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Hi, welcome to my new guide on upgrading Heroes. This guide will help you in knowing the upgrading process for Heroes. How to get the resources needed and optimizing your upgrades will also be learnt.

Archer Queen info

Start Early[]

This is probably the most important tip to beginner’s: start as soon as possible. Upgrading the Archer Queen to the level 45, without gemming the timer, takes 262 days!!! So well, the sooner you start, the better. Don’t waste any time, Heroes are the biggest upgrade priority on Clash of Clans! The Barbarian King is unlocked on Town Hall 7. As soon as you get there, max him out for this Town Hall (level 5) and unlock the ability. Keep doing this every time you upgrade your Town Hall. All this can be done when you have abundant Dark Elixir, a resource needed for the upgrading process.

Dark Elixir

Dark Elixir[]

This is pretty obvious, you will need tons of Dark Elixir to upgrade your Heroes and unless you want to spend a lot on money in the game, you must steal a lot of Dark Elixir. When attacking, always look for the position of the Dark Elixir Drills and Storage. Sometimes the Dark Elixir is on the Drills, so if possible check there first and find out is the village is abandoned. For more info this check the “Abandoned Bases” article in this wiki.


Another important thing is to save and protect the Dark Elixir you already have. Don’t waste Dark Elixir on farming troops (Minions, Bowlers), save to important war attacks, Heroes and the Laboratory. You can easily farm with Archers, Barbarians and Giants. If you have tons of Dark Elixir ready to be stolen, you will be attacked, it’s part of the game. You will get mad when you lose 3k Dark Elixir on a single defense, but remember: Clash of Clans is about attacking and being attacked. Don’t worry, all you have to do is to steal more than you lose! Also-don’t keep the Dark Storage, Drills and Town Hall too close. Spread them around the village, so the attacker will only steal all your Dark Elixir is he gets 100%.

Barbarian King info

Upgrade Equally[]

At least, don’t keep their levels very far. While you upgrade one Hero you will use the other ones to farm, so basically you need both Heroes to be strong, even if you have a favorite one. Another reason is keep them around the same level is the cost. Lower levels are cheaper to upgrade and have a better cost/benefit. For example, the cost to upgrade the Archer Queen to level 30 (145k) is enough to upgrade the Barbarian King 3 times if he is only level 10.

Dark Elixir Drill5

Also, think about the ability: give some priority to the Hero that is almost reaching a new level of the ability. If the Queen is 34 and the King 31, upgrade the Queen first to reach level 35 and reach a new Ability level. If you have a favorite Hero (usually the Queen), you can give her some priority and upgrade until it reaches a new Ability level (a new Ability level is reached every 5 Hero levels). Once if gets there, upgrade the King to match the same level. Reaching new Ability levels is very important.

Boost Drills[]

Box of Gems

If you are F2P, disregard this tip. If you spend money, this is the best Dark Elixir value you can get on your Gems. Buying Dark Elixir directly is very, very expensive, so boosting the Drills is the only reasonable way to get resources with your Gems. Boosting the Drills will not give all the Dark Elixir you need at once, but with patience and farming it will help you a lot to upgrade the Heroes.


Plan Ahead[]

When upgrading a Hero, use the other one to farm and get resources to start another upgrade as soon as possible. Maxing out the Heroes is a very hard task on this game, but it is worth the trouble. They are by far the most important offensive troop.

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