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This guide is on how to use the GiWiPe (Giant-Wizard-Pekka) army composition for mid-low Town Hall 8s.


The GiWiPe army composition can be used for a number of things; I normally use it for going up trophies, farming Dark Elixir, and farming Gold. Since it does not use any Dark Elixir Troops, any Dark Elixir you gain will be a profit. The same applies with Gold. However, there is a large Elixir cost that must be combated. That will be answered below.

This army composition can 3-star Town Hall 7s, weak Town Halls 8s, and sometimes mid-high Town Halls 8s. It usually 2-stars mid-high Town Hall 8s and some Town Hall 9s. However, it all depends on the layout of the base and the execution of your attack.


I usually attack with an army composition of:

Troop Level Number of that troop Expense of a single troop Total expense for that type
Giants 4 9 1,750 Elixir 15,750 Elixir
Wall breakers 4 8 2,500 Elixir 20,000 Elixir
Archers 5 8 300 Elixir 2,400 Elixir
Wizards 5 14 3,500 Elixir 49,000 Elixir
Pekkas 1 3 28,000 Elixir 84,000 Elixir
Barbarian King 5 1    
Rage Spell 5 2 33,000 Elixir 66,000 Elixir
Heal Spell 5 1 24,000 Elixir 24,000 Elixir
Poison Spell 1 1 95 Dark Elixir 95 Dark Elixir
Clan Castle Troop (5 Giants) 5-7 1    
Total cost - 261,150 Elixir 95 Dark Elixir

Obviously, not everyone will have the same army levels and such and so the costs may fluctuate to more or less, but that's a rough estimate of how much it costs.

This guide is for mid-low Town Hall 8s because a majority of the troops still need to be upgraded before they are maxed. The higher levels, the higher the cost but the better bases you can take out. But keep in mind, the execution of the attack is just as important as the levels.

Purposes of each troop[]

  • Giants - the Giants are your tank of the group. They are the first to enter the enemy's base, and they absorb most of the damage. They are different from Golems in the GoWiPe strategy because Giants are more numerous and can give more damage than a Golem. However, they are more susceptible to splash damage and bombs, and are affected by spring traps. They are less expensive and use Elixir, not Dark Elixir. So you trade in more damage and a less tank, along with less expenses, for a more expensive, less damage, better tank. Its all up to the player if they want to use the GiWiPe or GoWiPe strategy.
  • Wall Breakers - the Wall breakers are a key troop in your army - they open the way for the Giants and other troops to get inside the base and get closer to the middle. They are very weak, however, and any mortars or higher-level wizard towers can easily kill them with one shot. You have to time their placement very carefully.
  • Archers - the few archers you have are one of the less important troops. These troops are used for luring or attracting Clan Castle troops after luring, or destroying outside buildings. Giants are usually used for luring Clan Castle troops due to the fact that they go for defenses and last long enough to get them all, but Archers are typically placed on outside buildings where the now-lured Clan Castle troops will travel to kill them. 8 Archers is not too much, but just enough to bring all the Clan Castle troops to a desired location (for a handy Poison Spell or a couple'a wizards) and destroy a few buildings.
  • Wizards - Wizards are one of the primary damage troops of your attack. They are first used to destroy the outside buildings for a funnel for other troops but end up entering the base and taking out a lot of defenses, storages, and other inside buildings.
  • P.E.K.K.A - P.E.K.K.A's are another one of the primary damage troops, but also a tank. They have very high damage attacks but are slow and take up a lot of space. However, their high defensive points make them tend to last throughout the whole attack, and are used as tanks for the wizards at the end.
  • Barbarian King - the Barbarian King is much like the Pekka, but takes no space, has less damage, and tanks more. The BK is typically released with the Pekkas towards the inside of the base and destroys inside buildings.
  • Rage Spell - Rage Spells are vital to the attack - if used properly, they can greatly enhance the damage troops and increase the devastation to the base twofold. They help each troop move through the base more and increase the damage. They should typically be used when a majority of the defenses are firing on them.
  • Heal Spell - Healing Spells are usually used only to protect the wizards from splash damage. Once the Pekkas, Barbarian King, and Wizards enter the center of the base, the mortars and wizard towers will fire on all the troops. The wizards can be killed after just a very little time, so this healing spell is very important to keep them alive enough to kill the splash damage defenses.
  • Poison Spell - the Poison Spell is an optional troop. When Clan Castle troops are lured and they have low hitpoints, the Poison Spell can be used to easily defeat them. However, depending on the players preference or the hitpoints of the troops, wizards can be used instead of the Poison Spell.
  • Clan Castle Troops - inside the clan castle are 4 high-level giants. Max giants are the best, but level 5 and 6 giants will suffice. These troops are important to help your own Giants in their job. You can release these either with the other Giants, or on their own. They will hold up much better if they are a higher level, and tank better. You have enough damage troops otherwise Giants are what you need.

Finding a base[]

Because of the high cost of the army composition, it would be ideal to find a base with at least 300,000+ elixir to loot. This gives you a 40,000 elixir cushion in case you don't get all of the collectors. However, when attacking, if loot is very important, attack on the sides closest to the elixir collectors so you have the highest chance of paying off your base.

Typically, bases with this kind of loot are ones with either completely (not partially or mostly) filled collectors, which is not very common, or bases with mostly-filled Elixir Storages. If you're lucky enough, you'll find a base with filled collectors and mostly-filled Elixir Storages, which can come out to over 600,000+ of elixir!

Also, it would be ideal to find a base with not a lot of wall sections and a more open base, but either way is fine, and its not worth skipping a high-elixir base with lots of wall sections than to skip it and find another with the same loot and a more open base.

