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Hi, welcome to my new guide on using Supercell ID. This guide will explain everything you need to know about Supercell Id and why it is basically needed.


The Supercell Staff

What is Supercell ID?[]

Supercell ID is an account where you can link all your Supercell games to your email. By connecting your game to a Supercell ID you will safeguard your game account, play on multiple devices, switch to new devices and even switch from iOS to Android without issues. It's highly recommended to link all your Supercell games to a Supercell ID to prevent losing your account. The same email account can be used to link all Supercell games into a single ID: Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Hay Day, Brawl Stars and Clash Royale.


Supercell ID Getting Started

Creating a Supercell ID account[]

You can create your Supercell ID at any time inside the game. Go to Settings and tap on Disconnected. A screen will show up with the options to Log In (if you already have a Supercell ID) or to create a brand new Supercell ID. By choosing to create a new account you will be prompted to enter your email. This will be the email used to link your current game to your Supercell ID. After registering you will receive an email with a verification code to confirm your email is valid. You don't need to create a password to use the Supercell ID, all you need is access to that this email account to receive the verification code. It's extremely important to choose a real email that you use and will not lose or forget the password. If by any chance you lose your email account you will also lose your Supercell ID and all game accounts linked to it. With the verification completed you can use this Supercell ID on any device to load your game account! Be sure to connect all your game accounts to your Supercell ID. This is the best way to protect them.


Logging into Supercell ID[]

The process to Login is even easier: all you have to do is to go to Settings, open the Supercell ID menu and choose to Log In. All you have to do is enter the email you previously used to create your Supercell ID. A verification code will be send to your email. Supercell ID doesn't have a password, it always relies on the verification code that it sends to your email every time you login on a new device. Once the verification is completed the game will confirm that you are about to load a new game account on your device.


Supercell ID Playing with Multiple Game Accounts

Multiple Game Accounts[]

Each Supercell ID can link only a single account of each game. For example, you can have only one Clash of Clans village linked to a specific Supercell ID. However, it is possible to sign in multiple Supercell IDs on the same device and this process makes extremely easy to switch between accounts. If you have multiple Clash of Clans accounts, this will make your life much easier. The first step is to create a Supercell ID to each Clash of Clans account. To load an older account from Game Center or Google Play, make that login on your device settings and choose "Play without Supercell ID" on the game. The Game Center or Google Play game should load and you will be able to assign a new Supercell ID to that account. Once you have multiple Supercell IDs created all you have to do is to login multiple accounts on the same device.


First you must Log Out from your account. This will take you to the intro screen of the game where you can choose play without a Supercell ID (start a new game from scratch or load from Game Center/Google Play) or login with another Supercell ID. Simply choose "Log in with another ID" and follow the log in steps. This will add a second Supercell ID to your device. Now that you have multiple Supercell IDs on your device a new button to switch account will be added to the Settings menu: By tapping on the switch button you will go to the intro screen of the game where you can easily choose another game account: Here it is. Playing with multiple accounts have never been easier and safer!



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