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Hi, welcome to my new guide on the Trader. In this guide, you will learn who is the Trader and what does he sell.

Trader Setup

Who is the Trader?[]

The Trader is a merchant that sells Magic Items for Gems. His store is permanently located on your Home Base and requires a Town Hall level 8. Even though he is located in your Home Village, he also offers items for the Builder Base.


Trader Main Banner

The Trader offers all Magic Items from the game, except Magic Hammers (they can only be purchased on the League Shop) and the Book of Everything. All other Books, Runes and Potions can be purchased here.

Quantity Magic Item Price (Gems)
1x Training Potion 25 (or free)
1x Clock Tower Potion 75
1x Research Potion 120
1x Resource Potion 115
1x Builder Potion 285
1x Power Potion 300
1x Hero Potion 300
1x Super Potion 300
5x Wall Ring 500
10x Wall Ring 1,000
1x Shovel of Obstacles 500
1x Book of Heroes 500
1x Book of Fighting 925
1x Book of Spells 925
1x Book of Building 925
1x Rune of Gold 1,500
1x Rune of Elixir 1,500
1x Rune of Dark Elixir 3,000
1x Rune of Builder Gold 1,500
1x Rune of Builder Elixir 1,500
Sneak Peek Trader

Offer Rotation/Cycle[]

The Trader cycle refers to the order of the offers shown within the Trader’s shop. This is a 39-day sequence of offers that is the same for all players, however, each player is at a different point in the sequence. The cycle last changed in December 2020.

Trader Setup in Deals screen

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