The ideal leagues for using this attack is in the low Gold and high Silver Leagues. The bases there with full storages/dead bases are usually Town Hall 7s and 8s, and you can hit those effectively. When you get to high Gold or Crystal Leagues, the bases with the kind of loot you're looking for are maxed/almost maxed Town Hall 8s, Town Hall 9s, and Town Hall 10s, all of which are difficult to hit when you are a low-medium Town Hall 8.

How to Attack[]

The process for attacking is specific, and although there is some leeway in the placement and order, straying too far can lead to certain disaster.

  1. After you find a suitable base to attack with enough loot, you'll want to lure the Clan Castle troops. This is usually done by placing a giant where it will go towards a defense inside the range of the Clan Castle. A giant is preferable because it doesn't attack any building and has enough hitpoints to not die from defenses and get all the Clan Castle troops out of the building.
  2. If there are Clan Castle troops, then you have two options. One is to place a poison spell. To do this, you first need to expertly use archer placement to get all the troops in one location small enough for the Poison Spell to hit all the troops. If the troops have high enough hitpoints, however, it may not be very effective or effective in the slightest. In that case, or if you prefer to not use Dark Elixir or don't/can't use a Poison Spell, then you can use the remainder of your archers and a couple wizards to complete the task. I would prefer not to use wizards, however, because it wastes precious troops that could be used destroying buildings and defenses inside the base.
    1. If there are no Clan Castle troops to destroy, then you can proceed with your attack without having to use Wizards or a Poison Spell.
  3. After the troops are destroyed, you place your giants. You can either place all of your Giants and the Clan Castle Giants at one spot, or you can place them in two locations, close to each other. I think it would be best to place them all in one location, as level 4 Giants are destroyed pretty fast. Putting them in two locations may cause you to have to use your Healing Spell early, and may end up in your Wizards being destroyed by splash damage.
  4. Once your Giants are placed and heading towards a wall, wait until a mortar has hit them before releasing the wall breakers. Releasing them too early may cause them to be hit by a mortar or wizard tower, killing them.
  5. After the wall breakers have broken the walls and your Giants are entering the base, place most or almost all your Wizards on the outside of the base to destroy the outside buildings. This ensures that once you place your Pekkas and Barbarian King, they will go to the inside of the base and hit the important buildings, instead of traveling around the base, not doing much.
  6. Place your Pekkas and Barbarian King at the same time, having them go inside the building. This is very important, that they enter the base and not go around. If they hit the outside buildings, then the defenses will fire upon them and the Pekkas and Barbarian King will simply go around, not destroying the defenses and eventually getting destroyed.
  7. Once your Pekkas and Barbarian King are inside with your Giants and all the defenses are hitting them, its time to release a Rage Spell. If the troops have spread out far enough that one Rage Spell won't get them all, then you can release two. Right after the Rage Spell(s) have been released, put your last wall breakers in so they can use the Rage Spell to their advantage and destroy more walls, allowing more access to your troops.
  8. Close to this point, the splash damage will start hitting the troops, and effectually your Wizards. Once the Wizards start getting affected, place your Heal Spell so they will last and survive.
  9. If you have another Rage Spell left, you can place it after the first one is gone to increase the lengths of the effects.
  10. Lastly, if you have any Archers or Wizards left, then you can place them on the outside to destroy more buildings. Most of the defenses will be locked onto the Giants, Barb King, or Pekkas, so they will be safe.
  11. Now that everything has been deployed, you have nothing left to do but sit and watch the destruction happen.
  12. Good luck!


Hopefully, the loot gained from the attack will be 300,000+ Elixir, if the raid goes right. Sometimes you'll miss a couple collectors or storage, and you may miss out on some much needed loot. To combat that, try entering from a side closest to the storages or make sure you have some wizards or archers left over to get those last few collectors. The profit gained from this attack will come out to 40,000 Elixir if you gain exactly 300,000 Elixir from the attack.

The Gold loot can fluctuate, however a lot of bases seem to have in the 200,000+ Gold range, coming out in a VERY high profit. This is also why its worth skipping lots of bases to find one with the proper Elixir loot.

The Dark Elixir loot is also usually very high. It is almost always 500+ Dark Elixir, and many times 1000+ or 2000+. Either way, it always comes out as much more than you use.

Many people use this strategy simply to get to the middle of the base for Dark Elixir farming. However, I personally go not like this idea because those that aren't maxed or almost maxed Town Hall 8s don't have enough elixir to waste 300,000 per attack. I'd rather get Dark Elixir as a side product and maybe not as much, as opposed to getting almost no Elixir and quickly running out.

Other Tips[]

  • The training time for these troops is pretty long, due to the fact that the Pekkas take very long to be produced. It can take up to 2 hours 15 minutes, or over an hour.
  • The Dark Elixir and Gold gained after several of these attacks can add to quite a bit. I once gained 10,000+ Dark Elixir in just over 16 hours, along with a couple million Gold and my Elixir going up by a considerable amount too.
  • Depending on what bases you are attacking, this may be a nice Clan War attack. It's useful for Town Hall 7 bases, and mid-weak Town Hall 8s. It can 2 star maxed or almost maxed Town Hall 8s.


Some good bases[]

This three pictures show some bases that are preferable for attacking. Not all of them were 3 starred, but they were 2 starred and all the loot gained.

Attack #1[]

This part will show you each part of a GiWiPe attack I performed on a base. It had full storages and collectors, so the loot was worth it. This is the ideal loot for an attack plus more.

Attack #2[]

This attack will show you an attack on an ideal GiWiPe base, the box type. Box bases have one, two, or three box-like layers of walls. This attack only has one three-wall thick wall, which is great because once you get your Pekkas and Barbarian King on the inside, they cannot be stopped or slowed by any walls.


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