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"Electrocute your enemies with a bolt of lightning!
Cast this spell at the enemy village to damage and stun buildings and units inside a small area."


  • The Lightning Spell is a Spell unlocked in the Clan Capital, available when the Lightning Spell Factory is constructed (this requires a level 2 District Hall in the Balloon Lagoon district).
  • Just like the Lightning Spell from the Home Village, the Lightning Spell damages enemy buildings and troops in a small radius. If a defensive building or troop is struck by the bolt, it is stunned briefly and retargets.
  • Unlike most spells in the Clan Capital which persist for two attacks, the effect of the Lightning Spell occurs at a single instant of time.



  • This spell could be considered a filler spell to use up any remaining spell space that cannot fit other spells, as its damage is insignificant compared to the health of most buildings. Nonetheless, the damage can be useful to finish off severely damaged defenses at the start of an attack which could otherwise cause casualties among the army.
  • If using the Flying Fortress or Mountain Golem, and you're going up against a Inferno Tower, a Lightning Spell is essential to stun the Inferno and reset the ramp-up damage.
    • As an alternative to stunning it with Hog Gliders, the Lightning Spell can be considered more reliable as there is no risk of intervention, but stuns for a much shorter duration (meaning the Inferno Tower will return to max damage sooner).




Stun Duration
Housing Space
Required Spell Factory
Spell Factory
? ? 1 Lightning Spell Factory
1 250
2 300
3 350
4 400
5 450
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