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Hi, welcome to my new guide on Pets. Pets are special troops that your Heroes can take with them to the battles.


Hero Pets Explained! New Units in Clash of Clans!


Pets are special troops that can be assigned to Heroes. Once assigned, the pet will be automatically deployed with the Hero on the battle, it's not possible to deploy separated as a single troop.


There are currently 4 Pets available:


Once the Pet House is built, you must assign the Pet to a Hero.

We currently have 4 Heroes and 4 Pets, so you can assign one to each Hero. You can assign any Pet to any Hero, giving you many options according to your attack strategy.

Unlocking Pets[]


Pets are unlocked by building the Pet House, available on Town Hall 14. The Pet House uses Elixir to be upgraded and currently features 4 levels. Each level unlocks a new Pet, starting with L.A.S.S.I on level 1.

Special Abilities[]


Each Pet features a Special Ability that makes them unique:

  • Electro Owl: High Voltage
  • L.A.S.S.I: High Jumper
    Pet House4
  • Mighty Yak: Wall Buster
  • Unicorn: Personal Healer


Each Pet has 10 levels and can be upgraded with Dark Elixir. While the upgrading is happening you will not be able to use the pet. If you want to use Magic Items to upgrade your Pets, you can use the Book or Heroes, the Hammer of Heroes, and Hero Potion.



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