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"With no fear, this seemingly unstoppable machine, slowly but surely, takes out defenses with thunderous electrical shockwaves. Will the nightmare never end?”

Mega Sparky1
Level 1-4


  • The Mega Sparky is a troop in the Clan Capital, unlocked when the Mega Sparky Workshop is constructed (this requires a level 2 District Hall in the Goblin Mines, requiring Capital Hall level 9).
  • The Mega Sparky attacks defenses at a slow fire rate but makes up for it with high damage per shot, a decently long range and very large splash radius.
  • Mega Sparkies prioritize defensive structures above all other targets, and will bypass all other types of enemy buildings and troops while any defenses remain on the battlefield. This is true even if they are under attack by enemy troops stationed in defense posts (Super Giant, Raid Cart, and Super Dragon Posts). Note that the defense posts themselves are not considered defensive buildings, regardless of whether or not their stationed troops are still alive.
    Once all defenses are destroyed, Mega Sparkies become like any other troop with no preferred target; they will attack the nearest building to them regardless of type, and will turn and attack enemy units if they become aware of any nearby and can fight back against them.



  • The Mega Sparky should be assisted with small troops to take out defensive troops. Her ability to take out defenses and high health meaning the only real threat are defense troops and the Inferno Tower.
  • The Endless Haste Spell is good with the Mega Sparky, because it gives her a big speed increase, negating one of her weaknesses.
  • The Mega Sparky's splash radius is very large, being able to hit everything within 3 tiles of the target (hitting a roughly 6x6 area against a 2x2 building), which makes her extremely valuable when attacking groups of defenses. The Mega Sparky can sometimes deal with defending troops if they are trapped behind Walls or near a defense that she is targeting, though this should not be relied on.
  • The splash damage is centered on the center of the target, meaning that the splash's area of effect can be limited if the Mega Sparky is attacking a large building. For example, if the Mega Sparky is attacking the Capital Hall, the splash damage will be contained entirely within the footprint of the Capital Hall and cannot affect any other building. Against a Blast Bow, the splash damage will only be able to affect adjacent buildings.
  • A good synergy with the Mega Sparky is with the Super Wizard, since the Mega Sparky tanks for the Super Wizards and destroys defenses, while Super Wizards help to destroy swarms around the Mega Sparky.


  • Always put Inferno Towers behind other defenses as other defenses will distract the Mega Sparky while the Inferno Tower charges up.
  • The Mega Sparky's range is enough to hit buildings that are two tiles behind Walls, where Sneaky Archers and Siege Carts are unable to hit, which makes putting buildings out of range very difficult. One could consider limiting the areas that a Mega Sparky can access; good Wall placement can help with that. Exploiting her defense-targeting priority can also be useful to force a Mega Sparky deeper into a base where more defenses can reach her.
  • Placing buildings with a two-tile buffer between them can prevent them from being hit by the same Mega Sparky attack. However, trying to avoid splash damage entirely by doing this risks spacing out defenses so much that they become poorly defended. Thus, the idea of spacing out is best applied only between key defenses.


Preferred Target
Favorite Target
Attack Type
Damage Type
Housing Space
Housing Space
Movement Speed
Movement Speed
Attack Speed Attack Speed Range
Defenses Area Splash 3 Tile Radius (Ground only) 100 8 4s 4 tiles
Level Level Damage per Second Damage Damage per Shot Damage Hitpoints Hitpoints
1 400 1,600 10,000
2 450 1,800 11,200
3 500 2,000 12,400
4 550 2,200 13,600




  • She is one of the 8 troops associated with electricity, the others being the Electro Dragon, Electro Titan, Super Wizard, Electro Owl, Power P.E.K.K.A, Electrofire Wizard (Electro Mode), and the Battle Machine (when activating his ability).
  • You can have a maximum of up to 2 Mega Sparkies at one time in a complete set of fully upgraded Capital Army Camps.
  • She is inspired by Sparky from Clash Royale, with low fire rate but massive damage each attack, though Mega Sparky has a much bigger health pool than Sparky.
  • She is the third troop in the Clan Capital not based upon an existing troop, the first two being the Flying Fortress and Mountain Golem.
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