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  • Ores are three currencies in the Home Village used to upgrade Hero Equipment.
  • They are obtained once the player is at least Town Hall level 8 and has built the Blacksmith.
  • Ores are divided into three types. Each type is used in upgrades:
    • Shiny Ore Shiny Ore, which is the most abundant type and is used to upgrade Hero Equipment at every level.
    • Glowy Ore Glowy Ore, which is rarer and is used only to upgrade Hero Equipment at every third level.
    • Starry Ore Starry Ore, which is the rarest type and is used only to upgrade Epic Hero Equipment, and even then only at every third level past a certain point.
  • The player's storage capacity of Ores is dependent on the level of their Blacksmith. Upgrading the Blacksmith increases this capacity.

Obtaining Ore[]

There are several ways to earn ore, some of them giving more ore than others.

Star Bonus[]

Completing the Star Bonus while in Bronze League or higher earns both Shiny and Glowy Ore as rewards. Since the April 2024 update, multipliers on Star Bonuses will also affect Ore rewards.

League Shiny Ore Reward
Shiny Ore
Glowy Ore Reward
Glowy Ore
Bronze III 125 6
Bronze II 175 7
Bronze I 175 8
Silver III 200 9
Silver II 250 10
Silver I 275 11
Gold III 300 12
Gold II 325 14
Gold I 350 16
Crystal III 375 18
Crystal II 400 20
Crystal I 425 22
Master III 450 24
Master II 500 26
Master I 525 28
Champion III 550 30
Champion II 625 34
Champion I 700 38
Titan III 775 42
Titan II 850 46
Titan I 925 50
Legend 1000 54

Clan Wars[]

  • Participating in Clan Wars awards Ores when attacking players with Town Hall level 8 or higher. These Ores are awarded after the war ends.
    • Shiny and Glowy Ores can be won from attacking any eligible base.
    • Starry Ores can only be obtained against Town Hall 10 or higher players.
  • Scoring at least one star on the war attack awards the full amount of Ore available from the enemy base to the player's war win bonus. Otherwise, an amount proportional to the percentage dealt in the attack is added instead.
  • The below is a table showing the maximum ore available from each Town Hall level. Losing or drawing the war results in reduced Ore rewards, in the same proportions as with resource loot (namely half for a loss and 4/7ths for a draw).
  • Ore won from Clan Wars is not increased by the War Bonus Extra Loot perk in Clan Perks.
Town Hall Level Max Available Shiny Ore
Shiny Ore
Max Available Glowy Ore
Glowy Ore
Max Available Starry Ore
Starry Ore
8 380 15 -
9 410 18 -
10 460 21 3
11 560 24 3
12 610 27 4
13 710 30 4
14 810 33 4
15 960 36 5
16 1082 38 6

Other Methods[]

  • The Trader can occasionally sell Ores in his shop.
  • Limited-time events might sell ores in the shop (e.g. during the Cookie Rumble event).
  • Ores may be purchased in the in-game Shop (presumably as part of special offers).
  • Ores can also be purchased for Gems directly in the Blacksmith interface, but only to make up deficient amounts when attempting to upgrade equipment. Each Ore commands a fixed Gem cost:
    • 1 Shiny Ore costs 1 Gem;
    • 1 Glowy Ore costs 5 Gems;
    • 1 Starry Ore costs 35 Gems.