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Hi, welcome to my new guide on Abbreviations. Abbreviation means a short term or phrase and in Clash of Clans, in-game terms are commonly used. This guide lists the common terms used in Clash of Clans.

Common Abbreviations[]




  • CC – Clan Castle
  • CoC – Clash of Clans
  • CW – Clan War
  • DE – Dark Elixir
  • DPS – Damage Per Second
  • IAP – In-App Purchases
  • IGN – In-Game Name or the name of your village
  • HP – Hit Points, Health
  • HS – Housing Space
  • TH – Town Hall
  • XP/Exp – Experience
  • AI – Artificial Intelligence
Brady Army


  • Arch – Archers. Strikes both ground as well as air troops. They are common troops used in bulks for good loot.
  • Gob – Goblins. A ground unit that deals two times more damage than other buildings when attacking resources.
  • Gi – Giant. Reliable ground troops with high HP, highly effective against defenses.
  • WB – Wall Breaker. Deployed units that demolish enemy walls.
  • Loon – Balloons. Air troops that combat defense units.
  • Wiz/Wi – Wizards. Low HP but great damage per second. These attack both air and ground defense and army.
  • ArmyTitleBlockElixirTroops
    Drag – Dragon. Powerful air units with high HP as well as DPS (Damage per second). Attacks both resources and defense.
  • Hog – Hog Rider. Dark Elixir ground troops with low HP but great damage. Have the ability to leap over walls and attack only defenses.
  • Valk – Valkyrie. Dark elixir ground troops with ample HP and damage. Attacks both resources and defenses.
  • Wi – Witch. A Dark Elixir troop that commands skeleton armies to attack resources as well as defenses. Attacks the ground and air CC troops.
  • Hound – Lava Hound. Dark elixir air troops are expensive and have extremely high HP. Targets mostly Air defences. Upon destruction, it splits into many tiny lava pups that have low HP but great damage.


  • Ls – Lightning Spell. Inflicts small damage to enemy buildings to a few tiles.
  • Heal – Healing Spell. Used to fix your troops when injured by enemy defenses or troops.
  • Rage – Rage Spell. An invisible purple ring appears on the battlefield, boosting movement speed and damage for all friendly units inside.
  • Jump – Jump Spell. Lets all ground Troops and Heroes hop over walls.
  • E12ArmyHeader Dark Spells
    Freeze – Freeze Spell. Used to disable main defenses and/or air and ground troops in a small area around an enemy castle.
  • Poison – Poison Spell. Slows down any enemy troops, heroes, or skeletons within its area of effect and gradually inflicts damage on them.
  • EQ – Earthquake Spell. Damages buildings within its area of effect, except for Gold Storages, Elixir Storages, and Dark Elixir Storages.
  • Haste – Haste Spell. Enhances mobility of troops within its area of influence.
Clan Castle


  • Jumper, Hopper – A player who jumps from clan to clan
  • Kick – banishment from the clan
  • Elder – The third-highest title in a Clan. They can support and remove members and attract other players to join the clan.
  • Co – Co-leader. The second-highest title in a Clan. Other than performing the same actions as a Leader, they can demote, remove, or promote other Co-Leaders.
  • Leader – The head of the clan. Has all the authorities to demote/promote or even kick out any clan member.


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