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This section of the guide is a complete guide on Clan Wars. This feature was introduced in the May 2014 update to Clash of Clans.

Table of Contents[]

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How to start playing Clash of Clans This section is about how to start playing the Clash of Clans game, for players with a Town Hall which is lower than level four. 1, 2, 3
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Clan Wars guide This is the first complete guide about Clan Wars, the new feature introduced in the April 8th update of Clash of Clans.
How to make a successful clan This is my guide on creating a successful clan.
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Welcome to Clan Wars![]

New Loading Screen

The new loading screen.

Clan Wars is a new feature in the April 2014 update. In order to use this feature, you will need to be in a Clan, which also requires you to rebuild your Clan Castle, which is available after Town Hall level three.

Tag365Plus Base

The new layout of the GUI at your village.

The first thing you will notice when playing Clash of Clans is the new GUI layout at your home Village. The Achievements button is now on the bottom right side of the screen. The orange double swords icon is the Clan Wars button.

Starting a Clan War[]

File:Clan Wars 2.jpg

The screen shown in the Clan Wars menu when your clan has never been in a Clan War before.

If your clan has never been in a Clan War before (or there is no details available for any past clan wars), clicking the Clan Wars button will show this screen. (If you are not in a clan, this button is grayed out and tells you "you need to be in a clan.") If you are the Clan Leader, or a Co-Leader of your clan, there is a "Start War" button at the bottom of this screen, otherwise there is text saying to "ask your Clan leader to start a War!" as only Clan Leaders and Co-Leaders can start Clan Wars matchmaking.


Clan Wars matchmaking

The Matchmaking screen.

Starting a Clan War will start a matchmaking search for other Clans that are similar in power to your clan. This will take up to ninety minutes to complete, so do not cancel the search unless you or somebody else accidentally clicked the Start War button. Restarting the search will put your search at the end of the log, making the search take significantly longer than 90 minutes (to the point of timing out) and will overload the servers. However, the search will time out after three hours, and if the search times out a clan Co-Leader or the leader will need to restart the search.

Other clans can start a Clan War against your Clan if it is eligible to participate in a Clan War. In this case, your clan's Clan War menu will update and show that they are in a Clan War that is in the Preparation Day.

What is a Clan War?[]

A Clan War is a two day battle in which two clans of similar power attack the enemy Clan member's War Bases, in an effort to gain more Stars than the other Clan and thus win the Clan War.

The first day of the Clan War is the Preparation Day, and the second day is the Battle Day. Preparation Day is where players prepare their War Bases to defend against enemy attacks best, and the Battle Day is when the players actually attack the enemy War Bases for War Loot and Stars.

Basics of Clan Wars[]

This is a list of basics that apply to both days of the Clan War.

War Map[]

File:War Map.jpg

The War Map.

On the map, there are a certain amount of Town Hall icons. These icons represent War Bases that are in the Clan War. The War Bases that are closer to the top of the map are mostly stronger than the ones at the bottom. The text below the Town Hall icon shows the owner of the War Base, and also the position in the War Map. Your War Base is marked by a doted circular line, and the selected War Base is larger than the other bases on the map.

The left, light yellow side is always your Clan's side, and your Clan's War Bases are always on this side. The right, dark brown side is the enemy Clan's side and shows the enemy Clan's War Bases.

At the top of the screen, there are two bars which shown how many stars that both clans earned, and the total amount of stars that they can earn. This also shows both your Clan's name and the enemy Clan's name.

War Bases[]

File:War Base.jpg

A War Base.

A War Base is the Clan Wars equivalent of a Village in Clash of Clans. War Bases can be donated to like real villages, but the donated troops will be there for the entire Clan War and the same troops donated to the War Base will protect against all attacks in the Battle Day.

Buildings that need to be refueled in the War Base will be reset to being full of the required Elixir or Dark Elixir for each enemy attack on that Base. Similarly, the Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and other Heroes on the War Base will be reset to full health, and Traps will be reset to being armed per new attack. This essentially means that the War Base will be reset and prepared for each enemy attack, unlike your real Village.

War Bases will always have a calculated fixed amount of Resources available to collect from Resource Buildings. This is a very small sum compared to the amount of War Loot you win at the end of the Clan War.

War Base Edit Mode[]

File:War Base Edit Mode.jpg

The War Base Edit Mode.

To edit your War Base, you must use War Base Edit Mode. To enter Edit Mode, click the lower right button that is shown on the Clan Wars menu. Here you can edit the War Base like you would edit your Village in Village Edit Mode. Make sure the War Base layout you are using has all of your buildings and is a trophy hunting layout, because there are no excuses to not do this because of War Base Edit Mode.

Spectator Mode[]

If you joined a Clan which is in the middle of a Clan War, or if you are not eligible to participate in a starting Clan War, you will be put into "Spectator Mode", which will allow you to see the Clan War in progress. As you are only a Spectator of the Clan War, you cannot donate or fight in the Clan War.

