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  • I get that you weren't really meaning anything malicious by adding that link, but it's not all that relevant to the article at hand. That article was listing Magic Items and their uses, not offers from the Trader.

    On that note, I still don't think it appropriate to add the link on the Trader page itself. Perhaps a table summarising the cycle can be added to that page, but anything labeled "enter at your own risk" sounds dangerous to our users

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  • Hi, welcome to Clash of Clans Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Attack Strategies:Balloon Invasion page.

    I highly recommend that you give the following pages a quick read to familiarize yourself with editing here on Clash of Clans Wiki:

    If you wish to advertise your clan, feel free to do so on the Clans Board! We also have a Discord server for the community to participate and communicate in. To join the group, visit here!

    Please leave me a message if I can help you with anything. Good luck and clash on!

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