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"This monstrous mountain may move as slow as molasses, but do not underestimate his mineralized mitts. Mountain Golem mauls his enemies with the might of...well...a mountain. Literally."

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Level 1-5


  • The Mountain Golem is a troop unlocked in the Golem Quarry in the Clan Capital. It is trained through the Mountain Golem Quarry, a barracks constructed automatically when the Golem Quarry is rebuilt (unlocked at Capital Hall level 7).
  • The Mountain Golem has extremely high hitpoints, but is very slow and has a very large housing space requirement. Its Crush ability allows it to instantly destroy any Walls that it passes through. The Mountain Golem can also cross small rivers without the need of a Jump Spell due to its sheer size.



  • The Mountain Golem has very high hitpoints, which means the only lethal target is Inferno Towers.
  • The other disadvantage to Mountain Golems is its low Movement speed, being 4. But it makes up for it with hitpoints and damage.
    • Therefore, the Mountain Golem should be used as a tank with clean-up troops behind it. Rage Spells are very effective at speeding it up.
    • Barbarians and Archers as well as Hog Raiders squads are a good choice as a combination with the Mountain Golem.
  • The Mountain Golem walks through walls as his "Crush" ability. The Golem's AI thus makes him behave as a troop that can bypass walls, similarly to Miners in the Home Village and Hog Riders in the Clan Capital.
    • Destroying walls is essential to reach new parts of the base to attack. Funnel the Mountain Golem towards walls to enlarge the placement area and help clean up troops.


  • The Mountain Golem's high hitpoints make it nearly indestructible to normal defenses. The exception is Inferno Towers, which should be split and spreaded across the base.
    • Additionally, the Inferno Towers shouldn't be close to each other as this would bring Lightning value, as shown in Judo Sloth's video.


April 26, 2022 Teased the Mountain Golem.
Patch Type Description
May 2, 2022 Update Added Mountain Golem, with 5 levels.Mountain Golem1.png
June 30, 2022 Maintenance Break Increased hitpoints at level 1-4 by 500.
  • Level 1: 28,000 -> 30,000 Hitpoints
  • Level 2: 32,000 -> 33,500 Hitpoints
  • Level 3: 36,000 -> 37,000 Hitpoints
  • Level 4: 40,000 -> 40,500 Hitpoints



  • You can have a maximum of 1 Mountain Golem at one time in a complete set of fully upgraded Army Camps.
  • The Mountain Golem is one of two troops to use 3D models, the other being the Flying Fortress.
Preferred Target Favorite Target Attack Type Damage Type Housing Space Housing Space Movement Speed Movement Speed Attack Speed Attack Speed Range Range Special Ability Special Ability
Any Melee (Ground Only) Spash Damage 160 4 3.0s ? Crush

Damage per Second
Damage per Hit
Damage Upon Death
1 800 2,400 300 30,000
2 900 2,700 350 33,500
3 1,000 3,000 400 37,000
4 1,100 3,300 450 40,500
5 1,200 3,600 500 44,000
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