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Lava Hound info

Hi can you able to smell some fireworks?

Town Hall 9 Lava Loon ![]

  • As most people know, so i don't need to explain a lot!
  • It is a very powerful attack strategy but hard to master.
  • Lava Loon is executed in different styles depending on base designs.

We learn[]

In this guide we are going learn two types of lava loon. 1. Queen walk/charge Laloon. 2. Kill Squad Zap Laloon. These are Executed in different ways and different styles based on the base design.

Before that[]

We have to look for few things before using Laloo on a base. So that we can have a successful attack or we have to choose whether or not to attack with Laloo!.

Enemy Clan Castle[]

Clan Castle5

The enemy CC is one of the primary thread to be eliminated before a Lavaloon attack because your balloons and lava hounds cannot deal with the enemy CC on their own so we will look some examples on how to take out the Enemy CC later in this guide.

Archer Queen[]

Archer Queen info

She is also a primary thread to be eliminated before a Laloo attack, she can kill all of your Balloons and ruin your attack if you fail to eliminate her, so its is crucial for players to plan a way to take her out.

  • For Town hall 9 the maximum level of Archer Queen is level 30.
  • If your enemy AQ is level 29 and below !, you just need 4 level 6 Lightning Spell( Zap ) to take her out.And 5 zap if she is level 30.
  • You have to plan that whether you are going to take out the enemy AQ with Kill squad or using lightning.
  • You can use your Queen (While Queen charging).

Air Defense[]

Air Defense7

The Air defense is not a big deal for Lava loon attack, but the placement of Air defense can affect or separate your Balloons from the protection of the Lava hound!, which is not good for Laloo...

  • Check if the all the Air Defense form a square like pattern if you connect them with the line if they formed a square means it is a good base for Laloo.
  • If all AD is placed in center and all defense are placed outside!, or a single or double AD in center and other AD in outside. So these type of bases are not good for Laloo.

Air Sweeper[]

Air Sweeper5

The most annoying dude in all air attacks!!, because sometimes you can't even find this dude during some multiplayer battles!!. Check which directions the Air sweeper is placed and try to start your attack from the area that is un affected by a sweeper!!.

  • Can you able to take it out with kill squad/ zap along with AD ?
  • Can you able to take it out zap it out with AQ?
  • There is a safe path for Laloo which is unaffected by sweeper?

Wizard tower[]

Wizard Tower7

Wizard towers have higher hitpoints than a Cannon at certain levels plus they do splash damage (most base designs even have air bombs near the wizard towers).which is not really good for your lava loon army ,you should plan to take out some of them with kill squad or Queen Charge so that there is a high chance for your victory .