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Hi! I'm ItsYoBoyHybrid and today I am going to tell you all the best ways to make your new level 1 clan turn into a leader-board-competing wonder. I also do have other guides, which you can view here.


The first part of a good clan is to plan out what you want to do with your clan. You need some idea of the future of the clan you are making. Just dream of what you want in your clan. If you dream about, you make it come true, right? These tips will help you get that perfect clan your dreaming of.

Before creating your clan, you need a slight idea of what your clan is going to about, some rules and most importantly, a catchy name. Let's deal with the first point; an idea of what your is all about. It can a Request and Go clan, a grinding clan or a clan just for fun; it has to have a genre. Next up, the rules. You need some rules to keep the clan from arguments and you need to stick to them. Make sure they are also fair. You don't want people leaving because they did something that isn't allowed in the rules but in any other clan, you could. Some good rules are 'Stay Active, Attack in Clan War, Only Donate if you have over level 2 troops'. Unfair rules are 'Don't leave, If you don't get 3 stars in Clan War, your kicked, Always be online'. Now, you need to think a name that connects to your genre of the clan and something that is catchy to the public. A good way to find if something is catchy is to ask a friend or family what they think of it. Good names should be well punctuated, has clear grammar and isn't original to the extent of boring and regular. Some bad example of clan names are 'war here' and 'join please'. Some good examples are 'Grey Golems' and 'Skeleton Death'.

Clan Labels

The types of labels a clan can have.

Next up, you want to decide what your labels on your clan will be. There is 15 different labels that can represent it and 3 different types of clans, Hardcore, Farming and Casual. A Hardcore clan, also known as a Trophy Pushing or War clan, is constructed around the idea of constantly warring. They mostly always have wars that go from back to back, and usually never stop, so be prepared to invest precious time. Farming clans are basically the opposite of hardcore. Farming clans rarely have wars and ,just like the name suggests, they farm. The only point in joining a farming clan is to get high-level troops for your farming. A Casual clan is a combination of both hardcore and farming, warring usually but not always and farming a lot on their off time. [1]

Now you need a good clan badge. You can decide this part but it's better to connect the badge toward the genre and name. For example, if your clan name is 'Dragon's Breath', you can put a orange background with a red pattern. There are lots of patterns (80) and backgrounds (13) to chose from and over 1000 possible badges. You can scare your clan war enemies by having a thoughtful badge.

Before all this though, you need to have an experience knowledge of Clash of Clans and how getting solid members works. It is recommended that you have at least TH9 or TH10 before you start to make a clan. This mostly because it increases the recruitment of members. A TH3 as a leader isn't very attracting, not able to war a lot and will also get teased a lot, but, on the other hand, a TH11 as a leader seems more likely to be successful and able to get more stars on war and be respected more, although you can still make a clan at a lower level.

Now you have all your ideas overflowing, it's time to get the part you've all been waiting for.

Your first ever version of your clan can now be created. Using the planning did earlier on in this section, create your clan. Make sure now to set your clan location and war frequency, alongside your clan type. If your a farming clan, your more likely to do anyone can join. For hardcore clans, it's likely to be invite only and for casual clans, it's anyone can join.


Now your clan is constructed, it's time to get those fine members that have fine battling ability.

Luckily, you can invite members using the 'Find New Members' tab. This finds a page full of members that round up your Town Hall level and the clan level which finds you better members the higher TH and clan level you have. One thing you need to be looking at though is their troops levels, building levels and base design. There's no point in having a TH12 with level 1 defences and level 2 troops, they're not up to high enough standards and using them in war will just get lots of stars against you due to matchmaking, which will get you another TH12 in battle. You should also look at the experience and heroes levels if you don't want to bother checking the base as this will kind off explain what is really inside it. Also, you need to look at the war stars. Someone with 200 war stars always beats someone with 2 war stars. And it also work the opposite way round, your clan members can also take some tips or opponent clans might use this you might notice in clan wars, they max out their base or keep it at a certain TH level. You must remember not to crazily invite people because if your clan gets full, some people won't be able to join if they're higher up then other members.

Another way is to search through your defence log and check they're clans. If there is someone you want and is sure they'll be successful in the clan, you can invite them. This work the same with the attack log. You can also advertise on the Clash of Clan Recruit Reddit or Facebook. You can find strong members but be careful of clan hopper while also doing this.

While you can, you may as well invite your real life friends to come and join your clan and tell them to progress their village to a certain level. It'd be fun to war with them as well, and you can tell them over your phone or face-to-face to do what you want them to do as this increases communication. It's always better to have a loyal clan mate that you know inside out instead of someone over the chat that can do whatever they want in game; you don't control them but your friends have more trust in you.

Now you've got some members, let's sort the other problems you'll pass through during your clans reign of you. You want be mindful of the adverts that the chat presents you with. You'll get me if your a lot more experienced but they're a lot of usernames called 'You', which try to make it look like it's you as back in the day when global chat was around, it didn't say your username, it said 'You' and this caused problems. It still happens today but if one joins your clan, be ready to kick it. It bans the user from joining the clan for 12 hours. One of the common ways to solve it is to either increase the trophies required to join on both home village and builder base or change the clan type to 'Invite Only'. You would have saw this for sure if you left it on anyone can join on 0 trophies required. Next, you want to be careful of clan hoppers and people who beg for promotions. These will have a negative impact on your clan and you only need to do what's right for you in these situations. If your tracking a player down and has been jumping from clan to clan, you don't need him. He's more than likely find a clan that is better than your in his head and join it. Be careful of those people.

More problems will occur if your inviting endless amounts of people and it will reach 50 members, the maximum allowed. It is hard to keep track of who's joined within what hour, but you need room the better members. 9 times out of 10 there will be lower THs then you want. You can kick these out to have room to find better members. Again, don't invite everyone in sight. Moreover, the overload of requests coming from those people will cause arguments if their level isn't good enough and your clan's reputation will go down; stories can spread into other clans and then your clan's members will be mud forever in the clash of clan society. You don't want this to happen.

Levelling Up[]

There is only one way to level up your clan. That is by doing clan wars.

First though, let me explain what that is in a nutshell.

It's a war between 2 clans, as it says in the name 'Clan Wars'. When signing-up to clan wars, it matches you with another clan that has similar TH levels and clan level. There's 2 parts to clan wars, Preparation Day and Battle Day. They both last 24 hours. Preparation Day is what it says; the time to prepare for your attacks. You should donate defensive troops to your clanmates and have your attacks planned out and who is going to attack who. This is also the time to upgrade any small upgrades if you can like a level 7 cannon can upgrade to a level 8 cannon between the preparation and the battle day. Battle Day is the time to attack. You can now see the attack win bonus, which goes to your treasary after the war ends if you get 1 star or more in that battle, and more inportantly you can now attack bases!

Lots of beginners, including me when I first created my clan, threw in your best players and sometimes yourselves into a war, and be completely confused. Don't be embarrassed if you did/still do but you need to try not to and build your clan appropriately so you get the best out of war, e.g: use active and maxed out players instead of rushed or fringe players (but keep some fringe players in in case of an emergency).

I have a guide which explains clan war and the best strategies to win. This can be found here.


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