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For the Builders in the Home Village, see Builder.
For other Builders in the Builder Base, see Master Builder and B.O.B.
O.T.T.O info


  • O.T.T.O is a robot invented by the Master Builder. He is automatically unlocked upon upgrading to Builder Hall level 6 and functions as the second Builder in the Builder Base, after the Master Builder.
  • O.T.T.O is stationed in his eponymous central building, O.T.T.O's Outpost, though he can work on buildings anywhere in the Builder Base.
  • O.T.T.O takes priority on buildings; that is, he will always take the building job if only one construction is ongoing in the Builder Base. This is so that the Master Builder can leave the Builder Base if he is tasked to gear up buildings in the Home Village.
    • If two buildings are being worked on in the Builder Base and O.T.T.O finishes his building, he will replace the Master Builder in doing the other building, freeing the latter to travel if desired.
O.T.T.O small


  • O.T.T.O is a robot composed of wood with metallic joints and support, similar to the Battle Machine.
  • He sports a single eye on his front which appears similar to the lens of the telescope of the Star Laboratory, and has a single wheel on which to travel around.
  • He has two mechanical claws. When O.T.T.O is working on a building, one of these claws is replaced by a hammer. This is similar to what was shown in the cinematic trailer for Builder Hall 9, where the Master Builder replaces one of O.T.T.O's claws with a hammer.
  • He has a wind-up key on his back.
    O.T.T.O with Shears
    • When removing an Obstacle, one of O.T.T.O's claws is replaced with shears.
  • He has a coiled spring-like antenna on his top.
  • O.T.T.O dons a blue leather cap, which is similar to the cap donned by the Master Builder.


  • O.T.T.O was added in the Version 11.651.1 update (dated June 18, 2019). However, he was first seen in the Builder Hall 9 cinematic trailer 9 days prior.
  • When inactive, he can be seen "sleeping" with lightning bolt symbols over the roof of the O.T.T.O Hut.
  • He is one of two NPCs to be inorganic, the other being B.O.B.
  • A question was once posted on the Supercell forum asking what "O.T.T.O" stood for. Darian Vorlick, a member of the Supercell staff, replied with "Organizatonal[sic] Tidying Trimmer Organizer", "Orbital Tedium Tending Orderly", and "Outstanding Tolerable Tributary Oscillator". The post can be found here.