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Hi, welcome to my new Beginner Guide for all Clashers. Check out my Newbie guide, here.

Army Composition[]


We will begin with army composition. There are three main categories of troops: “tanks,” “brawlers,” and “nukers.”

  • Tanks have high hit points, but slow damage output. You will want to have these guys up in front taking hits for everyone else. They target defenses which are the first thing that gets in range, and then keep hitting it until it dies, or they die. After that, they target the closest. Tanks are troops designed to withstand enemy tower shots, and to position themselves to get hit first by enemy towers.
  • Brawlers have medium hit points, short range, and high damage output. You will want to deploy these midway through the attack to be available to burst through the tough, central core of the enemy base and to clean up straggler towers afterwards. They can withstand a few hits, but they will get ahead of your tanks quickly after deployed, so don’t deploy them too early, or they won’t survive to the core.
  • Nukers have very low hit points but very high damage. However, they are necessary to deal enough damage to take out the enemy base in time to win. Place them behind your line of tanks immediately after the tanks are in place.

The Clan Castle[]

In Battle[]


This Clan Castle has no troops for defense so it is safe to attack.

You should by now be aware that some enemy bases will have troops stationed for defense in their Clan Castle. You cannot tell whether a base has Castle defenses or not until you get close to it, so you may want to test with a single Archer or Barbarian before you deploy your main forces. If you want to defeat a base that has defenders, try to use an Archer or a Giant to activate the Castle defense, and then a series of Archers to lure them to a corner where you can kill them without enemy towers interfering. Use a ring of Archers to soak up their attacks and then some Wizards behind to deal out damage to kill them. After they are destroyed, make sure to get some tanks in front of your guys before they get in range of the enemy towers! And then begin your funneling as normal. Also note that in Clan Wars, you can see if a castle is stocked, but not what it has in it. Prepare yourself before attacking such bases.

Clan Castle Ruin

The Clan Castle when first seen is in ruins.

In your village[]

The Clan Castle serves many functions in the game. Firstly, this is where you find the menu to join a clan, and you will need to join a clan for most of the fun and best bonuses in the game. Once you are in a clan, you can request troop donations as often as every 20 minutes (15 or 10 if a high level clan). This is a very big deal, as it gives you a minimum of 10 more army space. Instead of using your troops on offense, these troops can also be left to defend against attackers. If they survive the battle, they will be available to defend again, or even to attack! You can also set the Castle to “sleep” and then your troops will stay safe instead of trying to defend. Also remember that loot you win from battle is also stored in the Castle!


A Clan War target

Clan Wars[]

Clan wars are a special kind of battle that takes at least 5 players on a team to play. Each player receives two attacks, and each team tries to 3-star as many of the enemy team’s bases as they can. During the attack, the enemy base will be stocked with very small amounts of loot, so you will not receive much from destroying it. However, if you receive at least one star against an opponent, you will receive bonus loot to your clan castle at the end of the war. Make sure you have space for it!


Clan Games have a set of missions for different clan players.

Clan Games[]

Clan Games Setup

Clan games unlock at Town Hall 6. This is a weeklong event that occurs in the last week of each month, minus a few days, and it is definitely worth rushing to Town Hall 6 to make sure you can participate. During clan games, all clan members work on a shared pool of missions, each of which gives some number of points. For example, “earn 3 stars in multiplayer for 100 points” or “earn 3-stars using Giants for 175 points,” etc. Each player can only get 4,000 points, but to unlock all the rewards, the clan needs to go get to 50,000 points combined! Be sure to help out! At the end of the games, everyone who completed at least one game will be able to select what prizes they want.

Loot or Resources[]

There are three resources in this game: Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir.



Gold is used for upgrading defenses, and a tiny amount is needed for searching for enemy bases to raid.



Elixir is used for building offensive troops, upgrading troops at the Laboratory, and upgrading buildings that improve your offensive capabilities, including the Barracks, which unlocks more types of unit; the Army Camp, which increase your maximum army size; the Spell Factories, which unlock types of spells and increase spell capacity; and eventually the Workshop, which builds Siege Machines.

Dark Elixir

Dark Elixir[]

Dark Elixir (DE) is used for building and upgrading a separate, second set of offensive troops and spells, as well as building and upgrading heroes. Note that Dark Elixir is not unlocked until TH7 (town hall level 7).

E12ArmyHeader Heroes Light


Unlike other troops, Heroes are not unlocked by upgrading the Barracks or Dark Barracks. To unlock a Hero, you must build the respective altar on your base. Each Hero requires a different Town Hall level to unlock the altar:



So, that's all. If you want more guides like this one, comment below. Feel free to check my other strategies.