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Hi, welcome to my new guide on Pets. Many people do not know what are Pets and their importance to your village. Read on to be skilled in pairing Pets with Heroes and their special abilities.

What are Pets?[]

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Pets are available at Town Hall 14 once the Pet House has been constructed, and can be assigned to your heroes to assist them in battle. Each pet has different characteristics, so it’s important to consider your pet/hero pairings depending on the attack strategy you plan on using. Similar to heroes, pets can be upgraded to improve their attributes and are upgraded at the Pet House. Each upgrade requires Dark Elixir, and the pet cannot be used while upgrading. The Pet House works similarly to the Laboratory, where a single pet can be upgraded at a time. A Book of Heroes or Hammer of Heroes can be used to complete a pet upgrade and at this time, there are no potions that will speed up pet research.

LASSI with the butterfly


The first pet to be unlocked once construction of the Pet House is complete is L.A.S.S.I. L.A.S.S.I is a ground based unit with a preferred target within 2.5 tiles of the Hero. She has a very high movement speed of 32, which makes it one of the fastest units in the game, as quick as a Head Hunter or Goblin. Her special ability enables her to jump over walls, similar to a Hog Rider. This enables her to attack targets that the hero may be unable to, such as if the Barbarian King is behind a wall.

Royal Champion info 2

L.A.S.S.I has moderate hit points so can handle some incoming damage, however her fast movement speed and wall jumping ability means she can often end up pushing deeper into a village than the hero/nearby troops, resulting in her becoming targeted by a number of defenses. She has the highest DPS of all the pets, meaning she can provide a decent boost to the hero’s damage output. If L.A.S.S.I is still active when your hero is knocked out, she will attack the nearest building to her.

Electro Owl info

Electro Owl[]

The Electro Owl is unlocked once the Pet House has been upgraded to level 2. He attacks with Chain lightning, which is similar to an Electro Dragon, however it only chains to 1 additional target, doing 80% damage to the second target. The range of the Electro Owl’s attack varies based on which Hero he is paired with, ranging from 1 tile with the Barbarian King, 5 tiles with the Archer Queen and 7 tiles with the Grand Warden.

Grand Warden info

The Electro Owl attacks the same target as the Hero he is paired with. Keep in mind that when pairing with a ground based hero, this can bring the Electro Owl into range of an Air Defense and due to having the lowest Hit Points of the offensive pets, he will be knocked out quite quickly unless it is dealt with. If the Electro Owl is still active when your hero is knocked out, he will attack the nearest target to him.

  • Recommended Hero Pairing: Grand Warden
Mighty Yak info 2

The Mighty Yak[]

The Mighty Yak is unlocked once the Pet House has been upgraded to level 3. The Mighty Yak has the highest HP of the pets (similar to a low level Golem) but the lowest DPS. The 20x damage multiplier makes him very effective at destroying walls, doing more damage to walls per hit than a maxed Wall Breaker even at level 1. The wall breaking role means he is well-matched with the Barbarian King or Archer Queen to help them break through walls, which can often slow them down.

Barbarian King info

When initially released, the Mighty Yak dealt splash damage and was effective at clearing groups of weak troops, such as ground Skeletons. This was changed in the September 2021 update so that it is now single target damage. If the Mighty Yak is still active when your hero is knocked out, he will attack the nearest target but will also become enraged for 8 seconds, with increased movement speed and damage.

Recommended Hero Pairing: Barbarian King or Archer Queen

Unicorn info 2


The Unicorn is unlocked once the Pet House has been upgraded to level 4 and is a ground based healer for your hero. Unlike Healers which can only heal ground units, the Unicorn is able to heal both ground and air based heroes. As the Unicorn only heals the hero it is assigned to, you don’t need to worry about it switching to other units, which can occur when using Healers.

Archer Queen info

Similar to L.A.S.S.I, the Unicorn has the ability to jump over walls when following a hero, so it is able to continue to heal the Grand Warden or Royal Champion. The Unicorn has the least HP of all the pets, so can quickly be knocked out if not adequately protected. The range of the Unicorn is 2.5 tiles, meaning it stays closer to the hero than Healers, putting it at risk from Scattershots and multi target Inferno Towers. The slow movement speed can also be an issue when paired with quick moving heroes, such as the Archer Queen or Royal Champion, taking a small amount of time to catch up with the hero again, resulting in a break in healing. If the Unicorn is still active when your hero is knocked out, it will target other troops to heal them.

Recommended Hero Pairing: Barbarian King or Archer Queen

Explanation Video[]


Hero Pets Explained! New Units in Clash of Clans!

A video by Judo Sloth for explanation purposes. It explains the Hero Pets in great detail.



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