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Hi! This is ItsYoBoyHybrid's Guide to Clan War Victory! This is typically a guide pieced together by ItsYoBoyHybrid to help other people to success and level up their clan easier, quicker and better. This is also for people who are shambles at war and always get kicked out of clans for doing something wrong. You fix your wrongs by reading this. I have a collection of all my guides here, if you want to look at some others.

Let's get started then shall we?

Planning (before the war)[]

The first and most important part of my Clan War Guide is to plan out each player's strategy, role, clan castle troops and bases to attack. You should set the players that are going to be used during the wars on estimated opponents that they should attack and clan castle troops to defend. Season Challenges are a good way of getting resources so you should try get some Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir to upgrade your buildings and heroes.


Matchmaking is where your clan and another clan are matched useing the Clash of Clans war matchmaking system.

"The matchmaking system in Clan Wars puts your clan against another clan of similar strength both offensively and defensively, and of the same size, rounded down to multiples of five (or ten if member amount is 30+) eligible members."

All leaders or co-leader should consider these before starting the war:

  • Make sure the players you are using are active or are going to use both attacks on the war (biggest priority).
  • Try to keep the balance of TH levels. E.G: TH8s with other TH7s, 8s and 9s. This can help later on (matchmaking).
  • Make sure the players you are using have a maxed out troop levels and building levels, it needs a good base design and decent defence levels. You can keep rushed bases but they won't maximize the attacks or defending.
  • Choose the players your using wisely. Someone that just joined isn't guaranteed to stay in your clan. A more-trusted and long-serving member is the appropriate choice.

The planning can also include donating Clan Castle troops but you could wait until preparation day or attack day.

Once you've considered these, you should start a war!

Starting a war[]

By starting a war, you are agreeing to attack other peoples bases. By using the tips above, you should pick players that fit into those categories. Ask the leader or a co-leader (if you aren't one) and ask them to make a war using the tips above (tell them). Make sure you/they think about how many your choosing. If you have quite a small amount of people fitting into those categories then you/them should chose a 5v5. A more larger number can result in 10v10s or 20v20 etc. Once you/they click "Start War", it will start looking for a clan which fits with the TH levels and the upgrades of the buildings/defences you chose. This is called matchmaking, which evens out your average (mean) TH level with another clan's in multiples of 5 and match you with them to start Preparation Day.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to never press "Cancel" on the clan war screen unless you have made a mistake or you really need to as this will result in a longer period waiting.

Once the system has successful matched you, you have now moved on to Preparation Day!

Preparation Day[]

Preparation Day is the start of the war which starts as soon as you are matched with a clan. This lasts 24 hours. Preparation day is the perfect time to get your members together and tell them the whole plan. You can also donate troops into the defensive and offensive into the Clan Castle.

Preparation for Clan War[]

The preparation starts with these tips which should help you.

Lower Levelled Clan War (TH3-7)

  • Get the best players to donate troops via the clan castle (preferably Minions and Wizards or higher levelled Barbarians and Archers). Also, donate any levelled defence troops by going to their number and pressing donate in the dropdown box below the donate box.
  • Try to get the members to target their own TH level or the mirror number of attack.
  • For TH7s, try and get the best Barbarian King you can get to get the ability, Iron Fist, which spawns other barbarians in a rage spell and heals the King slightly.

Medium Levelled Clan War (TH8-12)

  • Donate the troops to them via the clan castle (preferably super troops or Baby Dragons or loons with a some Headhunters if you can, lightning spell, invisibility spell or freeze spell). Also, donate medium or high levelled defence troops by going to their number and pressing donate in the dropdown box below the donate box.
  • Make sure the members target their own TH level or the mirror number of attack. Keep the lower members attacking their TH as the higher ones can get stars from their TH levels as the lower ones get their TH number.
  • Try to get the highest levelled heroes you can and the ability, which will help hugely.

Higher Levelled Clan War (TH11-14)

  • Donate the troops to them via the clan castle (preferably Pekka with some Goblins and Archers, heal spell or 2 lightnings or invisibility with haste, Log Launcher (siege)). Also, donate high levelled defence troops by going to their number and pressing donate in the dropdown box below the donate box.
  • Make sure the members target their own TH level or the mirror number of attack. Keep the lower members attacking their TH as the higher ones can get stars from their TH levels as the lower ones get their TH number.
  • Try to get the highest levelled heroes you can and the ability, which will help massively.

