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Hi! @snowhound11 you inspired me to do this.

If you rushed to TH8 that’s ok just spend some time to upgrade everything.

Meat Shields: you can use meat shields like the Barbarian King, Giants, Golems and P.E.K.K.A's

Support troops: Archers, Wizards and Wall-Breakers will work for support along with Healers and Goblins

Air Tactics: you can use Dragons for meat shields in the air. Minions or Balloons can be used to scout for enemy Clan Castle troops

You should also make sure the defenders Walls are not to much for your Wall-Breakers.

Now that you got my attacking tips hear me out time for...

Upgrades, first to last
Upgrades Max level for TH Advantage Exceptional lv.
Archer Towers 10 Will attack swarm troops including Wizards, Balloons and Archers 9
Mortar 6 Will do splash damage to large groups of troops 5
Wizard Towers 6 Will DESTROY groups of Archers 5