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Welcome to my strategy guide! I love designing bases and passionately believe that designing your own base is far better than getting a pre-made base online. Why are online bases bad? Quite simply it is because they are widely used, so there are many YouTube tutorials on how to beat certain common base layouts. If you design your own base, you have much more freedom to design it however you want, and there will be no tutorial on how to beat it! So here are some tips and advice on how to design your own base that will stand up to the many attacks that it will face. (It is important to note that I am by no means an expert and this advice does not guarantee that your base will be perfect.) This is currently a WIP. Please do not edit unless it is to fix minor errors.


Walls are one of the most important parts of your base. A good use of walls can completely change the course of attack and protect your most important buildings. Walls are horribly irritating to upgrade, especially at higher Town Hall levels, but not rushing them is the best strategy. Even at TH9, where you have to do two levels of walls. Trust me, it helps in the long run. The biggest thing to remember when making your base is MORE COMPARTMENTS ARE BETTER. By compartments, I mean an enclosed area of walls with buildings inside. The more compartments, the more time it takes attacking troops to get to all the buildings. Some exceptions, such as Hogs, Miners, Royal Champion, and all air troops do not apply to this rule. But walls are the enemy of most ground troops. Even ranged attack troops need to get through walls at some point in order to get to the centre of the base, where your most important buildings should be placed. Your compartments need to have the right buildings strategically placed inside. A good compartment might have a high HP building like a Gold or Elixir Storage, a couple defenses, and maybe a trap. You may also want to leave a one or two tile space between walls and buildings to limit the effectiveness of enemy spells and splash damage troops like Valkyries and Bowlers. The main things to remember are don't rush your walls and make lots of compartments. Those two tips are really helpful for designing a good base.

Town Hall and Clan Castle[]

The Town Hall is pretty obvious. In almost every case you want it to be near the centre of your base. Some resource protecting or troll bases have the Town Hall exposed or semi-exposed but the general rule is keep the Town Hall in the middle. It makes it much harder to reach and therefore less likely to give up 2 or 3 star attacks. The Clan Castle should also be in the same area, ideally next to the Town Hall. If it is close to the edge of your base it is easy for attackers to lure out any defending Clan Castle troops you might have and destroy them. If your Clan Castle is in the middle your attacker will have to start their attack without killing the troops and will have a much harder time. Both of these buildings also store loot so it's a good idea to keep them protected.


Your storages are some of the most important buildings in your base, and should be well protected. However, this only applies to the home base. In Clan Wars, loot is not stolen from your base so storages in your war base can be placed anywhere. Also, if you are strictly trophy pushing, a war-type base can also be used in your Home Village. But the average base should have well defended storages close to the middle. Make sure they are covered by multiple defenses and are hard to get to. It can be helpful to place traps near storages as well. Your Dark Elixir Storage should be the best protected of them all, since there is only one and Dark Elixir is very valuable, especially at TH9 and above. You might want to put it next to the Town Hall and Clan Castle right in the middle of your village. Other storages are less important but you should still protect your loot well.

Resource Collectors[]

Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, and Dark Elixir Drills should be left outside your walls. If you are decently active and empty them regularly you won't lose too much loot from them. There are more important buildings to place inside your walls so these buildings should be left outside. The most important thing to remember is not to clump all your collectors together. Spread them out all around your base to make it harder for enemies to get all the loot. Bases with rows of collectors are very easy to steal lots of loot from since fewer troops are required to destroy the buildings and take the loot.

Other Non-Defense Buildings[]

Place Barracks/Dark Barracks, Spell Factories, Lab, and Army Camps around your base, interspersed with the Collectors and Mines. This outer row of buildings provides a buffer zone between the enemy troops and your first line of defenses. Since Army Camps have low HP I like to put them near the corners of my walls where less protection is needed. For Builder Huts, I don't think putting them in the far corners of the base is a good idea. If your opponent lures your Clan Castle troops out, all they need to do is place an Archer at one of the corner Builder Huts and your defending troops will go far beyond the range of your defenses where they can be killed quickly and easily. It is a bit harder to lure troops out without buildings in the corners of the base. In my opinion, pretty much all of the buildings outside your base should be placed two tiles away from your walls. The more space between walls and attacking troops, the better.