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"While the Log Launcher certainly isn't the fastest or the sturdiest, it is definitely among the meanest. The trunk-throwing contraption pummels everything in front of it with endless logs to open up a path to the enemy Town Hall. Immune to spell effects."

Log Launcher1
Level 1
Log Launcher2
Level 2
Log Launcher3
Level 3
Log Launcher4
Level 4
Log Launcher5
Level 5


  • The Log Launcher is the fifth Siege Machine to be unlocked when the Workshop is upgraded to level 5. When deployed, the Log Launcher shoots out logs every few seconds. These logs can continue travelling up to twenty tiles, or hit four buildings. The Log Launcher also has a secondary "point-blank" attack that occurs at the same time it launches a log, which does very high damage to structures and units that are right next to the Log Launcher (this prevents it from being stuck on a building for too long).
    • However, if it gets stuck on a Building under the Overgrowth Spell, it will get stuck behind said building, However, it can still shoot logs and damage buildings, although it must not be under the radius of the Overgrowth Spell for this to be possible.
  • The Log Launcher loses its health over time from the moment it is deployed. This rate of HP loss is constant at all levels, at roughly 156 HP per second. Thus, effects that increase the Siege Machine's HP, such as the Grand Warden's Life Gem or the Life Aura of Apprentice Warden can increase the lifetime. The Eternal Tome, which prevents damage on other units, does not stop this HP decay.
  • The Log Launcher considers the Town Hall as its primary target, and will fight its way through enemy buildings and Walls to reach its location, regardless of whether or not the Town Hall is still standing. When the Log Launcher successfully reaches the Town Hall (or its remains), it automatically breaks apart to reveal the Clan Castle troops inside.


Offensive Strategy

  • Deploy the Log Launcher in front of many Walls joined together. The Log Launcher's long range can destroy many Walls ahead of it, opening up many compartments of enemy bases.
  • Use more tanky troops in front of the Log Launcher, as it has low health when compared with other Siege Machines, and has relatively high damage if left untouched by defenses, assuming if it doesn't take much damage already.
  • Log Launchers are more powerful when paired with a Queen Charge compared to the Wall Wrecker, since the Log Launcher can hit a lot more buildings with greater damage, and it can help funnel other troops with its logs.
  • Be careful when deploying a Log Launcher against low-hitpoint buildings, especially when deployed in a corner. The destroyed buildings may create an "anti-funnel", where buildings in the middle are destroyed while buildings on either side remain. Without funneling troops to correct for this, other troops may end up straying off to the side.
  • If the Town Hall is weakened by a few Earthquake Spells (such as when four are used as part of a Yeti Smash attack), a Log Launcher's logs can be used to finish it off without needing any other units to damage it. When four maxed Earthquake Spells and a maxed Log Launcher are used, eight logs are required to destroy a Town Hall 13 or 14, and seven logs to destroy a Town Hall 12. Provided that the Log Launcher does not take too much damage, and that its logs do not get blocked by other buildings, it can prove to be a helpful method to destroy Town Halls, especially isolated ones that would not be easy to reach without good funneling.
    • This "log sniping" strategy is also possible at lower levels. Against Town Hall 10s or below, a maxed Log Launcher can destroy a Town Hall even without any need for Earthquake Spells to weaken the Town Hall.
    • When used against Town Hall 14s, be wary that any nearby weaponized Builder's Huts may house Builders that are capable of partially repairing the damage caused by the Log Launcher, enough that it might require an extra log or two to destroy the Town Hall in this manner. This can be mitigated by damaging the Builder's Huts with the logs as well (either the Builders will prioritize repairing their hut over the Town Hall, or if they choose to repair the Town Hall, their Hut will eventually be destroyed and they are forced to retreat).
    • This can be detrimental in attacks where you don't want the Town Hall to be activated, since the Logs have a long range, and can activate the Town Hall easily. It can also be hit with the Town Hall Weapon when it gets into range.
      • However, after getting the Log Launcher to the center, you can fill the Clan Castle with troops such as Balloons and Yetis and use rage spells and/or clone spells and invisibility spells to snipe the Town Hall. This might not work for all attacks, but you will likely take out or weaken most of the core defenses anyways, so it will generally be a win.

Defensive Strategy

  • To prevent logs from destroying lots of Walls and opening up compartments, one should build compartments in a way that limits the ability of logs to do so. For instance, you could have semi-open compartments with Wall gaps in the corner, that are able to retain its purpose when attacked by a Log Launcher.
  • Logs disintegrate after hitting four buildings, which renders buildings and Walls after these four safe. You can suppress the logs' effectiveness by placing high-hitpoint buildings in a group, close to the outside, so that the logs will stop prematurely (preventing further damage) if launched at these buildings.
  • Monoliths and Other Single-Targeting defenses can do a lot of damage to the Log Launcher, so if your base gets attacked a lot with this siege machine, you can put such defenses in a way so that they can snipe the Log Launcher Quickly, preventing it to do high damage to your base.

