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This strategy guide is a work in progress.

Table of Contents[]

Topic Information
Guide 1:

Basics of Clash

A basic guide to the first 72 hours, which shows you how you should act to progress fastest.
Guide 2.1:

Basic Attack and Defense

A guide to the rudimentary components to a good start on your Clash of Clans journey.
Guide 2.2:


Lots of tips on how to have a good reputation in your clan and still keep those requests.
Guide 3:

Air Troops

As the world of air troops opens up, so does another layer of deep strategy. Guide to the first Air Troops and how to defend against them.
Guide 4.1:

Attack Strategy

Bases are more complex and army compositions important. Learn here how to deal with the increasing difficulty of the game.
Guide 4.2:

Defense Strategy

Three-star after three-star you are hit with. A defensive strategy can preserve your trophies.

Guide 5:


Your opponents are tough at this stage. Here you are taught the ways to conserve precious resources.

Finding the Right Clan[]