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Mini-Minion Hive4

"Built over an underground hive, this defense opens to release a swarm of extremely territorial and extremely dangerous Mini-Minions to take down any attacker."

Mini-Minion Hive Ruin Mini-Minion Hive1 Mini-Minion Hive2 Mini-Minion Hive3 Mini-Minion Hive4
Ruin Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4


  • Mini-Minion Hives are a defense in the Clan Capital, present only in later districts of the Clan Capital.
  • They deploy swarms of Mini-Minions at a very long range against ground and air enemies. Mini-Minions damage the enemy by charging at them; a dozen Mini-Minions are deployed at a time, resulting in high burst damage. When a troop is defeated while others are in range, the Mini-Minions will redirect to the closest target.


Defensive Strategy

  • The Mini-Minion Hive's extremely long range makes it a viable backline defense; one can thus consider placing the Hive to cover front-line defenses. However, the Mini-Minion bursts are similar in nature to the Multi Cannon and Double Cannon from the Builder Base, meaning that the Hive is vulnerable to swarms. Because of this, protecting it with splash defenses like the Giant Cannon or Rocket Artillery is ideal.
  • It is not a defense targeted at any type of troop: it is a versatile defense that can target ground and air and destroys small troops and deal certain damage to larger troops. Put this in places where it can't be attacked to exploit its long range.
    • Hence, it just can be placed in a place where, say there is a lack of Ground or air, and you need a long-range defense to take out small troops and damage medium and large troops.
  • Its high hitpoints can enable it to protect other defenses from being attacked. Due to its 3x3 building size, it will also prevent the Super Dragon from splashing onto other defenses if directly attacked.

Offensive Strategy

  • The Mini-Minion Hive can be easily overwhelmed by swarms - the Graveyard Spell works well against it. Besides those, Skeleton Barrels as well as smaller troops like Super Barbarians or Minion Hordes provide an excellent swarming capability.
    • Tanks with high damage also work brilliantly as well because it can't deal high damage to them.

Upgrade Differences

  • The Mini-Minion Hive undergoes significant visual changes at levels 3 and 4.
    • When initially rebuilt, it resembles a four-legged watchtower. For the bottom-half part of the defense, it is consist of stone-bricked walls, wooden legs, a blue wooden awning mounted with wooden frames across the walls. For the upper-half part, it is consist of a wooden frame that connects with the awning, a crooked metal cage, and a blue wooden cage cover in a square shape with metal handles.
    • At level 2, wooden frames and legs all over the defense itself are replaced with metal. Meanwhile, four metal posts with stone reinforcements now surround the tower.
    • At level 3, metal chains now connect the posts at the base of the tower. The tower becomes taller and the awning is removed. The walls of the tower are now reinforced with blue thick metal band on the upper part only. The frame of the cage is now replaced with a white stone and the bars is replaced with wood once again. Finally, the cover of the cage becomes bigger and now in diamond shape, the cover handles became round.
    • At level 4, the posts are now reinforced with metal. For the walls, a single chain is added. The blue thick metal band on the upper part of walls is now painted with purple. The base of the cage gains a spiky metal across, the bars of the cage are now sturdier version of wooden lattice, and the cage cover is now painted with purple with metal frames and a single circular cover handle in between. Its Mini-Minions are now purple and now leave a trail.


Number Available District Hall Level
1 2 3 4
Skeleton Park 1 2 2 2
Goblin Mines 0 0 1 1
Size Size
Damage per Second
Mini-Minion Damage
Build Cost
Capital Gold
District Hall Level Required
District Hall
1 209 75 4,400 17,500 1
2 251 90 4,800 35,000 2
3 293 105 5,200 70,000 3
4 335 120 5,600 113,000 4
Range Range Time Between Bursts Attack Speed Mini-Minions Per Burst Damage Damage Type Damage Type Unit Type Targeted Favorite Target
14 tiles 1.5s 12 shots Single Target Ground & Air

Icon Descriptions

Icon InfoTapping this icon displays information about the Mini-Minion Hive, such as Level, Damage Per Second, Hitpoints, Range, Damage Type and Targets.
Icon UpgradeTapping this icon contributes the Capital Gold you have into upgrading the Mini-Minion Hive to the next level. When the Mini-Minion Hive is at maximum level, this icon is not shown.
Icon PrioritizeTapping this icon marks the building's upgrade to the next level as a priority for the Clan, pinning it as a recommended upgrade for Clan members. This icon is only shown if the upgrade is possible, is not already prioritized and if the player is Leader or a Co-leader of their Clan.
Icon DeprioritizeTapping this icon stops marking the building's upgrade to the next level as a priority for the Clan. This icon is only shown if the upgrade is possible, is being prioritized and if the player is Leader or a Co-leader of their Clan.


  • Despite its name might suggest, the Mini-Minion Hive is not a Post for Mini-Minions. The Mini-Minions are merely projectiles instead of defensive troops.
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