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General Guide to Traps

  • Traps are always hidden until activated
  • Bomb - The Bombs are small, 1 tile traps. When a troop or hero walks over a bomb, it will appear and blow up. Town Hall 3 unlock.
  • Spring Trap - Spring Traps are also 1 tile. When something walks over a spring trap, it will attempt to spring it off the map (heroes and large housing space troops are not affected). Town Hall 4 unlock.
  • Air Bomb - Air Bombs are the exact same as a regular bomb, except it is activated by air troops. Air Bombs try to attack the troop that activated it. Air Bombs are AoE. Town Hall 5 unlock.
  • Giant Bomb - Giant Bombs deal a large amount of damage in a decently sized area (3 tiles in diameter). The Giant Bomb is a 2x2 tile building. Town Hall 6 unlock.
  • Seeking Air Mine - Seeking Air Mines deal a very high amount of damage to a single air target. Town Hall 7 unlock.
  • Skeleton Trap - Skeleton Traps can be set to ground or air, and are often used to distract troops, or to attack troops that can not target them. Town Hall 8 unlock.
  • Tornado Trap - The Tornado Trap makes troops, within its radius, temporarily move in a circle instead of moving more into the base. Town Hall 11 unlock.

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