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Hi, welcome to my new guide on the famous Queen Walk. Over time, attack strategies have evolved a lot in Clash of Clans. The strategies are endless with such an amount of troops. Heroes also boost the army in attacks and have become an essential part of it. The Archer Queen is one of those vital heroes in the game. The Queen’s ability to shoot from a distance and take out both air and ground units makes her one of the player’s favourites. This guide aims in clearing all the doubts regarding the Archer Queen and how to use one of the most used strategies, the Queen Walk. By the end of this strategy guide, you’ll get a clearer vision for the Archer Queen Walk the next time you use her in Clash of Clans.

Archer Queen info


Archer Queen Walk is a very popular strategy used in Clash of Clans. The Queen Walk is a pre-attack strategy that focuses on clearing a part of the village and making a path for the main army. The working of the Archer Queen is the same as the Archers who don’t have any preferred target and hence shoot the closest target to it. But the one thing that the players don’t realize is the shooting range of the Queen. The range of the Queen is 5-tiles. The Archer Queen will target anything within this range.

Queen Walk

The terms Queen Walk and Queen Charge are often used interchangeably but have a slight difference. When the Queen clears the base around the outer side of a base, it is referred to as a Queen Walk. Whereas when the Queen penetrates the base, it is known as Queen Charge. Most often both the Queen Walk and Queen Charge happen at the same attack. Even while performing a Queen Walk, the Queen after clearing the outer base moves towards the middle of the base despite the player’s intention being a Queen Walk. The Queen Walk may seem easy at first but it is one of the most difficult things to execute properly with so many factors that can affect the Queen Walk.


Healer info

1. Unit requirements[]

As mentioned earlier, the Queen Walk is a preattack strategy and hence requires a small portion of the army alone. These include:


2. Recommended Archer Queen Levels for each Town Hall[]

To do a successful walk, the Queen should meet the recommended levels for each Town Hall(s) or else the defenses might take out the Queen early.

Town Hall 14 Levels 1 to 5.
  • Town Hall 9: Level 10
  • Town Hall 10: Level 20
  • Town Hall 11: Level 30
  • Town Hall 12: Level 40
  • Town Hall 13: Level 50
  • Town Hall 14: Level 65

3. Why 5 Healers?[]

For maintaining a balance in the game, Clash of Clans follows some rules for the troops. The Healers also follow one, as the effectiveness of Healers decreases when they’re assigned to a single target. Below is the chart revealing how effective are Healers when grouped on a single target. As it can be seen here, the healing effects of the sixth Healer drop down to 40 percent. Hence, it’s recommended to stick to 5 Healers.

Number of Healers Effectiveness of Additional Healer Overall Efficiency
1 100% 100%
2 100% 100%
3 90% 96.7%
4 90% 95%
5 70% 90%
6 40% 81.7%
7 10% 71.4%
8 0% 62.5%

Wall Breaker info

4. Using Wall Breakers to open a Compartment for the Queen[]

Using Wall Breakers provides a path for the Archer Queen to follow. Clearing one side then opening a compartment allows the Queen to move and target buildings inside the base. This is a very crucial step in the Queen Walk as if the Wall Breakers don’t open a compartment for the Queen. The Archer Queen will then clear the outer base instead of moving into the base.

Rage Spell

5. Rage Spell for Boosting a Queen Walk[]

Rage Spell and Jump Spell work the best for the Queen Walk. Using a Rage Spell increases the Queen’s damage and boosts the Healer’s effectiveness on the Queen. Positioning the spell on both the Queen and Healers is the only key here. The Jump Spell on the other hand allows the Queen to move forward where breaking walls is tough. Now let's jump into the steps to perform a Queen Walk.

Steps to perform a Queen Walk[]

Now, summing up all the above factors. This is how the Queen Walk should be performed.

Clan Castle
  • Check for Clan Castle Troops by releasing a unit inside the radius of the Clan Castle.
  • Deploy the Archer Queen: Depending on the availability of Castle Clan Troops (if any) deploy the Archer Queen and the Healers behind the Queen.
    Seeking Air Mine info
  • Deploy an air supporting unit with the Queen: Pairing a Baby Dragon is a good choice as it supports the Queen in clearing the buildings and seeks Air Bomb at the same time.
  • Select a compartment to break and check for Traps: Depending on what the player wants to take down first, select a compartment to break and deploy one Wall Breaker to check for Traps.
  • Deploy the Wall Breakers: Deploy the remaining Wall Breakers if there are no traps. Also, if any defense restricts the Wall Breakers, create a distraction for that defense using any unit.
  • Clear the distracting buildings using some troops: If the Queen is walking from the right, make sure no buildings on the left side distract the Queen. Use some Wizards or Archers to clear those, so that the Queen remains focused.
  • Use the Rage Spell: The Queen would likely be charging towards the middle of the base by now. Hence, more defenses will be attacking the Queen now. Use a Rage Spell on both the Queen and the Healers. This will increase her health and damage simultaneously.
  • Release the troops to avoid losing the Queen: The Queen’s work is done here. Now it’s time for the main army to clear the remaining village. The right timing will surely grant the players a 3-star.

Queen Walk Priorities[]

Depending on the player’s strategy, the Queen is used to clear a part of the base and make a path for the main army. Anything above 20 percent damage is considered as good. But here are a few things that the Queen should target and take down for a successful attack.

Queen walk

Castle Clan Troops[]

Castle Clan troops can hamper the attack if not taken down early. And the Archer Queen is the perfect choice for this task. With her high damage, she can take out any ground or air unit. Using a Poison or Freeze Spell can make this task much easier.

ArcherQueen Altar Sleeping

The enemy Queen sleeping

Enemy Hero[]

(Archer Queen mostly): The Archer Queen can be very vital in an attack. The same line applies to the enemy’s Archer Queen as well. The Archer Queen can easily take out any of the troops when they’re engaged with other defenses. So it’s better to take the enemy Queen as soon as possible. Again it is a wise choice to use Poison or Freeze Spell on the enemy Heroes.

Eagle Artillery2

Eagle Artillery[]

Although destroying the Eagle Artillery is not possible in every base, it is mostly located in the middle. But that’s not the case in every base, if the Eagle Artillery can be reached, then plan the attack and destroy it. The units used in the Queen attack don’t take enough space and hence the Eagle Artillery is not activated. Destroying it can prove to be very beneficial in the attack later.


Inferno Towers, X-Bows, etc[]

Defenses like Inferno Towers, X-Bows are often placed within high-level wall compartments making them hard to reach. The damage of such defenses is very high and can take out the troops before they even reach them. Therefore, it becomes essentially useful for the players to conserve the Queen for this task. The Queen can target and take out these defenses when they’re engaged with the rest of the troops.

Air Defense11

Minimal Defenses[]

While clearing a part of a base, the Queen can easily take out several defenses. One or two Air Defenses and Wizard Towers can provide a very good advantage while performing an air attack.

So, it is clearer now why the Queen Walk seems easy yet complicated at the same time. The process is easy but the factors provoking the attack from being successful makes it complicated for players sometimes. But understanding the aspects of the Queen Walk in Clash of Clans will allow the players to do a successful Archer Queen Walk easily.



If this strategy guide helped you, check out my attack strategies and strategy guides. Feel free to comment below.