Now, you've dealt with clan castle troops, motivation and getting the instructions you want across, you should deal with base design.

What I mean is that if you have a farming base, you probably won't make a good defence for war and will get three stared. That's 3 valuable stars you've just given away. That's 3 valuable stars which makes all the difference. What if the score is 30-3? No one will complain because you've just won by 27 star difference but that won't happen every time. You need to stand your ground with your defences. Here's some of my tips to give to you to fix a farming base to a wonderful base:

  • Keep your TH the most protected building in the base (crucial). Don't give them the win for nothing.
  • Don't resist putting your loot out last. It's all about the stars which defences can save you.
  • Keep your clan castle where troops stored inside it can not be 'tricked' (pulled to the troops) into coming out of it's area. Don't make it easy for them to defeat your CC troops.
  • Don't huddle the main defences (mortars, cannons, archer towers, etc.) in the same place. Spread them out as leaving them in the same area reduces the covered range of the defences (crucial).
  • Don't leave defences low levelled. Upgrading them should be a main priority.
  • Keep your base as big as possible, remove obstacles if needed.

Also, keep your base as big as possible to increase the range of the defences around the out-skirts of the base. This can be done by placing any extra walls around the outside of the base, especially nearer the defences.

Now, it's just a waiting game, wait for the battle to start. You can eye up your bases you want to attack and leave a mark on it (flag post) and comment on why it's for you for the leader's sake. You can also help others on preparation if they need it. You can start dishing out the requested troops but just tell them not to use them yet and donate the right troops. Wall Breakers and Goblins aren't really a good option. Balloons or Wizards are better. Troops that deal splash damage should be donated.

Remember: Preparation day only last 24 hours so if you don't get all of this done, this won't work as planned!

Once your preparation day has finished, we move onto Battle Day! This is where the fighting begins.

Battle Day[]

Battle Day is the second phase in Clan War in which you can now attack the opponents. This last 24 hours. This is the time to start cooking up your troops and get out to the battlefield. You can earn stars from this.

The most important thing to do when it comes to battle day is to make sure you have a good base design, good defensive troops and most importantly, a good army.

You should have prepared and planned out where each person will attack. If you haven't sorted that out you should do this ASAP as this is needed. Remember though: each player gets 2 attacks per war so you try again on another base if you don't get the stars that you wanted.

Before attacking though, you need to examine the bases. Don't just attack a base that has your TH level; you need to look at all of them. The reason being is that some bases are progress bases and you can easily get at least a star from them. If no one in your clan has attacked it, you need to as these top bases are already defeated so your best players can attack the lower ones and, chances are, get some stars that no one else would have got. You need to also check how much housing space they have in their CC, as the CC troops on the opponent's side can always ruin your fun. This is important part of Battle Day.

Another important part is your troops, spells and siege machines you use while you attack a village. You can't just use your archer queen with a few healers; you need to think it through. Sketch or screenshot the base and sketch on it - where will you attack from, who will attack where, what's in your CC you can use to help you, how are you going to deafeat this base? You need to be thinking about what your going to do, not slam the troops down and expect them to work. Think about where to use this spell, how to distract this defence so you place down this troop, which troops will take down this defence. You need to get sorted our for your attack. Moreover, you need a certain strategy. Cooking up some random troops in your camp isn't going to work as well as a regularly used strategy for 3 staring war. Some strategies bellow will help you.


Lower Levelled Strategies:

Strategy Name What troops needed Required Barracks Level Quantity Instructions Additional Notes
Barch Barbarian and Archer 2 Same amount for both Place a circle of Barbarians around the base followed by a circle of Archers. Save some for back-up later on. You can add a few wall breakers and giant if you have enough space. Recommend for TH3, 4, 5, 6 and maybe 7.
Gigobararch Barbarian, Archer, Goblin, Giant and Wall Breakers 5 Times table of 8 for all (8, 16, 24, 32 etc.) except wall breaker (times table of 4, 4, 8, 12, 16 etc.) If the village is surrounded by walls then use the wall breakers. Put 2 giants each defence. Put 4 barbarians on mortar. Wait till the most of the defences are gone. Put goblin and archers for clean-up Credit to Lazy phonix for this strategy, works in TH3.
Balloon Crazy Balloons. Optional: Heal Spell 6 All balloons and some heal spells. Drop healing spell. Then drop balloons near the closest Air Defence. Repeat 3 times or until all Air Defences are gone. Use the rest of the balloons to get the base. Credit to 23Aee for the strategy, works in TH7 or 8.
Low Level Destruction Archer, Giant, Wall Breaker, Balloon, Wizard.

