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"Don't touch that Larry. Larry, don't touch that..... LARRY!!!"



Larry is a skeleton who is featured and referenced to in multiple games. He was first shown in a Supercell commercial and has appeared in multiple other trailers, movies etc. primarily the short film Lost and Crowned. He is shown as shy, curious and confused skeleton, yet hinted to be the Skeleton King after wearing the old skeleton king's crown.


He was summoned by a witch in a Clash of Clans commercial. Not only that, but he ended up destroying a friendly Archer tower causing a lot of Elixir spillage. In Lost and Crowned, he and his brother Peter move to the Clash Royale Arena to work for the Red King. He gets fascinated with the king's crown and steals it. Larry and Peter then realize that the room was filled with traps. Due to that, they couldn't place the crown back. Larry, out of curiosity, befriended a Fire Spirit which Peter threw into a Furnace, causing it to ignite more of them. Both of them end up in a dynamite room, which is ignited by the fire spirits, and the crown goes into a dragon's lair. They return the crown after retrieving it, and it breaks due to the extensive damage done to it. They end up having to scrub all the dishes as a punishment.


  • In Clash Royale in the Skeleton Army :-“Spawns an army of Skeletons. Meet Larry and his friends Harry, Terry, Gerry, Mary, etc.”

Known Relatives[]


  • Harry
  • Terry
  • Gerry
  • Mary
  • Barry
  • Unknown Fire Spirit


  • Unknown Witch
  • Peter, his brother