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General Guide To Offensive Buildings and Heroes

  • Builders - Builders are used for everything in Clash. The amount of Builders you have decides how many building upgrades you can do at once. Whenever possible, buy the other 3 Builders from the shop. Prices are: 500 gems, 1000 gems, 2000 gems. You can get a 6th Builder by upgrading the O.T.T.O Hut in the Builder Base to level 5, but you have to be at least Town Hall 10 for that.
  • Army Camps - The Camps are where your trained troops stay. The more Camps you have, the more troops you can hold, and same for the Camp levels. You want to upgrade your Army Camps as quickly as possible, as it will easily increase your offensive capabilities.
  • Barracks - The Barracks are another one of the very powerful offensive enablers. Whenever you upgrade one of your Barracks, if it is the first one of the Barracks going to that level, then you will unlock a new troop. If it is going to a level that you already have the troop for, then it will decrease the amount of time it takes to train that troop.
  • Laboratory - The Lab is by far the most important offensive building. The Lab is used at every single Town Hall, starting at Town Hall 3. The Lab is used to upgrade troops, spells, and siege machines to a higher level. It is like a Builder for upgrading troops instead of buildings. You will always want a max level Lab as soon as you upgrade to a new Town Hall level, so you can start upgrading your army right away. You will also want the Lab upgrading something at all times.
  • Clan Castle - The Clan Castle is very useful at all levels of the game. At Town Hall 3, when it is unlocked (with free to play), it may be your most important building. With the Town Hall 14 update, your Clan Castle troops have a level cap that changes by Town Hall level. You also unlock siege machines with the Town Hall 10 upgrade to the Clan Castle, which are very important to attacking at that stage.
  • Spell Factory - The Spell Factory is another one of the very important army buildings. By unlocking it at Town Hall 5, you gain access to your first spell. The spell factory is the same as the Barracks, in that upgrading it will give you access to another one, or two, of the spells. Upgrading it will also give you more spells slots, aside from when you upgrade it from level 5 to level 6.
  • Barbarian King - The King is very important when you unlock him. He is the first hero you unlock, coming in at Town Hall 7. At Town Hall level 7 and level 8, the King is one of the most important offensive weapons. By upgrading him to level 5, he unlocks an ability. He regains a partial amount of his health, he spawns barbarians, and he goes into a fit of rage, which does not stack with rage. All parts of his ability are upgraded by upgrading the ability, which happens every 5 hero levels. On defense, the King is a useful, tanky distraction that can also deal a decent amount of damage.
  • Dark Barracks - The Dark Barracks are the same as the regular Barracks, in that each level adds a new troop or time reduction to an existing troop. The only difference is that the Dark Barracks use Dark Elixir to train the troops instead of regular Elixir. Town Hall 7 unlock.
  • Dark Spell Factory - The Dark Spell Factory is just like the Spell Factory and Barracks, with a new spell being unlocked every level. The Dark Spell Factory uses Dark Elixir to brew spells. When you build the Dark Spell Factory, you gain an extra spell slot, but you do not add slots by upgrading it. Town Hall 8 is required to unlock.
  • Archer Queen - The Queen is a very important part of every army as soon as she is unlocked. The Queen instantly becomes your most important defensive weapon as well, as just having the Queen present could change the outcome of the raid. The Queen’s Ability makes her turn invisible, and it makes her deal massively increased damage, for a set amount of time. Town Hall 9 is required to unlock.
  • Grand Warden - The Warden is a very powerful offensive weapon, but a much less powerful defensive weapon. The Warden turns into a statue with a laser on defense. On offense, the Warden has multiple powerful abilities and things to note. First, the Warden is a support hero, so if there are enough troops (or a hero), then the Warden will follow it, and attack the same buildings and walls. Second, the Warden has the ability to switch from ground mode to flight mode, and he can jump over walls on ground mode. Third, the Warden has a visible, but faint, ring around him. This ring shows the range for troops he will follow and the area of his abilities. The Warden has two abilities, the first is a passive health boost to all troops within the ring. The second ability is the activatable ability. The Warden ability allows you to make all troops and heroes, within the ring, temporarily immune to damage. Town Hall 11 is required to unlock.
  • Workshop - The Workshop is extremely important for high level attacking. The Workshop creates Siege Machines. The Workshop is similar to the Barracks, since a new Siege machine is unlocked with each level. The Workshop is also the place where the Siege Machines are stored (+1 Siege Machine slots per level up to 3 at level 3). Town Hall 12 is required to unlock.
  • Royal Champion - The Champion is another strange hero. The Champion is a ranged, defense-targeting hero that can also change to attack defending heroes and Clan Castle troops. The Champion Ability lets her throw her shield, which will bounce around to 4 buildings, dealing massive damage and the ability heals the Champion a large amount. Town Hall 13 is required to unlock.
  • Pet House - The Pet House is similar to the barracks, with a new pet unlocked for each level. Each pet can be assigned to a single hero (can be changed around). Pets can not be used while they are upgrading. Each pet has a unique ability to help its hero in battle. Town Hall 14 is required to unlock.

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