vial's mechanism will cause her to be considered as a new target different from the original Archer Queen. Against a defending Electro Dragon, this ability may backfire when you equip the Archer Puppet or Healer Puppet as it may cause her to take two hits from the Electro Dragon's Chain Lightning ability.

Defensive Strategy

  • Traps still activate even when the ability is triggered, so use this to your advantage and use traps to finish the Queen at low-health.
    • A Tornado Trap, while not providing enough damage to offset her health recovery, can be used to lock the Archer Queen in place and prevent her from reaching valuable targets.
    • Defending Super Minions can also do the same thing, since their long shots can pierce through the Queen's ability, and their decent damage and the Low HP recovery of this ability can help destroy a Queen under this ability.
  • One can consider slowing down the Archer Queen's attack speed in order to minimise the amount of damage she can do during her ability. At lower levels, this is generally only possible with defending Clan Castle troops, namely the Ice Golem, Headhunter and Ice Hound, however, at Town Hall 15 and above, the Poison Spell Tower can be effective at doing this.
  • An alternative to slowing the Queen down is to have the Queen waste her ability shots on troops and buildings with low value. There are two main ways to accomplish this:
    • If Skeleton Traps trigger during her ability duration, she may waste some of her shots on the Skeletons if she is not supported by other troops or attacker's spells. This strategy can work in ground mode with Skeletons directly intercepting the Queen, but ironically can also be effective in air mode if the attacking Archer Queen also uses the Healer Puppet, as the aerial Skeletons will appear in response to the Healers.
    • One can overwhelm the Archer Queen with overpowering force to force her to use her ability in a suboptimal location, reducing the value she gets from the ability. Multiple high-damage defenses are useful to do this when facing Queen Walks, but certain Clan Castle combinations (such as multiple Witches) and/or defending Heroes can also do this if an attacker is unprepared for them.


User Ability Type Rarity Unlock Requirement
Archer Queen Active Common Available by default
Ability Attributes Hero Hitpoint Increase
Upgrade Cost Blacksmith Level Required
Ability Duration
Damage per Shot Increase
Shiny Ore
Shiny Ore
Glowy Ore
Glowy Ore
1 4.2s 340 80 N/A N/A N/A
2 4.2s 440 100 120 - 1
3 4.8s 540 120 240 20 1
4 4.8s 640 140 400 - 1
5 4.8s 730 170 600 - 1
6 5.4s 820 200 840 100 1
7 5.4s 920 250 1,120 - 1
8 5.4s 1,020 300 1,440 - 1
9 6.0s 1,120 340 1,800 200 1
10 6.0s 1,220 380 1,900 - 3
11 6.0s 1,310 420 2,000 - 3
12 6.6s 1,370 460 2,100 400 3
13 6.6s 1,430 500 2,200 - 5
14 6.6s 1,490 540 2,300 - 5
15 7.2s 1,560 580 2,400 600 5
16 7.2s 1,620 620 2,500 - 7
17 7.2s 1,680 660 2,600 - 7
18 7.8s 1,740 700 2,700 600 7

Equipment Migration

When the Hero Equipment update was released, players' starting Hero Equipment was leveled up for free, without requiring the appropriate Blacksmith level, so that Heroes' capabilities remained roughly the same before and after the update. The level of Hero Equipment obtained from this process depended on the player's Hero level, and is archived in this table below.

Archer Queen Level
Invisibility Vial Level
1-10 1
11-20 2
21-25 3
26-30 4
31-35 5
36-40 6
41-45 7
46-50 8
51-55 9
56-60 10
61-65 11
66-70 12
71-75 13
76-80 14
81-90 15


Date Description
December 12, 2023 Added the Invisibility Vial, separated from the original Invisibility Cloak ability of the Archer Queen.
February 27, 2024 Damage increase from the ability is now considered a buff instead of overwriting the Archer Queen's damage per hit, stacking as buffs do (i.e. best buff is used) instead of stacking fully. In particular, it no longer stacks fully with the Rage Spell.
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