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Hi, welcome to my new picture guide to Obstacles. If you haven't seen my first obstacles guide, click here. In the first guide, we learnt about Home village obstacles, Halloween obstacles, winter decorated obstacles and Special Event obstacles. In this guide, we will learn about Builder Base obstacles.

Builder Base Obstacles[]

Grass2 B

The Tall Grass

Bonus facts on Builder Base obstacles[]

You must have a Builder Hall level 3 in order to remove obstacles in the Builder Base. Obstacles in the Builder Base respawn in a similar fashion to Obstacles in the Home Village. While trees and other types of vegetation will respawn over time if the obstacle limit isn't reached, rocks and stones will not respawn. The Tall Grass is the only Builder Base Obstacle that doesn't require a free Master Builder to remove, and will never yield Gems. You can either remove it with 50 Builder Elixir or for free by placing a building on it, and the removal will be instantaneous. The latter method can be done without a Builder Hall level 3.

Completed Achievement

Removing the Tall Grass with 50 Builder Elixir counts towards the Nice and Tidy Achievement and the Gardening Exercise Clan Quest, but placing a building on it for free won't count. In Village Edit Mode, Tall Grass can be removed using Elixir, but cannot be removed by placing buildings on top of it. The Old Barbarian Statue will spawn Tall Grasses by its side. The same goes for the Ancient Barbarian Statue decoration. If neither of these is present, any remaining Tall Grass can still spawn beside nearby Tall Grass, but if all the Tall Grass are cleared too, then Tall Grass will not respawn until the Ancient Barbarian Statue is bought.



If this picture guide helped you in identifying Builder Base obstacles, read my other strategy guides and attack strategies. Feel free to comment below.