Trivia: When the April Update first released, there were major issues as the servers were overloaded. One of these issues was the enemy clan being missing, and the ally players were being put into Spectator Mode after restarting the game.

Clan War eligibility Cooldown[]

If you leave a Clan which is in a Clan War (or you are kicked from your clan), and you are participating in it, you will become unable to participate in Clan Wars for the remainder of the Clan War that you were kicked out of or fled from (this can be up to two days).

File:Ineligible Members.jpg

The gray Shield and Swords icon shows who are not eligible.

Players who are ineligible due to the above condition have a grayed out "Shield and Swords" icon to the left of their name in the My Clan menu, and below said icon is a red bar. In their profile, they will also have a Shield and Swords icon, and next to it is will show the time remaining before they can become eligible again.

If you want to take part in Clan Wars, don't leave a Clan who is already in a Clan War.

How to become eligible to participate in Clan Wars[]

If there is an excess amount of members that could participate and a Clan War starts, the eligible players with the least trophies will not participate in the Clan War. The eligible members have a colored "Shield and Swords" icon to the left of their name in the My Clan menu. Remember to have a good amount of Trophies to participate.

Clan War sizes[]

This is the list of available Clan War sizes. A clan must have at least ten eligible members to be eligible to start a Clan War or be matched up with an eligible clan. The amount of eligible players that will participate are rounded down to an interval of five.

  • 10 vs 10 members
  • 15 vs 15 members
  • 20 vs 20 members
  • 25 vs 25 members
  • 30 vs 30 members
  • 35 vs 35 members
  • 40 vs 40 members
  • 45 vs 45 members
  • 50 vs 50 members

Preparation Day[]

File:Preparation Day 1.jpg

The Preparation Day.

The Preparation Day is the first day of the Clan War, where players prepare their War Bases to defend against enemy attacks best. They also donate troops to ally War Bases to act as their Clan Castle troops. Players should also prepare their Troops for their first attack during this time, so they can get a head start on the second attack.

Preparing your War Base[]

You prepare yourself for enemy attacks by changing your War Base (your village in the Clan War) in War Base Edit Mode, allowing the War Base to protect against enemy attacks better.

If a Village has a building that is being upgraded, and Battle Day starts before the upgrade completes, the respective building in the War Base will act as if you just cancelled the upgrade (or never started the upgrade).

Donating Troops[]

File:Donating Troops.jpg

Donating troops to other players.

You can donate Troops to friendly War Base Clan Castles so they can protect against enemy attacks. Donating troops to War Bases are similar to donating troops to the Village Clan Castle, but some things are different. To donate troops, click the War Base you want to donate troops to, click Donate, and tap or hold the troops you want to donate. Remember, your real Troops will be used up when donating to War Bases.

You can also change your War Base's request message so you get the Troops you want or need to do the same. To do this, tap on your War Base, then tap Request. You have a very limited amount of space to write a request with, so make sure the end of the message isn't cut off before saving. Otherwise allies may donate the wrong troops or only the first types of troops that aren't cut off.

If the donator makes a mistake and donated troops that you don't want or is blocking you from receiving the correct troops, click your Town Hall icon, then click the dash button on the unwanted troop to remove it.

Scouting enemy War Bases[]

File:Preparation Day 2.jpg

The Preparation Day, on the enemy clan's page.

You can also scout enemy War Bases during the Clan War, however the War Bases may change due to edits in War Base Edit Mode without warning until the Battle Day, in which the War Base is fixed for the entire Clan War. This means it is recommended to scout villages after Battle Day starts.

Battle Day[]

File:Battle Day 1.jpg

The Battle Day screen.

The Battle Day is the second day in Clan Wars. The objective in Clan Wars is to make your Clan have more Stars than the enemy Clan by attacking the enemy clan's War Bases, so your clan can win and gain maximum War Loot and a winning record. Your War Base's Clan Castle is used to protect your War Base, while your Village's Clan Castle troops and Army Camp troops are used to attack enemy War Bases.



A Clan War attack in progress.

Players can win Stars for their Clan by attacking enemy War Bases. Clash of Clans will check all the War Bases, and will show you a "Recommended Base" that it recommends you to attack. Players can choose to attack any enemy War Base that they want, even ones that somebody already attacked and got three stars (however, this is not recommended).

To attack an enemy War Base, click the Town Hall icon on the map, then tap "Attack". Make sure that you have already created the troops you will use in the attack before attacking.

The requirements to gain stars in a War Base attack is the same as regular Raids and Campaign missions. The gained stars in War Base attacks is counted towards the attacking player's own Clan's score. Players can gain a star for destroying 50% of counted Buildings, another star for destroying the Town Hall, and win all three stars by destroying all counted buildings. Winning one or more stars in an attack makes it a successful attack, and you will gain a certain amount of War Loot which will be given in partial or full amount depending if your Clan wins or loses the war, or if the Clan War ends in a draw.

