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Town Hall 6 is a big Town Hall for when you are attacking. This is because it is the Town Hall for Healing, with you unlocking the Healing Spell and the Healer in the Barracks and Spell Factory. This means you can bring a Healing Spell to heal your troops against splash damage like Wizard Towers, which can boost the farming output of your Barch (Barbarians and Archers). I like to use a Clan Castle with Hog Riders.

These are good to take out the defenses and splash damage, due to the fact they can jump over walls, no matter what level. You could take out the Mortars with the Hog Riders while your Barbarians and Archers help clean up all the remaining loot.


When you are deploying the troops, there are two methods that are highly recommended:

  • 4-finger deployment Barch spam
  • Column Groups

4-Finger Deployment[]

4-finger deployment is when you use four fingers (any fingers of your choice, just go with the ones that are comfortable to you) to spam Barbarians and Archers around the base. You should destroy any corner buildings before doing this like the Builder Hut's, as the troops can be distracted and target the corner buildings, so be careful.

Column Groups[]

Deploying troops in columns is when you have groups of Barbarians at the front tanking for the Archers behind. You should use this when higher-level Collectors and Mines are full because they can have lots of loot inside them, especially when they are full of loot.

When using Barch, you want to look for what's called a dead base, where all the loot is on the outside, as you probably won't make it to the center, due to splash damage. Sure, you may not win but this is a great strategy for gold and elixir farming when you are in a brand-new Town Hall level.


This army involves Giants, Wizards, and Healers, and is included in the practice map 'Meat Shield'. First, you deploy a Giant to tank for the Wall Breaker and then you deploy the other Giants in your army. You use some Healers to support them as they destroy the defenses in the core of the base, and use the Wizards to clean up. The Wizards can even snipe some defenses on the outside of a base, like an Archer Tower or Cannon while the Giants tank for your Wizards. This can really boost the outcome of the battle.