Zazme Yakuza

aka Zazme_Yakuza, Zaz, First-Leader

  • I live in Gainesville, FL
  • I was born on October 8
  • My occupation is Clash of Clans Fandom Administrator
  • I am a Ninja
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Welcome to my talk page! My current time:
03:02 GMT
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Please follow the Code of Y.A.K.U.Z.A..It is a set of guidelines for my Message Wall.
  • You should be as specific as possible otherwise I may not understand what you are saying.
  • Adding a signature helps me to recognize you easily.
  • Kindness makes it easier to talk to people.
  • Understand that I may not be able to respond quickly as possible.
  • Zazme Yakuza is japanese, if you don't understand what he means just ask him to be more specific.
  • Ask other administrators for help if you do not find me helpful.
August 12,2020 Aerrow No.:
  • KilluaRed

    Hello, Chief!Welcome to my message wall. I am one of the mods in this wiki, feel free to ask me anything.

    If you spam, Killua will attack you.
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