Players can attack up to two times in a single Clan War, and you can check how many remaining attacks a player has by checking the amount of Barbarians near a player's Town Hall on the map. However, a single player cannot attack the same War Base twice in the same Clan War, even if that player failed to win any Stars for their clan with that attack. This forces clans to plan their attacks with other members in their clan, making Clan Wars a strategic battle which requires both Clans to create and discuss a strategy to win more Stars then the enemy clan, while also including information revealed by replays to aid in the process.

Clan War attacks will use up your actual troops and Spells that you use to attack regular Villages in regular matchmaking or use in Campaign missions, so you will need to create new troops for your second Clan War attack, whether this is desired or not. Your Barbarian King and Archer Queen will also take damage, and will need to rest up to three hours depending on the amount of damage taken. However, as Clan War War Base attacks are not Village raids, Clan War attacks do not break your Village's Shield, and players in the Clan War cannot raid your Village directly, even if your Village does not have a shield. Also, there is no Shield equivalent for War Bases, as this would unbalance or ruin Clan Wars by preventing players from attacking your War Base and getting stars for his or her clan.

Attacking in Clan Wars is the same as regular attacks where not explained otherwise in this guide.

Replaying attacks[]

File:Clan Wars 1.jpg

A screenshot of a Replay of a Clan War Attack.

Players can replay all attacks in the Clan War while the Clan War is in progress, and for up to five days after the Clan War ends. Reviewing these replays can show any Clan Castle Troops, Traps, Hidden Teslas, and any other pop-up Buildings that cannot be seen until activated by a troop nearing it. These things cannot be changed during Battle Day. This gives an advantage to players who view replays, as they can share this knowledge to other players in Clan Chat, who will plan their attack accordingly to gain more stars, or plan their own attack specially after scouting the War Base and Replay, remembering the hidden information revealed in the Replay.

After the Clan War ends[]

File:Clan Wars Log.jpg

The Clan Wars Log page.

After a Clan War ends, players can view full details of the Clan War for up to five days, after which the extended details will be unavailable, however a basic summary will always be available.

Clan War Stats[]

File:Clan War Stats.jpg

Clan War Stats.

Please wait. This information is incorrect, missing, or out of date due to an update. I will fix this very soon.

The Clan War Stats that are available at the end of a Clan War shows information like Attack Totals, the Most Heroic Attack and Defense, and also how many one, two, and three star attacks for each Clan.

War Events shows the events of the Clan War in order from the latest to the earliest events. If available, you can also watch a replay of the events.

War Loot[]

File:War Loot.jpg

The screen shown after a Clan War ends.

Players can win a War Loot Bonus by successfully attacking an enemy War Base. The amount of Loot Bonus is higher if the player attacks a stronger base. A percentage of this bonus is obtained after the end of the Clan War. Members in the Clan that wins the Clan War will be rewarded with the full amount of Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir that is shown on their War Bonus, and members in the losing Clan will get penalized by obtaining only 20 percent (a significant cut) of the bonus they would have won if they won the Clan War. If the Clan War ends in a Draw, all players will gain a percentage of the War Bonus, and the percentage given is between the percentage given if their clan won or lost the war instead.

The War Loot gained from Clan Wars will be placed in your Village's Clan Castle, where it cannot be used until collected from. You can collect from it by tapping the Collect Button on it, which will transfer the loot to your Gold and Elixir Storages, and your Dark Elixir Storage as well. The Clan Castle can only store a limited amount of War Loot, including Dark Elixir, Elixir, and Gold, and upgrading the Clan Castle will increase the limit.

If some of your War Loot is missing, an enemy might have stolen your War Loot through a Raid attack on your Clan Castle. If your Clan Castle is destroyed, all of your War Loot will be lost. The maximum amount of War Loot that can be stolen by a Raids in total is 1,500,000 gold and Elixir, and all of your Dark Elixir.

The best way to avoid this is by protecting the Clan Castle by placing it inside your Defenses, however when the troops are activated, most enemy troops will decide to attack the walls protecting it and may target it after destroying the Clan Castle troops.

Watching Replays[]

Players can still replay past Clan War attacks, even though the Clan War has ended, players can still learn things about planing attacks by watching replays, or entertain themselves by watching.


Players can also scout the War Bases in the Extended details, and reconfigure their own Village to known-good configurations.

Other changes[]

Clan Menu[]

File:Clan Wars New Clan Menu.jpg

The Clan Wars Clan menu page.

The Clan Menu has changed significantly in the update. There is a new War Log button next to the Leave button, which allows you to check your own Clan's Clan War history. There is also two strings of text that shows how good the player's attacks in the current Clan War are.



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