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For the normal Boat, see Boat.
Master Builder Boat


  • The Master Builder's Boat connects your Home Village and Builder Base by tapping on it.
  • The Boat is usually visible in the Builder Base as soon as you get there, on the left side of the dock opposite the Boat.
  • The Master Builder travels on the boat to the Home Village to go Gear Up 3 buildings which are the Mortar, Cannon and Archer Tower.
    • Before the May 2023 update, you could send the Master Builder to the Home Village as the 6th Builder, now it is replaced by B.O.B with the hut now being B.O.B Control.

Scenery Boats[]

These designs only appear while in the village that the scenery is in - the design will not carry over to the opposite village.

Home Village[]

Builder Base[]