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Hi, welcome to my new guide on Clan Games. In this guide you will learn about Clan Games and some tips you can use when the Clan Game events start.

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“Clan Games are all about completing Challenges and earning points together with your clan mates.”

Clan Games Setup

Clan Games setup


  • Clan Games is a type of event introduced in the December 2017 update.
  • These Games introduce in-game tasks and challenges for the clan members to try to complete.
  • Clan Games are only available to players with Town Hall 6 or above.
    • If a player finishes upgrading to Town Hall 6 midway through the games, they can participate once the upgrade has finished.

Clan Games Guide[]

When playing Clan Games, choose missions you know you can complete. Choose easy missions like “Destroy 1 Gem Mine in Versus Battle” or “Destroy 1 Archer Tower in Multiplayer Battles”. These missions can be completed easily in no time. When you want to donate troops or spells to your fellow Clan mate, check whether there are any missions regarding donating. You should complete at least 2 missions per day or if you're an active Clasher, 5 missions.


Make sure you finish all the missions you have selected. If done, you get extra rewards at the end of the event. You can trash missions you find difficult, but you will have to wait for 10 minutes. When you and your Clan complete the tiers, you get to pick whatever reward you like. But remember to choose rewards that will benefit your village. You can go for loot, magic items or gems. Choosing gems helps you unlock the other builders. The loot can be used to upgrade resources or buildings in your village. The potions will be helpful in your village in many ways. Clan Games appear once a month, so you get such rewards only once.



If this helped you, see my other attack strategies and strategy guides. Feel free to comment below.