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Hi, welcome to my new guide on Trophy Leagues. Leagues are a rank based on your Trophy count of the Home Village. In this guide we will learn more about Trophy Leagues.

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"Trophy Leagues are groups of players that are all within the same trophy range. While in a Trophy League, each multiplayer victory will award a loot bonus based on the league level."

Unranked League
Bronze League
Silver League
Gold League
Unranked Bronze Silver Gold
Crystal League
Master League
Champion League
Titan League
Legend League
Crystal Master Champion Titan Legend

Trophy Leagues

Once you have joined a League, you will get a special Loot Bonus on all victories you obtain on multiplayer battles. Higher Leagues have better Loot Bonus, Star Bonus and Village Guard, so it's always good to reach higher Leagues on the game.

Sneak Peek New Leagues

Joining a League

To join a League you must make a single multiplayer attack an be over the 400 Trophies, as the lowest league Bronze III requires that amount of Trophies. Regardless of victory or defeat you will join the league according to how many Trophies you have on the end of the battle. As you win or lose trophies on multiplayer battles, you will be promoted or demoted of League.


Trophy push to Champion League as Town Hall 7

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Seasons last a month and a new one always starts on the last Monday of the month. For this reason Seasons usually have 4 weeks, but they will occasionally have 5 weeks. When a Season ends you will be automatically became unranked and must make a multiplayer attack to rejoin a league again. Legend League has a different system and all players will lose all Trophies above 5.000. They are added to the Player Profile as Legend Trophies. These are permanent Trophies and can't be lost.


League Levels

There are currently 8 levels, starting on Bronze League (400+ Trophies) and ending on Legend League (5.000+ Trophies). All Leagues have three levels, I, II and III, except Legend League that has only one.

League Bonus Calculation

Legend League Tournament

The total League Bonus is based on your league, but the percentage you get from that bonus is based on the amount of destruction you do on the enemy village.

Didn't feel like a defeat to me

Continuous loss of trophies can demote you from a league

  • 80% of the League Bonus by destroying 50% of the enemy village.
    • You get 1.6% of the Loot Bonus to each 1% of destruction until you reach 50% of destruction.
    • With this rate you will get 80% of the bonus when you reach 50% of destruction: 50 * 1.6 = 80.
  • 100% of the bonus by destroying 70% of the enemy village.
    Sneak Peek Loot, League Bonus, Trophy Offers
    • Once you reach 50% of destruction you will get 1% of the bonus to each 1% of destruction above 50%.
    • Obtaining 1% of the Loot Bonus to each 1% of destruction above 50%, you will get the remaining 20% of the Bonus when you reach 70% of destruction.

League Badges

Bronze League
Silver League
Gold League
Crystal League
Master League
Champion League
Titan League
Level 8


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