Optional: Lightning Spell

7 5 archers, 8 giants, 12 balloons, 5 wall breakers, 5 wizards, 1 or 2 lightning spells. Place the archers to pick off any buildings at the corners. Next, drop your lightning spell off on the air defence or mortar. If the mortar is a high level and the air defence a low level, I would put it on the mortar. It is reversed, I would put it on the air defence. Depending on whether the air defence or mortar is destroyed, place either giants or balloons. If the air defence is destroyed, place your balloons to pick off the archer towers. If the mortar is destroyed, still try to pick off the archer towers, just with your giants. If you placed giants in the last step, use some wall breakers to help them destroy the archer towers. If not, deploy the wall breakers for the wizards. The ideal base for this strategy would be a base with some buildings in the corners, low level defences and level 3 to level 4 walls. If you think you can beat the base, go for it! If there are clan castle troops, use the archers and wizards to kill them and proceed like normal. Credit to ChiefDrewClash for this strategy, work in TH6, 7 or 8.
The Underratedness of Balloons Balloons, Wizards, Heal Spell 7 23 Baloons, 5 Wizards, 2 (or 3 if possible) Heal Spells Find a base, preferably one with 2 or fewer Wizard towers and 1 or fewer Air defence, and that has its air defence close to the outside. However, as long as any extra wizard towers/air defences are far away from each other or very close together the raid will be successful. Deploy 15 or so of the balloons next to the air defence, it will probably kill 3-5. If next to a wizard tower, deploy a heal spell. When another wizard tower comes into range, deploy another heal spell if needed. Deploy the remaining balloons at a stray archer tower or wizard tower if needed. Or, just let them help the original group. The balloons will end up on one side of the base with no defences left. Because of their lack of speed, deploy your wizards on the opposite side to clean up. Credit to no-one-you-would-know for this strategy, Be wary of the second air defence if you use this on a higher player! Also, the heal spells should be used whenever the balloons need it. One lone wizard tower at the end is nothing to fear but a group of archer towers might be.
Gibarcher Breaker Giant, Barbarian, Archer, Wall Breaker 4 Space the housing space out equally. Place a giant to protect 3 wall breaker near a mortar and the main defences are and, when there's a gap, place the rest of the giants. Use 10 archers and barbarians to funnel around the giants. Once the defences around the barbarians and archers are destroyed, deploy the rest of the troops but leave 5 barbs and 3 archers. If your troops are running low, deploy the barbs and archers to help out. You should get at least 1 star from this. If there's more space, add in some goblins to get the resource buildings. If you have it, use lightning spells to get the CC troops.

Medium Levelled Strategies:

Strategy Name What Troops Needed Required Barracks Level Quantity Instructions Additional Notes
Gowibope Archer, Wall Breaker, Wizard, Pekka, Golem, Bowler, Heal Spell, Rage Spell, Jump Spell, Freeze Spell 10 1 Archer, 4 Wall Breakers, 9 Wizards, 3 Pekkas, 2 Golems, 10 Bowlers, 2 Heal Spells, 2 Rage Spells, 1 Jump Spell, 1 Freeze Spell - Archer Queen and Barbarian King Drop both golems in a corner of the base to distract defences, especially splash defences. Deploy all wall breakers to destroy the corner of the base the golems are attacking on. Drop all wizards around that same side of the base to destroy buildings in order to make a funnel. Drop Pekkas, then King, then Bowlers, and Queen. These troops will try to get to the town hall in order to get one star or destroy enough buildings in order to earn one star. Use hero abilities where needed, and try to use your healing and rage potions wisely so your troops can last the longest and can do the most damage. Try to drop the jump spell so that once your troops are inside the base, they can get directly to the town hall. Credit to BuilderROB for this strategy, Works in TH10+
Gowibo Golem, Witch, Bowler, Heal Spell, Jump Spell, Poison Spell 10 3 Golems, 10 Witches, 5 Bowlers, 2 Heal Spells, 2 Rage Spells, 1 Jump Spell, 1 Poison Spell

Archer Queen, Barbarian King

To start the attack you'll need to start with a funnel that consists of a Golem and 2 Witches on either side of the side you're attacking from. After you get those 6 troops down, you'll place the remaining Golem, 6 Witches, Barbarian King, Archer Queen, 5 Bowlers, and Wall Wrecker down the middle of the side you chose. From there, let your troops do the work and drop your Healing Spells to keep your Bowler kill squad alive, Rage Spells to speed up their time in the core (which is where they tend to die the most), and Jump Spell to get them into places and not have them focus on walls.

