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Hi Welcome to my Guide![]

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Dragon info

This is my TH 9 Queen Charge Zap Dragon Guide.[]

  • Queen Charge or Queen Walk Zap Dragon is a more powerful and very effective version of the Mass Dragon attack strategy!
  • It can be used on bases where regular Mass Dragon does not work.
  • Works on most base designs.
  • This attack will bring you some respect from your clan. (This is a pro level attack strategy)

But first of all here is the Army Composition use this link to copy my army. (Currently unavailable, other wiki members can add it)

The Army is[]

Level 4 Healer
Avatar Healer
Level 4 Dragon
Avatar Dragon
Level 6 Balloon
Avatar Balloon
Level 5 Minion
Avatar Minion
Level 2 Baby Dragon
Avatar Baby Dragon
Level 30 Barbarian King
Avatar Hero Barbarian King
Level 30 Archer Queen
Avatar Hero Archer Queen
Level 6 Lightning Spell
Lightning Spell info
Level 5 Rage Spell
Rage Spell info
Level 3 Poison Spell
Poison Spell info
Level 6 Dragon
Avatar Dragon
Avatar Clan Symbol
Level 7 Balloon
Avatar Balloon
Avatar Clan Symbol
Level 8 Lightning Spell
Lightning Spell info
Avatar Clan Symbol
Changing the army composition
You may make changes to this army composition according to base by adding some Minions or Wall Breakers By removing other troops

Why TH9 ?[]

  • The reason why I begin my attack strategy guide from Town Hall 9 is simple.
  • It is where the true game begins meaning that the wam bam spam attacks no longer works from Town Hall 9.
  • You will learn Queen walk and Queen charges from this TH Onward !.
  • You have to think about how to approach different bases (I mean you have to plan your attack).
Archer Queen info

Troop and spell Required levels![]

  1. Your Zap must be Level 6
  2. EQ must be level 3.(In some cases you have to bring an EQ if you can able to damage 2 AD)
  3. Dragon must be Level 4 and Balloon must be level 6 (Do you think level 5 balloon is OP!)
  4. Your CC Lightning must be level 8.
  5. Your AQ and BK must be level 20 or above.(I would recommend level 25 for both heroes)
Don't do this attack with Low level Queen in clan wars
Because they can't able to get huge or any value at all

Things you have to look at before using QC zap Dragon on a base![]

1.The Queen and the Air Defense together!

  • You have to look if the base have any Air defense closer with Queen.
  • Or you can use your Queen to take the Enemy Queen out.

2.Air Sweeper

  • As we are bringing only 7 dragons(Including CC Dragon) in this attack strategy an Air Sweeper can ruin your attack, or reduce your 3 staring chances.
  • So look for an Air Sweeper close to AD to Zap out! To make a easy moment for your Dragons.
  • If you can’t find such Air Sweeper then look an Dragon path that is Unaffected By Sweepers!

3.Enemy CC troops!

  • If you able to lure CC Then deal them with your Queen with help of Poison and Rage
  • If it is very hard to lure! ,then let your Dragons deal with them with a help of Poison and Rage.

What you have to do![]

You have to zap out 2 AD which fulfills these Requirements

  • This Attack Works well with bases where AQ and AD closer together
  1. Zap out an AD and Enemy AQ with 4 Lightning.(Don't use your CC zap for this purpose), so that we can take out both of them with 4 lightning, we really have to get rid of Queen especially if she is level 25 above because she dose more damage than a TH9’s level 7 Air Defense at respective levels.
  2. Zap out the second AD along with a Air Sweeper(use the CC lightning)
  3. If the 2nd requirement dose not met simply Zap out the Hard to reach AD.
  • Funnel the your AQ properly to take out the third AD and CC.(If You have high chances to take out the 4th AD its pretty much game over for the opponent)
  • If the 4th AD is unreachable by your AQ then deploy your main army to face the 4th AD very early
The enemy Queen will survive the zap if she is level 30 but our dragons can 1 shot her
Queen level 29 and below will be Knocked out!

So that's all been said, Lets get right into it![]

Attacking a TH9 War base[]

  • So look at this base carefully guys.
Logan yuvaraj's TH9 QC Zap Dragon base over view unedited
  • Its a pretty max TH9 with all defenses maxed!
  • lets think about how to approach this base (don't worry i will teach you)
  • Can you able to triple it with zap dragons?
  • As you can see this base is Very Difficult for the regular Mass Dragon Attack strategy due to Spread out placement of AD and Air Sweeper!
Logan yuvaraj's TH9 QC Zap Dragon war base 1 base over view Edited

This Image show you the Air Sweeper placements and Zap able ADs

  • Think about the things that i told you to look for while approaching a base!
  • As you can see the AQ & AD can be zaped out together.(which is a good value for 4 spells)
  • As there is no sweeper (Orange Circle) near the AD, we have approach the base from behind the sweeper ! (We still have to face any one of the sweeper.
  • As you can see in the above image I have marked down (Blue Circle) the perfect Areas to zap out!

The Plan ![]

  • These Images will help you to understand the plan of the Attack.
  • The aim of the Queen Charge is to take out The last 2 AD. (enemy cc if possible)
  • As this base is spread out which gives a upper hand for our AQ because She is less likely get targeted by more point defenses like Cannon/Home Village, Archer Tower/Home Village ext..
  • And we have given our Dragon a safe path (No AD in their way)
  • The Barbarian king is used to funnel for the Queen and take out some defenses while tanking
Your Barbarian King must be level 20 or above!
So he can tank more and recover more health, which helps to get a good portion of base with ease

Main attack[]

So the King and Queen jumped into action its time to Burn the Enemy village

  • Every players likes the moment when their dragons burn down the enemy village like its nothing!.
  • Just use a Baby Dragon or Dragon to funnel the Queen to the AD.
  • Always Drop a Row of Balloons in front of Dragons to avoid Sneaking air mines.
  • Use Poison Spell and Rage spell to Deal with Enemy CC.
  • If the enemy CC go for your Queen use those spells on Queen ,If they go for your Dragons use those for your dragons.
Logan yuvaraj's TH9 QC zap Dragon warbase 1 the end

Enjoy your sweet Victory!!


1. Shall I use a Lava Hound in my CC to tank for the Last AD?

  • Yes you can use a Lava Hound if the Last AD is Far to reach (but only deploy the Hound slightly before when your dragons are getting inside the AD's Range)

2. Shall i use a Electro Dragon in my CC?

  • Yes it can do a lot of damage!!

3. Shall I bring a CC full of Loons?

  • No Because They will down fast!.

You may Don’t Know!![]

TH= Town Hall.

AQ= Archer Queen.

AD= Air Defense

CC= Clan Castle

Zap= Lightning Spell.

EQ= Earthquake Spell

BK= Barbarian King

Thank you[]

Any feed back and tips is Welcome and fell free to comment about how the guide was <br>Contact me on my Message Wall