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"Magic items have wonderful powers ranging from helping you with upgrades to boosting various things in your village and army."


  • These special items are stored inside your Town Hall and Builder Hall. Within their interfaces, you will have the ability to see the full list of all the Magic Items, the ones you have acquired being first. You can also read descriptions.
  • Magic Items provide benefits to your buildings, your troops, your heroes, spells, and anything else in-game.
  • Some Magic Items will provide boosts to production, while others will instantly complete an upgrade in progress, as well as other miscellaneous benefits.
  • If you have a Magic Item you don’t need, then you have the option to cash in that Magic Item for Gems.
  • There are six ways to obtain Magic Items: by achieving certain reward tiers in Clan Games and in Season Challenges, by completing objectives in certain Events, by buying them through Clan War League Medals, by buying them through the Trader or by buying them in the shop for real money.
  • Relevant Magic Items (such as the Power Potion) are available for use in Clan Wars.
  • Your inventory of Magic Items can be accessed through the Town Hall or Builder Hall, though some Magic Items cannot be used directly from this inventory screen.
  • Magic Items cannot be stolen by attackers in any way.


  • Currently, there are 26 different Magic Items being offered: five books, nine potions, five runes, four hammers and three others.
  • Each type of Magic Item has a different function: for example, the books are used to instantly complete upgrades, while runes are used to fill resource storages, shovels are used to move obstacles and hammers complete any upgrade without time or cost, using that hammer.
  • You can only hold up to a certain number of each Magic Item: 5 of each potions, shovels and Builder Star Jars, 1 of each book, rune and hammer, and 25 of wall rings. The only way to exceed this limit is to purchase them in special offers from the Shop. Prior to the December 2018 update, any excess Magic Items obtained from Events would also be an exception to this limit, and can still be held.
  • If Magic Items are obtained from Events, Clan Games or Season Challenges and will not be able to fit into the inventory, they can be sold instead for Gems.
  • A full list of Magic Items and their functions can be found here: Magic Items/List


  • Magic Items were added during the 2017 December update, along with the Clan Games and Strongman's Caravan. The five Books and the Power, Resource, Training potions were introduced.
  • The Builder Potion, Wall Ring and the five Runes were added in the 2018 March update, alongside the Trader.
  • The Clock Tower Potion and the four Hammers were added in the 2018 October update, along with Clan War Leagues.
  • The Hero Potion and the Shovel of Obstacles were added during the 2018 December update.
  • The Magic Items were moved to Town Hall from Clan Castle in the 2019 Spring update.
  • The Research Potion was added in the June 2019 Update.
  • In the March 2020 update, the Research Potion was buffed to increase the research speed to 24x (from 10x) upon use.
  • The Super Potion was added in the December 2020 Update.
  • In the December 2022 update, the Shovel of Obstacles was amended to allow affected Obstacles to be permanently movable.
  • The June 2023 update added the Builder Star Jar and the Pet Potion.
  • In the December 2023 update, the Power Potion and Hero Potion's effects are enhanced to enable boosted units and heroes to be used at the maximum level available at the player's Town Hall and Builder Hall levels.


  • Magic Hammers, unlike all other Magic Items, can only be acquired through the League Shop by being bought with League Medals.
  • Some Magic Items are available in the shop.
  • There are three unused images of magic items in the game files. A Supercell staff member confirmed that these were just concept images and won't be added into the game[1]. The green potion is the same colour as the Training Potion, so it is likely that it was just an early version of the Training Potion.

List of Magic Items

Main article: Magic Items/List
Magic Item Name Max Capacity Selling Price Gems Usage
Book of Fighting Book of Fighting 1 50 Instantly finishes any Troop upgrade within the Laboratory.
Book of Building Book of Building 1 50 Instantly finishes any building upgrade or construction.
Book of Spells Book of Spells 1 50 Instantly finishes any Spell upgrade within the Laboratory.
Book of Heroes Book of Heroes 1 50 Instantly finishes any Hero or Pet upgrade.
Book of Everything Book of Everything 1 50 Instantly finishes any upgrade timer.
Power Potion Power Potion 5 10 Increases troop, spell and siege machine levels to the maximum permitted by the Town Hall and Builder Hall level.
Resource Potion Resource Potion 5 10 Accelerates production of resources in the Home Village.
Training Potion Training Potion 5 10 Accelerates rate of training troops in the Home Village.
Builder Potion Builder Potion 5 10 Accelerates the work of Builders in the Home Village.
Clock Tower Potion Clock Tower Potion 5 10 Activates the Clock Tower boost for 30min.
Hero Potion Hero Potion 5 10 All Heroes and Pets gets boosted to the maxinum level permitted by their Town Hall or Builder Hall level.
Research Potion Research Potion 5 10 Accelerates work inside the Laboratory.
Super Potion Super Potion 5 10 Boosts a Super Troop.
Pet Potion Pet Potion 5 10 Accelerates work inside the Pet House.
Wall Ring Wall Ring 25 5 Instantly upgrades a Wall to no cost.
Shovel of Obstacles Shovel of Obstacles 5 50 Makes a single obstacle permanently movable.
Builder Star Jar Builder Star Jar 5 10 Makes Builder Base Star Bonus available instantly.
Rune of Gold Rune of Gold 1 50 Fills all Gold Storages.
Rune of Elixir Rune of Elixir 1 50 Fills all Elixir Storages.
Rune of Dark Elixir Rune of Dark Elixir 1 50 Fills the Dark Elixir Storage.
Rune of Builder Gold Rune of Builder Gold 1 50 Fills all Builder Gold Storages.
Rune of Builder Elixir Rune of Builder Elixir 1 50 Fills all Builder Elixir Storages.
Hammer of Fighting Hammer of Fighting 1 100 Upgrades any troop instantly at no cost.
Hammer of Building Hammer of Building 1 100 Upgrades any building instantly at no cost.
Hammer of Spells Hammer of Spells 1 100 Upgrades any Spell instantly at no cost.
Hammer of Heroes Hammer of Heroes 1 100 Upgrades any Hero or Pet instantly at no cost.