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Jump SpellC info

"Walls and Water in your way? Cast this spell over them to create a route straight over. Your troops will jump over like there was nothing in their way!"


  • The Jump Spell is a Spell unlocked in the Clan Capital, available when the Jump Spell Factory is constructed (this requires a level 2 District Hall in the Wizard Valley district).
  • Just like the Jump Spell from the Home Village, the Jump Spell enables ground troops to jump over Walls; however, in the Clan Capital, the Jump Spell also allows them to jump over small gaps of water (such as rivers); this can also temporarily expand the deployment zone in attacks.
  • Like most other spells in the Clan Capital, it lasts for two attacks: the attack in which it is deployed, as well as the next.
  • Upgrading the Jump Spell increases its radius, rather than increase its duration, which allows one to cover larger compartments.



  • Jump Spells can be used to open access to several compartments if the Wall layout consists of many small compartments, which negates the need for Super Giants or Battle Rams to break Walls for ground units. They are also useful for breaking intentional Wall funnels which exploit troop AI in a way to force them into paths that benefit the defense.
    • Alternatively, one can use it to funnel troops into a certain compartment, either to destroy key defenses or to avoid taking damage and moving troops to another part of the base.
  • Jump Spells cannot be used to bridge gaps across open water (gaps of three or more tiles across). They also cannot be used to jump across cliff terrain.
    • More specifically, the raiding tutorial says that Jump Spells, when used to jump across water, can only work on rivers and coastal water. A water tile can only be jumped over if it is adjacent to a land tile or a water tile frozen over by a Frost Spell.
  • Battle Rams are able to utilize Jump Spells, just like Wall Breakers in the Home Village.


  • For Jump Spell counters, put good defenses further from walls to prevent troops from reaching easily. Putting troops on the other side of walls to damage them is another good idea.


Date Change
October 7, 2023 Decreased The Housing space of the jump spell from 2 to 1.


Housing Space
Required Spell Factory
Spell Factory
2 attacks 1 Jump Spell Factory
Spell Radius
1 3.2 tiles
2 3.4 tiles
3 3.6 tiles
4 3.8 tiles
5 4.0 tiles
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