To deal with a defensive clan castle: When their Clan Castle is approaching your troops, drop your Clan Castle Freeze + your Poison into them and usually, that allows your troops to clear the Clan Castle without taking much damage or losing too much time.

Credit to PpGoose for this strategy, Works in TH10+
Wipe Charge Pekka, Wizard, Wall Breaker, Archer, Lightning Spell, Rage Spell 10 5 Pekkas, 15 Wizards, 6 Wall Breakers, 3 Archers

1 Lightning Spells

3 Rage Spells

Play one archer if access to clan castle (if there is none then well then... yay). Play one Pekka to get defenses to attack. Play one wall breaker to open a compartment. Play two wizards to funnel the pekka in. Play the rest of the pekkas. If there is clan castle play barb king (if it is regenerated) and play some wizards to take care of cc. If there is not then just continue wall breaking and sprinkle some wizards behind. Hit the king ability when you need to and rage everything. Zap wherever you will get most effect. If there are corner huts play the remaining archers. Continue raging especially at the core to make sure your pekkas stay alive. Clan castle: Pekka, Lightning or Poison. Credit to Exacuter2010 for this strategy, Works in TH8+
Gowipe Archer, Giant, Wall Breaker, Wizard, Pekka, Golem, Heal Spell, Rage Spell 10 15 Archers, 2 Giants, 8 Wall Breakers, 6 Wizards, 3 Pekkas, 2 Golems, 1 Heal Spell, 2 Rage Spells You should kill CC troops or this strategy wont work! (use Wizards/Archers) You must make a path to the enemy's Town Hall/find shortest path with less walls. Deploy Golems there but with a short distance Use Wall Breakers to destroy first layer of walls so Golems can go in. Then deploy all P.E.K.K.A.s and then most of Wizards very fast to help Golems with those defences. Deploy other Wall Breakers right before those defences(which Golems are attacking) get destroyed to make path to the second layer of defences (or sometimes Town Hall). If you do the last step correctly the P.E.K.K.A. should go along with Golems or else they will go around the base (it means you did it wrong they're not stupid they are computer programs). When you reach the Town Hall use one Rage Spell (use other spells when you think you should). If any Wizards or Archers left use them in safe spots (where no defence will attack them) OR near defences that already are attacking a Golem or P.E.K.K.A. that is not gonna die soon. CC Troops: Wizards or P.E.K.K.A. Credit to Saeedbs for this strategy, Works for TH8+
Mass Hog Riders Barbarian, Archer, Wizard, Hog Rider, Heal Spell 7 5 Barbarians, 11 Archers, 6 Wizards, 32 Hog Riders, 3 Heal Spells,

Barbarian King

If there is any CC Troops, check. If there is, use the wizards are archers to take it down. Sprinkle the Hogs into the base, spread out. Use the Barbarian King and the rest of the Barbs to get the outside. Use the a heal to the hogs when they are low due to mortar or generally low. Once all the defences are down, use the rest of the troops. Deploy some on the corner buildings (if there is any). Works for TH9+
Bowpekitch Healer, Pekka, Bowler, Witch, Rage Spell, Bat Spell, Freeze Spell 10 4 Healers, 4 Pekkas, 2 Witches, 10 Bowlers, 5 Bat Spells, 2 Freeze Spells, 2 Rage Spells Find 1 side of the base that has x-bow or wizard tower that can be easily reached. Put queen slightly towards left of the side and send in all healers and queen walk. Wait till queen has taken down one side of the base before placing wall wreaker on the opposite corner of queen walk. Send in clan castle wall breaker (with electro dragon and giant) before barbarian king. Place 2 pekkas right next to barbarian king. Spam all bowlers right after pekkas. Place rage spell on entrance where wall wreaker has destroyed the walls. After most of the air defence are down, place 5 bat spells on a side of the base where most troops are attacking. Use freeze spells (including one from clan castle) to freeze inferno tower, wizard tower and x-bows as bats are approaching. Use the witches to clean up the base.