Upgrade Differences

  • The Log Launcher undergoes significant visual changes at all levels.
    • At level 1, the Log Launcher is a red and brown caravan made of wood, with a steel casing where the logs are launched. A pipe connects the caravan to the casing.
    • At level 2, the pipe moves to the side as a second pipe is added. The bolts are now gold.
    • At level 3, there are now 3 pipes with one in the middle. Each pipe also connects into a square gold plate at the ends. The bolts revert back to the iron color.
    • At level 4, there are now 4 pipes. The gold plates combine into one giant rectangular gold slab. The metal grinder inside the casing now changes to a gold color.
    • At level 5, the metal frames on the corners of the casing turn gold.


Preferred Target Favorite Target Attack Type Damage Type Housing Space

Housing Space

Movement Speed

Movement Speed

Attack Speed Attack Speed Workshop Level Required HP Decay per Second
Walls (Damage x4) Area Splash (Ground Only) 1 5 3s 5 156
Building Time of Log Launcher
Workshop available Workshop upgrading
20m 40m
Damage per Second
Damage per Hit
Damage per Hit vs. Walls
Point-Blank Damage*
Research Cost
Research Time
Laboratory Level Required
1 140 420 1,680 2,900 25.64s 4,000 N/A N/A N/A
2 160 480 1,920 3,000 28.20s 4,400 4,800,000 5d 10
3 180 540 2,160 3,100 30.76s 4,800 6,500,000 7d 12h 10
4 200 600 2,400 3,200 33.33s 5,200 8,500,000 8d 11
5 220 660 2,640 3,400 35.25s 5,500 18,000,000 12d 14

*The Log Launcher deals point-blank damage at the same time it releases a log. Structures and units within a small radius (1 tile) of the Log Launcher when it launches a log take this damage. The 4x damage multiplier against Walls also applies to this secondary attack. The level 17 walls are the only level of walls that do not get destroyed by a single shot of point blank damage done by the max level Log Launcher. However, with the Log released, it can still destroy a Level 17 wall, so to survive a single shot of Point-Blank damage and a log will require 16,241 HP in order to survive with 1 HP remaining.

Number of Log Launcher logs required to break through Walls
Walls Level
Wall1 Wall2 Wall3 Wall4 Wall5 Wall6 Wall7 Wall8 Wall9 Wall10 Wall11 Wall12 Wall13 Wall14 Wall15 Wall16 Wall17
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Log Launcher Level 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 5 6 7 8 9 9
2 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 5 6 7 8 8
3 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 4 5 6 6 7 7
4 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 5 6 6 7
5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 4 5 5 6 6


Patch Type Description
December 4, 2020 Sneak Peek Introduced the Log Launcher in the sneak peek, with 4 levels.

Log Launcher1Log Launcher2Log Launcher3Log Launcher4

December 7, 2020 Update Added the Log Launcher.
April 12, 2021 Update Added lifetime information to Log Launcher's info screen.
June 16, 2021 Optional Update Fixed an issue that made switching to donated Log Launcher and other Siege Machines impossible.
February 27, 2024 Update Added level 5 Log Launcher[1].

Log Launcher5



  • The Log Launcher appears to be launching The Log from Clash Royale.
  • It was hinted by the amount of logs in previous videos prior to its release.
  • The level of Log Launcher can be found by just seeing the number of connections between the engine and the launching box. Except the level 5 Log Launcher, which does not increase the number of connections (4) from it's previous level (level 4).

Level 1 LL has 1 connectionsLevel 2 LL have 2 connectionsLevel 3 LL have 3 connectionsLevel 4 LL have 4 connections

Level 5 LL has 4 connections

  • The log from the Log Launcher seems to be hinted in the video No more CLASHMAS?! being the log which destroyed the village and ended up becoming a Christmas tree.
  • It is the only Siege Machine that does not have other units in its info image.
  • The Log Launcher is the slowest moving unit in the game, not counting the Siege Barracks, as it does not move.
    • However, Prior to the September 14, 2023 update, the Mountain Golem was the slowest moving unit in the game (not counting the Siege Barracks).
  • The log from the Log Launcher bounces off troops from the Clan Castle (as if sprung by a Spring Trap) if the log can kill the troop in one hit, but it is unknown why it is bounced off but not crushed when the troop is killed.
    • When the Wall Breaker and the Super Wall Breaker are bounced off by the Log Launcher, their bomb will explode, but they still wield the bomb while being bounced off.
  • When a max-level Log Launcher gets supported by the max-level Apprentice Warden's aura, and is kept into range of the siege machine for the entire duration, the Log Launcher can shoot a maximum of 14-15 logs until being expired naturally by its HP decay.
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