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Hi, welcome to my new strategy guide on Dark Elixir. This strategy is for Clashers who have reached Town Hall 7 and 8 and for those who haven't figured out what the black-elixir like substance is. In this guide you will learn about Dark Elixir and its uses.

Dark Elixir

What is Dark Elixir?[]

Dark Elixir, the rarest form of the magical substance, is obtained when you upgrade your Town Hall to level 7. It is shown when below your Elixir bar, smaller than the average Gold bar which appears in your Home village. It is only available in the Home village and not in the Builder Base.


Raiding a village with Dark Elixir

Where can you get it?[]

Dark Elixir can be collected from Dark Elixir Drills. It is stored in the Dark Elixir storage. It is abundant in Clan Games, Season Challenges and commonly in Multiplayer Battles or raids. Raiding villages in Town Hall 7 can get you, maximum, 1 523 Dark Elixir. The minimum value can reach only up to 34 or 16! So Dark Elixir is indeed rare and in many ways.

Dark Elixir Storage6

A Dark Elixir Storage

Why is it rare?[]

Dark Elixir is rare because in Town Hall 8 only two Dark Elixir Drills can be built. This reduces the amount produced drastically than the Gold and Elixir production. Dark Elixir often gets used to upgrade Heroes, train Dark Elixir troops like Minions and Spells like the Poison Spell and mainly for researching Dark Elixir troops. . This makes Dark Elixir rare as it is used for the development of your village.

Dark Elixir Drill8

A Dark Elixir drill

How do we then conserve Dark Elixir?[]

First things first, don't waste it. Don't research Dark Elixir troops and spells you don't use unless you have abundant Dark Elixir. For example, Minions should not be researched if you use Valkyries. Upgrading Heroes when you have enough Dark Elixir is a wise and thoughtful choice. If you don't have enough Dark Elixir, try upgrading your drills, as it increases your production rate.

Dark Elixir Heist


Dark Elixir is rare and must be used wisely and sparingly. Troops and spells can be researched when needed and can be trained or brewed in your army. Upgrading your Dark Elixir Drills, Heroes, and others can help your village a lot.



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