CC Troops: Wall Breaker, Freeze Spell

Credit to Excalibur2.0 for this strategy, Work in TH10+
War Slap Archer, Wall Breaker, Golem, Witch, Rage Spell, Freeze Spell, Poison Spell, Earthquake Spell 13 6 Archers, 5 Wall Breakers, 2 Golems, 12 Witches, 1 Rage Spell, 2 Freeze Spells, 1 Poison Spell, 4 Earthquake Spells Earthquake the center. Make sure you have a path cleared, leading to the town hall (discluding outer wall). Place your three golems on the side of the base you are attacking, about three tiles away from each other. Place the wall breakers with the center golem, making sure they reach the wall before the mortar fires. Deploy your witches in a line behind the golems. The witches and the golems will move into the center of the base with the help of your EQ spells and your wall breakers. Place archers in blind spots to get a percentage boost. (This will mean less targets for the witches, so the witches can 100% faster.) If the mortar and wizard tower are together, freeze them when you have all your skellies spawned and the wizard tower starts firing. If they are not together, the wizard tower takes first priority. Use a rage once the witches are in the center, allowing them to easily destroy core defences and the town hall. Use a poison once the witches come in contact with the heroes. If the heroes are seperated, AQ takes first priority. Use the CC skeleton spell for cleanup.

CC Troops: Any, Skeleton Spell

Credit to MiserMiraclez for this strategy, Work in TH9+

High Levelled Strategies:

Strategy Name What Troops Needed Required Barracks Level Quantity Instructions Additional Notes
Mass Electros Electro Dragon, Archer, Rage Spell, Freeze Spell, Earthquake Spell 14 10 Electro Dragons, 15 Archers, 4 Rage Spells, 3 Freeze Spells,

Archer Queen, 3 Earthquake Spells, Archer Queen

Place Electro Dragons in a row on the side where the air defences are not close. Drop a rage spell once they are struggling. Drop the freeze spells on the x-bows, wizard towers, archer towers and air defences if you need to. Deploy the Archer Queen to clean up any buildings not destroyed by the Dragons. Drop a rage once the Electro Dragon is a the centre and/or near the Town Hall. Once the TH is gone, deploy the archers and the archer queen to clean more up on the other sides. Use the earthquake spells if need to throughout the battle. Credit to NickHiGreece for this strategy, Works in TH13+
Yeti Smash Yeti, Bowler, Healer, Archer, Pekka, Balloon, Minion, Wizard, Baby Dragon

CC Troops: Hog Riders

14 5 Yetis, 3 Archers, 2 Minions, 3 Pekkas, 1 Bowler, 3 Wizards, 1 Baby Dragon, 5 Healers, 4 Earthquake Spells, 3 Rage Spells (1 from CC), 1 Poison Spell, 1 Jump Spell, 2 Freeze Spells, Seige Barracks, Barabarian King, Archer Queen, Grand Warden, Royal Champion. Deploy the Grand Warden with all 5 healers to GW walk near multi-target infernos, scattershots or Eagle Artillitry. Deploy 2 wizards and the bowler nearby but not so that they go with the GW. Once the multi-target inferno or a scattershot goes down, get the yetis, pekkas and balloons into the centre of the base with the AQ and use the jump spell. Use earthquake spells in the very centre of the base to speed up the funnel. Rage the troops and freeze any defences heavily effecting your troop hitpoints. Use the seige barracks on the opposite side of the TH and rage the hogs. Poison the CC troops from your opponent and use the archers, minions and baby dragon to clean up the outside. Use the BK and RC near the edge, each on the same place. Use the last rage spell towards the end if you are loosing a lot of time. Works in TH13,

You will need high levelled troops for the best results.

Miner Hog Hybrid See in video See in video See in video See tutorial: Thanks to Kenny Jo for this startegy.

These strategies are only off the internet but I have tried most of them out (medium and lower levelled).

Repeating This Cycle[]

The cycle of clan wars is very hard to even out, especially if you are a new and recruiting clan. You want to make sure before you keep on doing clan wars over and over again that your members are happy with being included and if they are going to use both attacks. For clan wars cycle repeating, you want to make sure you do lots of 5v5s with stronger players. If you want to do 50v50 as a new clan, more than likely you are going to find that there will be majority of low levelled and will leave very quickly (clan hoppers). 50v50s however make you a lot of clan XP and can level you up quicker as more attacks and more defends result in more XP for more levels. Deveploping your clan is always hard right at the beggining but as you go on, you'll find that it is easier to find active members that do regular clan wars attacks while the starter clans usually have bunkers who never use attacks. You should always kick these people as you would have lots more space for the others who are active 24/7 and get you the caln war wins.