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Hey Chief. This guide is here to show you the benefits and disadvantages of Rushing and Maxing in the Home Village. I hope this guide will help you to choose which one is better. Most people max out their base. Let's see what Rushing and Maxing are.

If you are going to rush then check out: 1e27's Strategy Guide/Rushing.

If you are trying to fix a rush go to: SRD11997y's Strategy Guides/Fixing your Rush

Note: Chief You are allowed to edit this guide just tell me in the comments by @Muddypaws10 or on my message wall and wait for my response. You can edit grammar mistakes without telling me


Rushed base (th9)

A rushed Town Hall 9

Rushing is when you avoid maxing most buildings or just prioritize offence. Most noobs rush, trying to get to the next Town Hall but that does not mean rushing is noobish. It is a good strategy but it has its flaws. You can trophy push better and you might be able to max out faster then maxing out Town Hall by Town Hall. When rushing you go straight to the next Town Hall as soon as you can.

A rushed base can be used as a second account to support your clan. You could use it to donate good troops. They could be helpful in Clan Wars. There is no point maxing it out because you already have one to be maxed. If have a level 2 Clan Castle you could get 3 Hogs or 3 Balloons (Higher level then you have) from your rushed.


A max town hall 9

A max Town Hall 9

Most people define maxing as upgrading most things (Lab not included). People would prioritize all different things when maxing. I personally prioritize Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors and Storages in order to maximize my production of them. Troops can help you gather resources which helps you max faster. Sometimes people would upgrade everything other than Heroes and Walls.

Some clans only accept maxed bases. These clans are usually fighting and winning in Clan Wars because you usually get matched up to a clan with the same Town Halls. So for example, in a 10 v 10 Clan War, a maxed clan would (most likely) win against a semi-maxed or rushed clan. It would be maxed Town Hall 4 vs rushed 4, maxed Town Hall 5 vs rushed 5 and so on. You also have a higher chance of winning battle, which gives you more trophies, which gives you more loot, which allows you to upgrade more and so on.